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Let's talk about the IMF unveiling the New Global Currency known as the Universal monetary unit to transform the World economy This is crazy a new Global Currency has Just launched but 99 of The global population has no idea what Just happened I mean Of course not right people are barely Catching up to the fact that it's stupid To hold your money in Banks that the US Dollar as a paper money will be Worthless And that Bitcoin and controlling your Keys is Paramount to your Financial Freedom people still haven't gotten that Far yet they start throwing this at them I mean people are looking at cbdc's and Being like that's never going to happen Well it's literally happening in front Of their faces so For people for this to be you know Shocking it really isn't you know and 99 Of the world's not even paying attention To most of the stuff neither will they In the future either right The universal monetary unit also known As Unicorn oh my gosh Check that Creepy name out unicorn How about not my friend is an International Central Bank digital Currency

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That has been designed to work in Conjunction with all existing National Currencies This should set off alarm bells for all Of us because the widespread adoption of A new Global Currency would be a giant Step forward for the globalist agenda The IMF did not create this new currency But it was unveiled at a major IMF Gathering earlier this week today at the International international monetary Fund spring meetings 2023 the digital Currency monetary Authority the dcma Announced their official launch for an International Central Bank digital Currency that strengthens the monetary Sovereignty of participating central Banks and complies with the recent Crypto assets of policy recommendations Proposed by the IMF Universal monetary Unit Umu symbolized as ANSI a character you As if it couldn't get creepier is Legally a money commodity can transact In any legal tender settlement currency And functions like a cbdc to enforce Banking regulations and to protect the Financial Integrity of the international banking System As the press release quoted above Indicates this new Universal monetary Unit was created by the digital currency

Monetary Authority so who in this or who In the world is the digital currency Monetary Authority honestly I had no Idea until I started doing research for This article he goes on to say in the Article that I am now reading on this YouTube channel The press release says that the Organization consists of sovereign States central banks commercial and Retail Banks and other financial Institutions The dcma is a world leader in the Advocacy of digital currency and Monetary policy Innovations for Governments and central banks membership Within the dcma consists of sovereign States central banks commercial and Retail Banks and other financial Institutions why do they always make me Re-read things in these articles come on Guys I need to pay attention a little Bit better and try to skip them Basically it sounds like a secretive Cabal of International Banks and National governments and conspire is Conspiring to push this new currency Down our throats well I've told you guys We have two paths to go down moving into The digital transformation and we'll Come out on the other end with when Either one of two situations either will Be in the situation where everything is Centralized and basically that does mean

Yes eventually your centralized Internationally That's what that means or come out the Other end decentralized completely Um and the only way we come out in the Correct direction as I would see it Which would be the decentralized way is By educating people how to control their Own finances Um by controlling their own private keys And utilizing cryptocurrencies that are Not cbdc's that's my humble opinion I'd Like to hear your thoughts and opinions Of course Just just curious rays of hands right Like we'll just get a poll going would You rather have a cbdc or everything be Uh be Exchanged for in Bitcoin Because there are actual people that Will probably vote for cbdc maybe not in Our particular chat but definitely Somewhere oh they just left we went from Concurrent viewers going to almost over 100 to now 88. I told you this was going To piss some people off let's go ahead And continue to talk about it more we're Being told that the universal monetary Unit is crypto 2.0 Look at that nice little pretty bow they Put on top of that show huh And those that created or hoping that it Will be widely adopted by all cons uh Constituents in a global economy the

Dcma introduces Universal monetary unit As crypto 2.0 because it innovates a new Wave of cryptographic Technologies for Realizing a digital currency public Monetary system with a widespread Adoption framework encompassing use Cases for all constituencies in a global Economy you made me read that twice Again you damn article I don't know about you the article says But this sounds super Shady to me of Course the digital currency monetary Authority is not the only one who has Been working on new digital currency the UK has also been working on one as well As the European Union my assumption is This is how it actually plays out in the Beginning First thing you got to do is shut down a Whole bunch of banks in each country Right so that you have a few Banks That will cooperate with the cbdc in the Country right then once you have that in Place you've centralized up to that form You have like three four Banks and then You have the Federal Reserve and then The the governs those three or four Banks that agree to comply with all the Rules and regulations surrounding the Cbdc and then you distribute out from There and you go internationally and you Have an international cbdc and then you Just kind of you know each country does It and then eventually you just have

