Confidential Transactions for enhanced privacy on the Liquid Network #Bitcoin’s Financial Layer 🌊

So what confidential transactions means Is that on The Ledger on the publicly Visible blockchain it is not possible For a third party to observe the type of Asset that's involved in any transaction Or the amount of that asset so they can Still see that a transaction happened But pieces of that are confidential and There is a way to unblock that for Auditing purposes there's a lot more Privacy if you think about liquid as Being kind of the financial layer for Bitcoin the fact that privacy hasn't Mattered more to more of these kind of Blockchains of these Solutions so far Again shows you how early we are I mean There's not really a large-scale Financial institution that would be Comfortable having all of their Positions and all of their assets known All of their trades broadcasted to a Mempool before the trade is actually Executed giving other parties the Opportunity to jump in and maybe front Run that trade and so liquid has Basically solved this they've put this Solution in place it's been running for Years it's battle tested and proven and And it's really one of the unique Features of the network

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