Crypto Industry Under Attack – 282

All right this is a weird one I'm just Gonna show it to you guys and then I Want you to tell me what the hell is Going On what is This Joe Biden on his official account Not on the podus Account they tweeted out laser eyes Which is typically related to bitcoin And then said just like we drew it up Period is he trying to get votes from The crypto industry while simultaneously Trying to destroy It I mean I guess that would make sense That's what every politician tries to Do destroy the workers take advantage of Them and pretend that they're going to Do something good for you huh I don't Know this is weird I I don't know Anyways another weird one but we do have Some clarification on this Elizabeth Warren signed a certificate in honor of Satachi Nakamoto with a ceremonial flag Said quote for the 15th anniversary of Bitcoin the first truly inclusive Financial system that is providing new Economic freedoms to populations Previously ignored by both public and Private institutions Americans are Forever forever grateful uh these were Kind of Coinciding right o so I thought that was Weird um but I did want to point out That anybody can

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Basically uh do this so you can get an American flag that's flown over the US Capital so it's not really that big of a Deal so you can get one of the special Flags um contact your Congressman or Senator and they will send you a flag uh Your way for $30 anyone can purchase a Flag that has flown over the US capital Blah blah blah so I guess in theory Anybody could do This uh so maybe not that unique of Something I don't know still weird And then coinciding with that Senator Elizabeth Warren and shared Brown trying To kill the entire crypto industry Chamber of digital Commerce US senators Elizabeth Warren Shared Brown are trying to kill the Entire crypto industry according to the Chamber of digital Commerce us-based Crypto advocacy group argues that the Lawmakers are spearheading an Unprecedented attack on digital assets Citing Warren's digital asset anti- Money laundering Act the bill which Warren first introduced in 2022 and then Then again last July aims to make the Crypto industry comply with the same Money laundering rules that apply to the Traditional Financial system it would Among other things extend Bank secrecy Act the BSA responsibilities including Know your customer requirements to Crypto wallet providers Miners

Validators and other network Participants in July the potential Legislation was referred to the sen Committee on banking Housing and Urban Affairs which Brown Ohio Chairs this week boring the founder and Chief executive of the Chamber of Digital Commerce penned a letter to Brown urging the lawmaker to kill the Bill the CEO argues that the potential Legislation poses a clear and present Danger to both National Security and the Economy this bill if passed will erase Hundreds of billions of dollars in value For the US startups and decimate the Savings of countless Americans invested In the asset class legally furthermore This bill will will ensure we seed any Remaining leadership position in the Digital economy to China or concede I Guess he Means Russia North Korea and Iran which Is something I've been talking about for Quite some time who are eagerly awaiting To take advantage of the perceived Willingness to Advocate such resp Responsibility boring Likens the Bill's Regulations to requiring an ink Manufacturer to track every individual Who handles any single dollar bill Printed with their ink just as tracking Every dollar bill use user would be Untenable for an ink manufacturer Imposing similar demands on blockchain

Entities like digital asset Miners and Validators sorry I had to off is equally Unfeasible and detrimental to Innovation Here's the thing though like because This is like the title of the video Today right I don't think it's even Possible for them to implement This because this this would have to be An international thing one which means That countries that do not agree with The us would have to participate in it Right And two they don't really understand how It works in the first place it's it's Akin to like basically trying to track The internet and regulate the internet And while to a certain extent it has Been done it's it's still like nothing Was able to actually stop the internet Right like like The Innovation just Keeps coming and it keeps coming so fast In this digital age that I don't think It's possible for them to actually put Implement this type of thing I mean what Do you guys think like do you think like It's it's it's possible to B basically Do this I mean obviously where I think It should be all focused is inlets and Outlets right so what do I mean by that The inlet into the cryptocurrency space From Fiat I've always said this it makes Sense that you would regulate any inlets Like exchanges from a fiat currency into Cryptocurrency and any Outlets from

Cryptocurrency into Fiat outside of that I don't think the country should have Any jurisdiction over cryptocurrency Itself I also think it's a waste of time And money to even attempt to do So but you know our government's really Good at wasting money and then filtering It back to them their own Pockets so Whatever the treasury Department is Making clear that we need new laws to Crack down on crypto use in enabling Terrorist groups Rogue Nations drug Lords ransomware gangs and frauders to Launder billions in stolen funds evade Sanctions fund illegal weapons programs And profit from devastating cyber Attacks so there's the fud as you may Say now you guys mind during the bare Market you made it through well at least Maybe a half of you I know a lot of you over here didn't actually Do it but the ones that did I haven't a New shirt for you guys and it says I Mind with the Bears for the bear Market Okay so if you mind with the Bears and You want to rep that you did mine during The bar Market go ahead and head on over To shop.of and the listing will Be down below I'll put it in live chat Right now I have a sweatshirt there's a Sticker if you'd rather have a sticker T-shirt premium shirt all that cool cool Stuff um really like the new shirt I Ordered a few for myself

And I just had that design finished this Week eventually it'll be under on the YouTube channel but that takes a little Bit of time so just give it some time uh Proceeds of course go to supporting me In the channel so there you go and I Thought uh we put some work into it and I thought you guys might enjoy it thanks For watching this clip from the crypto Mining show you can check out the full Episode here and don't forget to Subscribe down here as well you can also Check out my crypto mining ecourse at Son where you can get a free Month of supporter status with a Purchase at sonof tech. also Don't forget to check out my merch Underneath the video or at shop.of I'll see you next Tuesday

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