Channel Splicing: The Future of Lightning Channels & How It’s Changing Transactions! #bitcoin

So you're talking about the lightning Technology Evolution right so people Have been talking about Channel splicing For a long time so it's finally here so That hence the technical buzz and what It does is the evolution of a lightning Channel is you open it you use it Eventually gets closed down because you Know one Pie's had enough or they need The money back or the other party went Away or something like that right or it Got too imbalanced and they can't figure Out how to rebalance it and what people Do when they get too imbalanced is they Like close it and open another one what Splicing does is it allows you to add Additional capacity into an existing Channel sort of send some Bitcoin to the Channel and it can actually be under Fairly continuous operation while you're Adding more capacity to it so it's smart Enough to handle you know the capacity Is like almost depleted you're still Transacting wise transaction comes in Channel capacity goes off and then you Switch over to you know suddenly the Capacity goes up and you can send more Or receive more

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