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Crypto media Outlet coindesk most Potential sale now Charles hoskinson Went live on YouTube that's how I found Out about this uh earlier today actually Announcing that he is considering the Purchase of coindesk right So there is that to take into Consideration which would be extremely Interesting because he does uh you know Carry a lot of weight within the altcoin Industry and it's um or the altcoin Space I suppose I mean to the point to Where if he gifts you know the devs of a Cryptocurrency a Twitter account from The devs or from another cryptocurrency Nobody really bats an eye it's kind of Odd there and the the influence that he Has I think he made a couple good points You know he said if anything is talked Good about cardano on coindesk then People would put that into question and Then even if people talked negatively About cardano in coindesk they would They would take that you know as a Biased opinion so The I guess the question really is at The end of the day is it really possible For somebody that participates within The industry on a developer level or a You know a Founder level for a Cryptocurrency should they be able to Own a media Outlet right and I mean at The same time there hasn't been much Transparency with coindesk in the first

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Place right the reason why it's going Bankrupt is because or why it's Potential sale is because it is under Basically groups of people are managed By groups of people that are going Bankrupt right so Coindesk Incorporated a crypto focused Media company has engaged of investment Bankers at Lazard Limited to evaluate Options including a partial or full sale The Wall Street Journal reported Coindesk is exploring a potential sale Due to the worsening crisis at its Parent company Barry silbert's digital Currency group over the last few months We have received numerous inbound Indications of interest in coindesk said Coindesk CEO Kevin worth meanwhile Coindesk's sister company Genesis Global Capital might file for bankruptcy as Early as this week Bloomberg reported Dcg's other entities including crypto Asset manager grayscale Investments and Bitcoin miner Foundry are also under Financial pressure dcg acquitted Coindesk in 2016 or acquired sorry Coindesk in 2016 for five hundred Thousand dollars the news Outlet grew Rapidly due to the growing interest in Crypto and reportedly generated a Revenue of 50 million dollars in 20 22 Sources told Wall Street Journal that Dcg had received several unsolicited Offers for more than 200 million in the

Past few months for coindesk it is Interesting to note that coindesk was The first to report the irregularities And the financials of both crypto Exchange FTX and its sister trading firm Alameda research the report triggered The eventual collapse of FTX and caused Panic in the crypto Market at a time When sentiment was already weak doing Due to Rising interest rates and macro Pressures amid this all this turmoil Several cryptocurrencies and Crypto-backed stocks fell significantly Bitcoin shed over 50 percent of its Value over the past year now like I said This brings up a ton of different Questions right like in news media Already you know mainstream media we are Aware of you know dealings within Mainstream media and different political Figures and so on that clearly influence The way different media Outlets report Right we know that on like the the mass Scale we know that there's also things Like investments from entities you know That are whether they be you know McDonald's or Pfizer it doesn't really Matter it is going to influence of Course the way the news approaches that Subject if they are paying for those you Know for those advertisements and that Does bring into question you know a Majority of the cryptocurrency outlets You know news outlets as well as

Cryptocurrency influencers right we've Talked about this Time and time again we warned about it You know I warned about it during the Bull market and the bull run because I'm Fully aware of what kind of offers are Are sent out to influencers and I'm sure The same goes for cryptocurrency news Outlets as well right and one of the Things I thought Charles hoskinson Brought up that was interesting was Having a whole section of coindesk that Would allow for basically PR releases From coins where they could basically Announce whatever's going on on their Network but it would be clear that it Was coming from those coins I don't know If he would expect coindesk to receive Any sort of monetary uh payback in Return for having this specific section But that would be interesting to see It would also take a quite a lot of his Net worth which also would be along the Lines of like if I was him I would look At like how that impacted musk Negatively and probably say maybe it's Not the best idea to do this That being said 50 million in revenue For 2022 sounds good but you gotta ride Out the bear market and then you gotta Come Out Swinging hard in the next run To make up that 200 million right it's Not like it's going to make 50 million In revenue for 2023 it's just more than

Likely not going to happen given the Current circumstances and the current Outlook on cryptocurrency and the Current of course like Google Trends Surrounding cryptocurrency I mean the Fact of the matter is is that a majority Of the reduction in ad Revenue has come Directly because of the downfall of Cryptocurrency on platforms like YouTube Right where we saw essentially like me Personally something you know something Around an 80 reduction in ad revenue From YouTube Just within the past Quarter right so the last quarter of 2022 and 80 reduction right I mean to The point to where it is nearly uh near Like Not nearly it is completely impossible To actually make a living off of it but Then you compound that with the fact of Like the cryptocurrency markets being Bad and so on and so forth and you don't See a light at the end of the tunnel it Doesn't look like it will return anytime Soon so a 200 million dollar investment In a you know a platform a news outlet That already has I think Kind of a A little bit of a negative stigma Surrounding it right uh was also related To essentially a collapse you know a Bankruptcy with g a GGC or what you know Genesis Global capital And you have to wonder if it's really

Worth the purchase and and I would Posture no I think it probably goes to Worth a lot less than it current they're Currently saying right thanks for Checking out this clip from the crypto Mining show you can check out the full Episode here or more crypto content down Here also I'd like you to check out my Locals page at son of a Where you can become a member for free Or choose to be a five dollar a month Supporter that unlocks additional Content

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