Could Simplicity, the code that fits on a Tshirt be #Bitcoin’s last soft fork?

This t-shirt brought me to blockchain so I love this t-shirt it shows the nine Combinators which are the building Blocks they have rules of inference so To speak how they work how you can Combine them their syntax and how you Can evaluate them which is their Semantics I've implemented simplicity at Least twice in my life from scratch Andrew holster has done the same so we Have implemented this more than once and We have Iraq we might know and he took I Think one or two weeks from from zero From literal zero to build a Simplicity Edition add-on to his script with IDE Which is impressive the basic footprint Of Simplicity is extremely small this is The selling point of Simplicity simple As the name implies with a small Footprint able to do all verification we Want to do on the main chain I sometimes Call it verification compete it's not During complete but I can verify any Condition you might want you can have a Touring complete off-chain computation And verify that this computation was Correct on the main chain even though It's only consists of these nine Conveyors of the small set that fits on A t-shirt which is impressive

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