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What's up Sons it's blind ride with son Of attack once again and today I have a Drama alert for you guys now I just Actually got off the phone with Hawk Mining crypto and talked to him about This in particular gave him some Thoughts from my perspective and so on And I figured I was not going to make a Video on it because I kind of just do my Own thing and I'm on the Lone Wolf over Here I'm not a part of any of the mining Crews I don't hang out with any other Crypto mining YouTubers it's not that I Have anything against them I just have a Regular life and a day job and things That take of my time and I'm not really That big into it but that doesn't mean That I think that they're like doing Anything wrong or anything along those Lines I kind of wanted to give you guys The perspective from a cryptocurrency Mining YouTuber himself which is me one Of the oldest ones around some of the Things I'm aware of and what might be Going on here so what we're talking About today is iot API Matt who runs Crypto mining pools currently available And basically posted this on Twitter Today saying hobbyist Miner chump XD Which is chump chains and Hawk mining Crypto are all pretending that oh look I Just hit x amount of subscribers and he Says that's because they bought

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Subscribers to get paid sponsorships to Send them free stuff they aren't growing Organically now he posted along with This screenshots from a website known as Social blade now for those that aren't Aware social blade tracks essentially YouTuber progress from the point Perspective of views and subscriber Count Etc and what he is using as Evidence here so you guys understand What the evidence is is that we have a Specific week in April where we saw the Subscriber count for these particular YouTubers go up significantly you know More than what is typical of any current YouTube account or or crypto mining YouTuber account in general so this is Kind of why he thinks that and that Could be a reason right we've seen this Before where YouTubers and twitch Streamers Etc will purchase viewers Purchase subscribers to make themselves Look more successful for a potential Audience and thereby growing Their Audience this is actually something That's been done for a very long time And is you know frankly ethically gray Now do I think that that is what's going On in this particular case no and I'm Going to show you guys why first I'm Going to give you guys my response here So you get this is my initial reaction To it I said I do wonder where the new M Crypto mining audience is I have not

Been gaining Subs since the bare Market The single day increases are suspicious But I don't know if you can prove that Means they are buying Subs looking at The counter evidence that hobbyist Miner Posted which I'll show you guys in a Second I don't know how you would be Gaining that many Subs with that low of Revenue and Views I do know that if you Promote companies those companies will Promote your channel so here's what I Think is more plausible the companies Sending them stuff are promoting the Channels via advertising seen in Hobbyist minor view origin numbers which I'll show you guys here in a second Though they are not intentionally doing It themselves but advertisers on their Channels are doing it and probably Without their knowledge I don't know who Has knowledge of it and who doesn't to a Certain extent you would think that they Would have some knowledge of it I'll Show you why here in a second that is The most objective take way I have at This point and I could be wrong either Way now I chose a completely different Path than all of the rest of the crypto Mining YouTubers I started sonof tech. I started writing out written Article guides on how to mine Speculative coins early on and I charge A membership fee this is because Basically YouTube ad Revenue the general

Way that you get money from making YouTube content was decreased Significantly over the bare Market due To YouTube removing crypto ads this Means all of your beloved cryptocurrency YouTubers had a significant drop in Their ad revenue and we're not talking About like a couple hundred dollar here Or there but thousands upon thousands of Dollars once the bare Market hit lost And AD Revenue this has to be made up Somewhere especially if you're a Full-time YouTuber to basically Counteract that as well not only did I Start locals and go a different path Than getting advertisers but I also Picked up a day job as a systems Engineer because I am lucky enough to Have that in my background as experience So it sets me apart as far as like the Reason why I don't do these things that Doesn't mean that I'm against taking ads From specific companies or that I think Anybody's doing anything wrong for doing It it is just the position I personally Decided to take because I didn't want to Be in a compromising position if a Company that I was advertising with Decided to influence my position On their products and this is just Something I personally wanted to do I Think that you have to realize if you're Watching Youtube that YouTubers are Trying to make an income off of their

