Crypto Expert Predicts Explosive Bitcoin Rally to $50,000 Before April 2024 Halving – 269

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Those who bought in during the 20 21 Bull market Titan of crypto has also Flagged $39,000 as an important boundary This time however as the bottom of where Bitcoin USD should end up prior to the April 2024 block subsidy having event Quote the preh having rally I told you About one year ago is about to reach its Target zone between $39 and $50,000 he Told ex subscribers adding that patience Is the key the updated referenced or the Update referenced an original post from December of 2022 when Bitcoin was still Preparing to recover from a trip to the 2-year lows of 15,600 then Titan of crypto used Fibonacci retracement levels to predict A prehab peak of up to $50,000 at the Time of a 220% increase each cycle Bitcoin had a rally before it's having Occurs those rallies topped within the 61.8 to 78 .6% Fibonacci retracement Area part of the commentary noted at the Time now what I find most interesting About this analysis is this is a trading Analysis and then we have the opposite Side of that which is the cost to Mint Analysis right and when we look at those Two in tandem we can start to see kind Of a range of which Bitcoin will fall Into and that is why when I see kind of This prediction between the $40,000 Mark And the $50,000 Mark and then I align

That with what I look at for the cost to Mint a Bitcoin adjusted of course for Efficiency and the having they both seem To line up so I think right now and I'd Like to hear your thoughts and opinions In the comment section below I still Feel very solid about that price point Of being between 45,000 and 50,000 after The having now of course once this price Hits in and we see a significant uh a Significant time of increase in the Markets that's when we start to see Unreasonable retail investors come in And start to drive the price up even Further right and that is because it Looks like bitcoin's going up they don't Realize what the reason for it is and Then you get that Euphoria and then we Kind of pump Way Beyond what you Actually would expect it to go to and That usually happens 6 months to a year Afterwards I cover all of this in my Crypto mining ecourses sonof if You want more details on it how that Affects you know the pricing of Hardware Etc I think the days of cheap Hardware Are pro are going to be very Shortlived thanks for watching this clip From the crypto mining show you can Check out the full episode here and Don't forget to subscribe down here as Well you can also check out my crypto Mining ecourse at son where you Can get a free month of supporter status

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