Crypto Coin News: Kaspa Rust Alpha and Iron Fish Launch – 249

Casper unrest the alpha release was Successful I do have a node running I Did build the node over on it's very easy to Do If you want to go check that video out You're welcome to I haven't done a guide For it yet I've been extremely busy with well doing This channel so there you go the current Ubuntu Linux binary will not run on Links versions 18.04 or 20.04 so they Have to use 22.04 and so on I think 20.04 does work now though don't Quote me on that check the Discord Introducing the rusty Casper Alpha Release as an alpha stage product it is In the initial phases of development Although this version is designed as a Seamless drop-in for the existing Casper Go node this release will primarily Apply to experienced Casper command line Users who want to help evaluate and Stabilize the fresh code base there you Go is the raspberry Wright a hard Fork Yes eventually however rust won't hard Fork until the block rate increases a Hard Fork schedule will be released now For those that don't know for a hard Fork to be basically Accepted the node Runners will have a Majority of the node Runners will have To upgrade to the rust version and then That's when the hard Fork will be

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Allowed to take place and then we'll Have a block and blah blah blah for the Most part hopefully it will be seamless However that's not always expected just Keep it in mind So do they communicate with each other Yes they currently do as rust is Integrated and tested as their version Change and so it does say As such 1.0 1.1 or 2.0 as rust is Developed in integrated the version Numbers will change to reflect updates The current version number of rust and Alpha is version 0.1.0 Meaning assumedly the beta will be like 0.2 And then the official release will be 1.0 What should node Runners do to prepare It says you can familiar cells Familiarize yourselves with the CLI Which we already did over on locals and You can test it out blah blah blah I Think that right now specifications is Approximately 30 gigabytes after writing For 25 days and then you will have to Make sure you're only mining on the test Net if you want to go test that's been An interesting process I will be trying To cover that on the channel but Pretty much it nothing really special Here I just wanted to say Congratulations to the Casper team for Getting that done obviously a big move

Forward as that is the rust upgrade Specifically is what's going to increase The blocks per second which obviously Increases total transactions per second As well this is a big upgrade there's Been you know Uh in the works for quite some time now So it's good to see it moving forward This is what I would say iron fish is a Really interesting project from the Standpoint that it Launched with more support than I think I've seen any coin launch with As far as like This was the most hash rate the most Amount of miners the most amount of Mining software the most amount of pool Support is just everything right off the Bat It does it does beg the question why I Mean There was definitely some weird stuff Going on I think uh things that were Detrimental to the network was like the Incentives that were offered on hero Miners which you know centralized that Initial hash rate pretty heftily I don't Think that that was a healthy marketing Move I would like to not see stuff like That happen I mean I get it hero miners Is trying to get all the miners but like If you get all the miners and you kind Of like defeating the purpose of Cryptocurrency in the in the first point

In the like in the first place so it was A very odd stuff going on I am trying to Do some more research and due diligence Surrounding the iron fish launch why it Had to push behind it why we saw bit boy Crypto come behind it why we saw like When brought into question the actual Launch we had like personally like I was Like this is a really bad launch on Twitter immediately getting attacked by People from the bit boy kind of YouTube Crew I'm wondering what kind of stuff's Going on there there's a lot of weird Red flags going on with it it's got that BC crowd funding that we talked about in The past Um That really has a very odd token Distribution There's a lot of stuff going on but I Mean I do have to give props where props Are due as far as like Having this type of support right out of The bat was super impressive now it's Important to go ahead and review a Little bit more of this iron fish stuff Too because luckily what I did notice is Iron fish hash rate has distributed much Better Um I don't know maybe I shouldn't say much Better it's still 51 attackable three Hero miners at 62.4 percent of the known Hash rate but it's not 99.99 of the hash

Rate like it initially was so it's good To see that we've we've started to see Really a a balancing out of this Um As far as that's concerned and then I Think there is some Oddity going on Apparently getting listed at safe trade At 100 usdt I don't think this is something I would Trust but that's something new I didn't See earlier Anyways there is that you got F2 pool Coming in second place with 415 Tera Hash a second compared to 1.76 pet Hash A second Flex pool in third place at 216.91 Terra Hash a second And that is pretty much how it is Rolling out take a look at Ergo down 20 Over the past seven days 20.79 Tera Hash A second On the network we got Casper here At 33 down over the past seven days 1.1 Peta Hash a second on the network Conflux down 23 over the past seven days Hash rate down the 5.44 Tara Hash a Second on the network let's see if we Got some other fun ones Uh we'll check flux Flux is a 2.4 Mega solution is a second Down 12 over the past seven days we got The meow coin Coming in down at 37 over the past seven Days and at 194 gigahash a second

Oh there's so many of them guys at this Point it's 13 down 13 On uh ravencoin and at 7.32 Tera Hash a Second claws a new one on the Block that We're going to be talking about on the Channel oh my goodness I mean really It's a playground out there for proof of Work miners lots of stuff to be playing With now and I'm looking for it or Forward to it because there's just you Could mine a ton of different stuff Right now and potentially be profitable Depending on of course your power rate And all that but there's lots of options Out there revenue is down because Obviously we've had a huge hit to the Market over the past week I think Averaging about 15 to 20 percent you Know The we still have at 13 Cents a kilowatt hour quite a few gpus Still sitting in profit surprisingly a Lot of it on radiant some of it on Dynex That sort of thing And some of this new papery coin which Is another one that I need to check out As well that I haven't been able to Check out but I will be checking out so Thanks for checking out this clip from The crypto mining show you can check out The full episode here or more crypto Content down here also I'd like you to Check out my locals page at son of a where you can become a

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