Channel and the primary way of doing This is advertising now what I'm going To show you guys here is what we saw From hobbyist Miner which were the clips From his YouTube channel and what you Can see here is YouTube advertising is a Majority of his views if you're not Aware you can promote videos on YouTube You don't even have to be the original Content creator to do so either you can Go on to YouTube you can sign up for an Ad account and then you can say choose This YouTube video and run it as an Advertisement or a portion from that Video or a section from that video you Can say play this first minute and a Half and then people can click to Continue watching the video and they see That on another YouTube video so Nothing's being hidden here from Hobbyist in particular I want to make That clear he's showing you guys exactly Where that's coming from it's coming From YouTube advertising if you look at My statistics none of my views are Coming from YouTube advertising because I don't put products on the YouTube Channel and create ad sponsored products Like or like sponsored ad videos that's Just not what I do but this is the way They monetize so I don't know how upset You can get with them over this that's Really going to be up to you I've talked About this in the past because I think

You should be aware of it because I Think you should understand that they Are influenced to sell products to you I Think that that is something that the Public and the consumer should know but That doesn't necessarily mean that it is Unethical from a certain perspective Some people have no problem with this And this is the way they can create Content and create more content for you To watch for free so for somebody to get Upset about it it's like well it's there Everybody body aware of it I'm not sure Why you're upset about it now let's talk About this April timeline here real Quickly there are a few other content Creators that get thrown into this Hawk Mining crypto got thrown into it like I Said I had a phone conversation with him I basically told him you know ignore it You know stoicism you just it'll be okay There's like people will understand once They kind of understand what's going on Obviously the big pump up here in this April timeline is a kind of under Question now what was happening during This April timeline right right so this Is something I think a lot of people Should be aware of there was a specific Product that hit the crypto mining Market that was getting basically posted Everywhere around this time and it was The Canan Bitcoin miner the solo Bitcoin Minor for $100 now this was promoted by

Everybody in their dog in fact if you Guys want me to be completely Transparent I have a free one coming to Give away at the June Meetup in after Consens this on June 1st and that is Actually coming from Coastal crypto That's not coming from Canan but and I Probably won't do a review or have that On my Channel at all but that is a Giveaway that I'm doing and it is a Promotion so there is like some this is A product that I'm very aware of that They're pushing very very hard do I Think it's a good product and a good Investment no I don't think buying a $100 Bitcoin miner that is basically Playing the lottery is a good investment Personally I don't think it's a good Idea I think it's stupid but you know They're trying to sell a product it Doesn't cost you a lot of power and You're basically playing the lottery Every day by running it and it doesn't Take up a lot of power to run it so That's kind of the selling point behind It now hobbyist did a video of it and You can see here that he had about 10,000 views but he also actually had Some shorts that blew up significantly And surrounding this Particular uh minor and so if you want To know where those views are coming From it's coming from this minor around This April timeline right and this is

Further compounded by the fact that you Can take a look at boss Queen who Actually had the biggest promotion Surrounding it and even though you can See here he had a 4,000 viewer day back In November he had a 2,000 subscriber Week at that same time frame of April 11th to April 17th and you can see here That he also released a video Surrounding the $99 Bitcoin minor and You can see here that it has essentially Like almost 300,000 views on this single Video he also did a short on it his Short didn't do as well as hobbyist Short did but it did do like 372 likes And so on so what is happening here well If you are Kanan and you want to promote This product you can go on to YouTube With your ad account Target a video Let's say you sent one for free to Boscoin and you sent one for free to Hobbyist Miner and then you target that Video and you say run it as an ad and Well what would that look like it would Look exactly like this you a majority of Your views coming from YouTube Advertising okay so that is what's going On here at the end of the day and that Is basically how the YouTube game works It's the exact same game that all the Tech tubers are playing whether it's Paul's Hardware or Linus Tech tips or Whoever it may be even pick up some Obscure like random retro gaming YouTube

Channel that's selling one of those Retro boxes or whatever it may be you Have to understand that this is the way The YouTube game works now are you going To get mad at them over it it seems a Little silly should you be aware of it Yes you should be fully aware of the Fact that they're trying to sell you a Product that is the goal that they have Some channels monetize in different ways Most channels monetize in this way this Has been the standard practice since the Beginning of monetizing YouTube and Affiliate marketing okay there's nothing Shocking here in my humble opinion as Far as that is concerned now I don't do It I don't do it I didn't want to have This backlash either I've never wanted To be as big as bit boy crypto or Trayvon James because I feel like you Can get in a lot of trouble I do also Think that there is some sketchy areas That you could get into I do not think That any YouTub should be taking coin Sponsorships I've talked about this in Relation to Vos coin because I think That puts you in the position of Potentially going to jail over it Because there are investor problems and And conflict of interest when you're Talking about investing into a Cryptocurrency specifically I think that Is a little uh sketchy of an area that's Where I would probably draw the line and

