Conflux Hard Fork

Complex is about to go deflationary as Part of a hard Fork that will be Implemented around September 7th based On the epoch number 79 million 50 000. Let's get into it Welcome back everybody so in a Twitter Post of course from conflux here we have A short update we will be experiencing The hard Fork version 2.3.0 coming up here very shortly Including CIP standing for complex Improvement proposals number 112 107 118 119 and 113 and then a couple days later On September 9th around block number 188 Million nine hundred thousand we will See CIP numbers 107 118 and 119 go into Effect lots of huge changes here going On and of course this will all be built On Rust so all of the new updates for The nodes and everything will be through Rust pretty awesome to see them Utilizing rust you guys know I'm a fan Of that obviously Casper is also making A move to rust here as well shortly but Of course this has been done across Different cryptocurrencies to increase Efficiency speeds and all of that so Let's go ahead and talk about the Biggest changes that we'll be taking Place or the biggest change that will be Taking place which is storage collateral Yes you'd be correct in being like is This similar to Ergo and yes it is now This is going to be as part of CIP 107

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Which will be included in the hard Fork That is tomorrow the simple summary is When a sponsor adds storage collateral For a contract to Pro proportion of the Conflicts tokens will be burned and Corresponding amount of storage point Will be mint the storage Point cannot be Transferred and will not generate Storage interest but it can pay for Storage collateral as cfx tokens now the Motivation behind this is pretty obvious You know we're talking about a burning Mechanism to help increase the price of Flux in theory but as they stated the Primary motivation for this CIP is to Implement burning mechanisms that Counteract The Continuous inflation of Cfx tokens thereby improving the Tokenomics of conflux AKA driving the Price up the storage point system is Designed to have a minimal impact on Economics contract sponsors mainly care About the amount of tokens required to Support their business operations but Aren't typically concerned about the Refund of storage collaterals this CIP Does not impose any additional cost for The storage collateral except that a Portion of the tokens are permanently Converted into storage points as the Storage interest per block is only .002 Cfx which is much lower than the base Reward this CIP also has minor influence For minors so miners will be influenced

Here a little bit of course it says that It's a minor influence we'll have to see How it plays out there's a lot more Going going into this hard Fork though That is going to be implemented here Shortly including like I said the cip112 Which is going to fix incorrect encoding And decoding implementation of custom Field block headers and then cip113 Which is going to make the proof of Stake finalization Faster by shortening The proof of stake consensus round time And the pivot decision signing wait time This one's a little bit more important So we will dig into the details on the GitHub for the proposal and to give you Guys an idea the motivation behind this Is although the proof of stake Finalization is designed as a Fail-Safe Guarantee with longer confirmation time It's still worthwhile to make the extra Proof of stake time comparable with the Original proof of work confirmation time And the products that utilize the proof Of State confirmation like a high value Transaction or an on-chain lightweight Client will benefit from from this Optimization now specifically this is What you want to pay attention to which Is the round time is going to be reduced From 60 seconds to 30 seconds the Deferred time for validators to wait to Sign a proof of State confirmed pivot Block is reduced from 50 epochs to 20

Epochs the rationale behind this is Almost all proof-of-stake proposals and Votes can be delivered by all validators Within 10 seconds so in considering the Latency it's safe to reduce the round Time to 30 seconds leaving 15 seconds For both proposals and boats about the Computing overhead since most CPU memory Resources are used for proof of work Doubling the proof of stake overhead is Still acceptable let me know what you Guys think about this in the comment Section below I think even like between These two cips there's going to be I Think proponents on both sides as well As people that are opposed to it but They did get passed right so obviously This is something that a majority of the Community supports but there are miners Outside of the community that maybe are Looking at conflicts and interested in Mining it does this make you more Excited to mine conflux are you thinking About going back to it are you still Holding off and what is the reason for Holding off now we have a couple more Proposals here cip118 this CIP Introduces an internal contract Interface to query unused storage points Which is obviously going to be needed Because of the changes made in CIP 107 That we discussed earlier and cip119 Which introduces the push zero Instruction as a

Eip3855 which is going to basically Introduce a new instruction which pushes The constant value 0 onto the stack so I Haven't dug into this one as much the Biggest changes of course from a Monetary perspective and from a mining Perspective is going to be the CIP 107 So we should be able to expect this Coming down the chain here very shortly The current Epoch is at 78 million 836 438 so we still have some time it is Recommended if you are running a pool or Just running a node in Solo mining for Yourself that you do update to the Latest release and so you'll be all Prepared and be able to hopefully Seamlessly Go ahead and move on over hopefully the Mining pools are paying attention to This I do think the answer to that is Yes and the reason why I say the mining Pools are prepared for this is what you Can see it looks like hero miners is the One that started preparing for it as Well as nanopool I would question as to Whether F2 pool is actually prepared for It the reason being is you can see the Hash rate is dumping off this is because Nodes are getting updated right and so I Think that right off the bat hero miners Nano pools probably going to be ready The rest of these pools I don't trust The F2 pool will be ready but I could be

Incorrect and then woolly pool doesn't Look like they've made any recent Changes they may be a little bit behind So pay attention to whatever pool you're Mining conflicts on because you want to Make sure that their nodes are up to Date and this will of course affect the Difficulty as there will be some Bouncing around the difficulty Adjustments due to the Stark decrease in Hash rate that will then come back I I Presume all of this hash rate will Bounce right back if you're interested In mining conflicts it has been around For quite some time T-Rex Miner is Available which is what I still utilize On my Nvidia gpus I only utilize Nvidia Gpus when mining conflicts and they do Need eight gigabytes of video memory Available to them so you're really Looking at 3070 or above on those and Speaking of that if we use To take a look at the efficiency charts Complex is really interesting because The 40 series is extremely efficient on These on conflict so you have the RTX 4090 actually topping the charts at Point 44 Mega hash per watt but it still Looks like the 3070s are pretty much King for like price to Performance Coming in third there at Point 41 Mega Hash per watt all of these still running I believe even T-Rex minor let's go Ahead and take a look at the 40 90 and

See if they listed the minor uh uh no They didn't list the miner that they Utilized but I presume it would be that Complex has been interesting for quite Some time primarily because it is Chinese based primarily and there has Been a lot of contention surrounding Cryptocurrency in China but this is one That has been approved over there the Other thing that makes it interesting is It is fully evm compatible you can check Out my WTF is this Project's been around For a long time but has continued to Make impressive moves forward and it is One that is still stays at the top of my List for one of those to pay attention To especially during the bear Market to Stack up a little bit so I'm actually Back on it with my RTX 3070s right now As we speak and if you're curious on What the rest of my farm is on you can Check out son of a Becoming a supporter over there will Gain you access to my daily moves for my Mining farms and purchases and sales and Trades and all of that and if you would Like a free month of it you can check Out side of and purchase my E course over there for cryptocurrency Mining thanks everybody for watching hit The like comment subscribe and Notification bells down below and I will See you next Tuesday

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