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Bank of Russia moves to safeguard crypto Companies against sanctions now I Retweeted this one earlier this week and Said are we the baddies why because Obviously the U.S is in the UK is Basically sanctioning a bunch of Cryptocurrency Technologies and moving To removing of course like a lot of um Financial sovereignty within within Their borders meanwhile you know Russ is going the opposite right and Actually uh for fear of this like this Podcast going on a little bit too long Well no we got time we can do this I do fear that this is going to put us On the uh no fun list by the way Um So please share I suppose this is going to put us on the No fun list I think Um which I think we're already on the no Fun list If we're a bit boy crypto we get 10K Views though this is what it is the Central Bank of Russia has introduced Measurements to protect entities working With digital assets from sanctioned Pressures these businesses will be Exempted from some reporting Requirements as part of a regulatory Relief intended to minimize the burden On on financial organizations This is huge guys so the Central Bank of R of the Russian Federation has allowed

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Issuers of digital Finance assets not to Disclose information sensitive in the Light of sanctioned risks the exemption Valid until July 1st of 2023 concerns Data revealing the beneficial owners of Such entities What's going on here right obviously This is being done because Oligarchs blah blah blah don't want Sanctioning to happen on their addresses And so there com the Central Bank of Russia is saying hey just don't tell us About it right now This is only valid till July of 2023 So it's very sneaky right like you need To like read it for what it is what is It well what it is is Russia basically Or the the Central Bank of Russia Adhering to the principles of crypto but Only for the interim effect of basically Trying to get around sanctions Once again though if you know me you Know that I'm against sanctions within Cryptocurrency so I personally don't have anything against This practice I just wish it was Permanent Right And that's that's me according to an Announcement quoted by Russian crypto Media the temporary reporting relief is Part of package measures meant to help Persons and organizations operating Within the Russian Financial Market

Infrastructure while Russia is yet to Regulate cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin The existing law on digital Financial Assets permits companies to issue coins And tokens in controlled environments Three operators of Information Systems In which DFA can be issued have already Been licensed by the CBR these are Russia's largest bank sber the Tokenization service atomized in Lighthouse in the press release the bank Of Russia explained that the Regulatory And super uh supervisory relief provided To financial Market participants and DFA Issuers since earlier this year is Intended to minimize the burden on these Organizations in the current economic And geopolitical situation hey Hey hey During this economic situation Why is the oppressive nation of Russia Helping its citizens out more than the Free World of the United States Why You can cut this cookie however you want The way that they are going to aim it of Course is that Russia bad they're doing This to get around sanctions yes that is True But they're allowing their citizens to Do it and they are providing them with Some Financial relief while the exact Opposite is happening in the United States

Two wrongs don't make a right But three lefts do So let's take another left my friends Please Crazy A proposal to legalize the use of Cryptocurrencies for international Settlements in order to lower the Sanctions pressure has been backed by Russian institutions including the Central bank which has traditionally Maintained a hard-line stance on crypto Regulations the CBR insisted that the Support offered to financial firms Including DFA issuers and exchange Operators has alleviated the negative Effects of the restrictions and allowed Them to adapt to the new conditions the Regulator plans additional steps in the Same direction such as amendments Allowing the recognition of losses due To the sanctions Guys I'm gonna tell you right now that you we Are in a I do think that we are in a Position and I want you to tune into the After stream over on locals because We're going to put this all together for You we're not talking about it right now But we're going to talk about what was Happening at Twitter what was happening At Twitter with Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia's play and all this we have to Talk about bricks these are things that

Are going to be very very serious that You need to pay attention to but the Only position the U.S puts themselves in When it comes to cryptocurrency by Regulating it to this extent is at a Global economic disadvantage If you are going to be a capitalistic Society that Prides itself of course on Innovation then you need to incentivize People to you to ins to basically Innovate right you should incentivize The push towards cryptocurrency you Should be at the Forefront of it You should enable people to innovate Within the space Are we the Baddies Are we putting ourselves in this Particular case at a disadvantage Economically These are the questions I have Surrounding this Thanks for checking out this clip from The crypto mining show you can check out The full episode here or more crypto Content down here also I'd like you to Check out my locals page at son of a Tech.locals.com where you can become a Member for free or choose to be a five Dollar a month supporter that unlocks Additional content

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