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Today's sponsor is BT miners BT miners Has been a longtime sponsor of the Channel and a proven reliable source for Asic miners if you are looking to Purchase ASX Hardware from Bitcoin to Dogecoin miners they are available for Purchase on bt- BT miners has Recently launched an app on IOS and Android that let you browse their Inventory by profitability and return on Investment follow the affiliate Link in The description and use promo code s o a For a Discount so a couple weeks ago over on Locals I posted that I got a tip off That what has happened with Caspa is About to happen on two different Networks one being radiant and one being Uh uh alium now the idea behind this is The fpga miners are starting to Discontinue mining radiant and alium now This is kind of twofold what you see in The fpga mining Market goes as such a Private bitstream comes out that they Sell to large fpga Farms those large Fpga Farms then mine it when they have Built up a bag big enough for themselves What they do is they then release that Particular Bitstream to or through like a K1 or Something like that like a more public Bit stream and then it has like a high Fee and then they start selling off Their old fpga to replace with newer

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More powerful fpga so once that's Complete this usually starts to Mark the Signal of as6 coming online and it looks Like this might be a potential of as6 Starting to hit the network on radiant Because K1 pool is starting to have huge Spikes of up to 15 trash per second Randomly and getting get tested over and Over again these definitely aren't fpga On radiant at least to my knowledge Especially as I do know for a fact that A lot of fpga uh manufacturers are Starting to and miners are starting to Dump those older fpga onto the market And we have a public bit stream now for Radiant so what we've been seeing on Radiant here up to this date has really Been fpga already on the network and This is starting to look extremely Suspicious tell me what you guys think Of this do you think we are about to Hear the announcement of a radiant minor Asic minor a or at least at the very Least a Blake 3 kind of multi Miner Right so maybe we have like a Blake CU We have like you know Blake 3 Alum maybe That's also coming down the pipeline Very interesting stuff here I'd like to Hear your thoughts and opinions on it But heads up if we do end up getting Some as6 onto this Network and you can Expect a pretty good increase in price Of radiant over the next little bit Because we will probably get into that 1

Cent range if I had to take a bet not Financial advice just from previous Experience with the way this fpga to Asic transfers go right DX has made an Interesting decision um and I I hadn't Been unfortunately paying close enough Attention into this I'm a big proponent Or fan of privacy on on cryptocurrency Networks especially being a Cryptocurrency YouTuber I kind of like That excuse of you don't know how big my Bags are and it's kind of like twofold Right like I like to show examples or Whatever but I also like to make sure That I'm not just like getting Completely doxed on what my bags look Like all the time that being said what's Really interesting here is that DX is Removing the Privacy features of DX and You can see that here so the removal of Privacy features in DX was in progress They posted this screenshot and then About nine hours ago the first Non-privacy transactions are running Through mainnet so now you have Non-privacy transactions on DX this is Interesting I I I haven't actually Looked to see if you can it says removal Of privacy features I would be okay with Like you choosing whether or not you Wanted those privacy features having Like two different options it doesn't Seem like that's what's going on here so You know your DX address is going to get

Doxed how much you have in your wallet Going to get docks that sort of thing it Could be good for the price because you Will be able to begin to see how much is Actually within exchanges and how much Is being held in wallets which could Technically increase people's interest Into the project if there is a lot of DX Being held off of Exchanges however like I said I I don't Know why you would remove this feature Necessarily I don't get it maybe Somebody you guys can explain it to me Of course most of the comments are all These kind of this is so annoying on Crypto Twitter it's like you guys are Next Level it's like have you really Thought about it like do you like this Change you know like I don't know I get So fed up with like like Fanboys of Individual cryptocurrencies never Questioning the developers because it's Just rampant it's rampant people putting The ks in their names and the DNX and The eth and the and the whatever it is Trying to shame like shamelessly pump up Their own bag it's dude And it's so Stupid thanks for watching this clip From the crypto mining show you can Check out the full episode here and Don't forget to subscribe down here as Well you can also check out my crypto Mining ecourse at where you can

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