Crypto History Unearthed – 272

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December 4th on chain data firm crypto Quant shared with coindesk in a Thursday Report these tokens were previously Moved 13 years ago between a August in November of 2010 and were mined from Block rewards at an estimated total cost Of $100 here's the address and it received 999.999 Bitcoin in a single transaction And sent the holding to several Addresses shortly after receiving them The Bitcoin transferred was eventually Consolidated into an address that is Listed on the coindesk article which now Holds a balance of 1,28 Bitcoin these Bitcoin Holdings have A market value of $40 million at current Prices satachi ERA refers commonly to The period when bitcoin's student Anonymous Creator satachi Nakamoto was Active on online forums from late 2009 To 2011 quote we speculate this early Minor has sold the 1,000 Bitcoin sending Them into an over-the-counter or Custodian service end quote crypto Quant Analyst told coin desk in a note because Of the transaction patterns of the Receiving address there is a possibility That the Bitcoin was sent into an Over-the-counter or custodian service End quote several satachi era Bitcoin Have been active since the start of 2023 in July a wallet that had been Dormant for 11 years transferred $30

Million worth of assets to other wallets While in August another wallet Transferred 105 Bitcoin to a new address Such activity comes amid renewed Optimism for Bitcoin adoption as prices Have more than doubled on a year-to-date Basis it is believe bitcoin's price has Been rising dramatically over the P past Few weeks because of the anticipation Around the approval of a possible ETF Traders pricing in expected rate Cuts in The US which buoys risky bets such as Technology stocks and Bitcoin and Possibly Sovereign adoption as Bitcoin Friendly leaders take the helm in major Economies yeah talk about El Salvador Just getting paid off right now like all Of that all of that struggle from them Everybody talking about them and then It's Like the other countries are like H Maybe we maybe we screwed up yet maybe We screwed Up all right let's talk about another Bitcoin minor clean spark into cut Neutral wait yeah so Bitcoin minor clean Spark cut to neutral Riot platforms Upgraded to neutral says JP Morgan so They're they're they're bringing down The here here's what's happening JP Morgan is essentially re-evaluating Public crypto mining platforms clean Spark and Riot platforms Riot got Upgraded to neutral and clean spark got

Cut down to neutral the four-year block Reward Revenue opportunity is about 31 Billion at current bitcoin prices the Report said JP Morgan is tweaking its Price targets and ratings for Bitcoin Mining stocks to reflect the recent Rally in the leading Cryptocurrency the network hash rate and Other company specific news the bank Said in a research report Friday since The Bank last refreshed its price Targets on these stocks the Bitcoin Price has risen 12% and the network hash Rate has increased by 2% therefore it Lifts its spot bitcoin price assumption To 44,000 from 38,000 and its Baseline Network hash rate assumption to 485 EXs Aash from 475 ex aash the bank cut is Rating on CLE the bank cut its rating on Cleanspark to neutral from overweight And reduced its price Target on the Stock from $8 to $9 noting that these Shares have gained more than 130% in the Last month and so are now properly Valued on the other side of things Riot Platforms has been upgraded to neutral From underweight with an increased price Target from $12 or to $12 from $8 JP Morgan remains Overweight Iris energy its top pick in The sector and raises its price Target From 950 or to $950 from $9 the bank Maintains its underweight rating on Marathon digital but raises its price

Target from or to $88.50 from $8 quote At current prices we size the four-year Block reward opportunity at$ 31 billion Us up from 11% in December 1st and 105% Year over-year analysts Reginald Smith And Charles Pierce wrote so it looks Like you know the large banking industry Is taking note of the increase in price Of Bitcoin but I could have told you This last year in fact I'm pretty sure I Did I told you guys we would be right Here at this price point before the Having I told you guys that so we we've Known this we we knew where we were Going to be it's fine uh the question Will be is do we go up even further from Here I still think like the cap before April's probably 50,000 I I know that Sounds not that op Optimist optimal Right um but I like to be conservative As far as that is concerned do you guys Think before April or before the having We will exceed that or do you think we It will go down the only kind of factor That I think is interesting is more Difficulty on the network as the s21s Get delivered after the first of the Year and that increase in difficulty Could increase the cost to Mint even Further and in that particular case we Could see in general maybe a price that Goes up a little bit higher it would be A little crazy to see us go above Previous all-time highs before the

Typical time Target of 6 months to a Year after the having I don't know just Kind of some thoughts as far as that Goes now you guys mind during the bare Market you made it through well at least Maybe a half of you I know a lot of you over here didn't actually Do it but the ones that did I have a new Shirt for you guys and it says I mined With the Bears for the bear Market okay So if you mind with the Bears and you Want to rep that you did mind during the Bar Market go ahead and head on over to Shop.on of and the listing will Be down below I'll put it in live chat Right now I have a sweatshirt there's a Sticker if you'd rather have a sticker T-shirt premium shirt all that Co cool Stuff um really like the new shirt I Ordered a few for myself and I just had That design finished this week Eventually it'll be under on the YouTube Channel but that takes a little bit of Time so just give it some time uh Proceeds of course go to supporting me In the channel so there you go and I Thought uh we put some work into it and I thought you guys might enjoy It thanks for watching this clip from The crypto mining show you can check out The full episode here and don't forget To subscribe down here as well you can Also check out my crypto mining ecourse At Sun where you can get a free

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