Say no you really shouldn't do that but If they decide to do that then that they Can take that risk and so on I don't Want to take that risk that's just not My game I don't want to be the next bit Booy crypto or the next Trayvon James I Just don't want to be that so I went a Different route now do I think the Hardware side of things is the same not Necessarily right we're talking about Selling Hardware to people that are Wanting to m You're getting a physical product for it You are not investing in what is Equivalent to a security uh so you're Not really in that realm of kind of Trading which I think is where you get Into the murky area and so what hobbyist Is doing here uh you know what you know The whole team is doing here or or the Team of I guess this is the m Misfit Mining crew I I talked to Hawk I had to Ask him what that was sorry guys I just Don't pay attention enough I I got my Own thing going on it's not like I I Just don't I don't watch other crypto Mining YouTubers I just don't so I I Apologize it's it's not that I have Anything against anybody I just don't Find the time right now uh and if I am Working on crypto I'm I'm learning how To code and I'm learning how to work in Command line build nodes I'm trying to Find speculative minds and stuff I'm

Just this isn't my game I'm not into This I know I kind of like darted the The mining Hardware review games to a Certain extent I get that at least on The GP side but I I don't really do that As much anymore so you know apologies if I I'm not really up to date with all of It this is just what I noticed so I Believe it really comes down to this Kanan minor being promoted by Kanan and That is where you are seeing a large Amount of this additional traffic coming From these users from now I could still Be wrong and maybe somebody could Correct me but it seems to be around That same time frame for all these Channels it seems to be around the same Content that they were making and the Views are out of control contr right 300,000 views for a single video about a $100 Bitcoin miners is probably too much To say that it was all organic right but This is a built-in feature into YouTube So to get mad at it is also a little Ridiculous now I also want to say this I Think that Matt here from Viper has done A fantastic job with Well designed I think that he has good Intentions meaning I think he sees the Some of the frustration that the the Consumer side of the of the mining crowd Sees which is like why are you Shilling Me a $100 Bitcoin miner that isn't going To make me any money and is basically

Like playing the lottery like obviously There's going to be the consumer side That gets frustrated with that and I Understand that and and I get that Wholeheartedly I get that too I think it Could have been approached a little bit Better a way I do not think they bought The subscribers now there is potential That you know Kanan could have bought Them the subscribers but we're talking About a ton of views right so like Getting 7,000 subscribers out of 300,000 Views is not Unthinkable within a week I Think that that that happens a lot and So you know if you're getting a video Pushed that hard and through the YouTube Advertising algorithm it's going to keep Bringing your channel up further and Further and for that week you're going To look really good I mean that's pretty Standard so I think that Matt could do Better research on like how those YouTube uh tools function and then I Think on the flip side you know there Could be more transparency from the YouTuber side as far as like pure Statements of like hey they sent this to Me that sort of thing I think most of Them do do that though correct me if I'm Wrong but I'm pretty sure almost all of Them do it you you will also typically See I think I have blockers on right now But typically you'll also see like this Is a this is sponsored content or

Something along those lines it'll get Marked um so you know you can always Look for that marker I think you can't Have all these blockers on that I have Right now to see that marker but you Know look for that marker as well look For the sponsored marker that sort of Thing be a smart consumer of not only Content but also of Bitcoin mining Products crypto mining products Etc and I think that's really the the the story At the end of the day is be a more Informed individual when it comes to how These things work and what people are Trying to sell you and why they're Trying to sell it to you there are still Obviously going to be miners that they Cover that are profitable and worth Purchasing there are plenty of them that They also get sponsored for so you can't Throw the baby out with the bath water I Suppose is my point there but thanks for Watching be sure to hit that like Comment subscribe and notification Bell Down below I hope this was approached as Objectively and fairly as possible from All sides I feel like I'm the only one That's going to you know give kudos to Both sides at this point because it it Seems like everybody's pretty heated Over this so I wanted to give you guys My perspective as a cryptocurrency Mining influencer o is that the naughty Word but uh I don't care if you call me

An influencer or a content creator or Whatever doesn't really matter I make Content about cryptocurrency mining on The on the internet and it's fun I'll See you next Tuesday

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