This hierarchy at the top not dissimilar From what we have now just less steps to Get there right that's what you end up With less steps to get there And would it surprise anyone that the Biden Son of a gun are you guys trying to kill My YouTube channel off right now I wouldn't surprise anyone that the Biden Administration is touting the Potential benefits of a digital form of The US dollar Of course Now to be fair Trump would do the exact same thing Because he likes the digital dollar and He's definitely anti-bitcoin so it Doesn't really matter what side you're On here the point would be a cbdc in an Attempt to strengthen the dollar now I Do think Trump would do a better job at Strengthening the dollar than Biden but At the end of the day it's probably too Little too late and it's I don't know That that argument's moot because Bitcoin or Bitcoin or or nothing That's how I feel about it a United States Central Bank digital currency Would be a digital form of the US dollar You can just change that to will be fed Now system comes out in July by the way Guys while the US has not yet decided Whether it will pursue a cbdc the U.S Has been closely examining the

Implications of an options for issuing a Cbdc if the U.S pursued a cbdc there Would be many possible benefits such as Facilitating efficient and low-cost Transactions fostering greater access to The financial system boosting economic Growth and supporting the continued Centrality of the U.S within the International Financial system I don't think that is that is a Coincidence that governments all over The Western world are simultaneously Developing cbdc's it most certainly is Not right like I would said this earlier What do you do you collapse the banking System down to just a few Banks you get Them to participate within the cbdcs and Then from there you have one kind of Global head and you move that into the International System and you have an International cbdc that governs all of Them right it makes it a lot easier to Do this on an international level if it Is a digital currency right it just does And the IMF has actually already put Together an extensive handbook to assist Central banks and governments throughout The world in their cbdc rollouts so There's a handbook for this Sometimes I just have to click it just To make sure I understand this oh yeah Nope that exists Nice okay All right

The international monetary fund is Putting together a central bank digital Currency handbook yep there we go a lot Of people out there will cheer when These digital currencies are introduced But it is imperative to understand that Once everyone is using them your Financial privacy will be almost totally Gone not almost totally gone they'll be Totally gone not that it isn't already Totally gone and I did have this Discussion with Daniel Keller who's Going to be on the channel here soon by The way we actually didn't talk about Flux at all we just had a nice podcast About everything crazy going on with AI And so on that'll be out in two weeks so Stay tuned for that But I did just have these conversations Surrounding this with him and it is Interesting that like It's kind of like the younger Generations really won't care about this Like if you ask the younger generation That like If they even have cash and then on top Of that ask them for like the perks to Having cash most of them don't care Right there may be a few outliers that Maybe did have working experience in the Shadow economy the the uh you know Waitresses waiters that sort of stuff Maybe they understand the importance of Cash but by and large a majority of the

Youth don't and they'll just let this go Right which by the way means that the Shadow economy goes by by as well just In case you're wondering Whether you think that's a positive or A Negative you let me know I thought we Were Pro helping the little guy out like The waitresses and waiters I thought That's what we were as a society But you know we need to make sure that We're getting the taxes from them and Making their lives nearly unlivable So that we can continue to feed the war Machine sure that works today's sponsor Is BT miners BT miners has been a long Time sponsor of the channel and a proven Reliable source for Asic miners if You're looking to purchase Asics Hardware from Bitcoin to Dogecoin miners They are available for purchase on Bt-liners.com BT miners is a trusted Source by both asicminervalue.com and Cryptominer.com follow the affiliate Link in the description and tell them so Sent you to support the channel can you Imagine a world in which you are Restricted from buying meat for for a While because you have already used your Carbon credits for the month it's even Just simpler than that like the shadow Economy example right Your financial privileges could be now We've talked about this cbdc's social Credit scores is definitely getting

Rolled out in China so on and so forth We could see these types of tin foil hat Moves In other Western countries I think The U.S you would be pretty hard pressed To get there I could be completely wrong Um I definitely think that it there will Be examples set to a certain extent I Could see limitations on the types of Products you buy a little bit more Babying on what you're allowed to buy Depending on your credit score that sort Of thing Um you know maybe if you have a payment For a car that's x amount it's not going To let you go spend x amount on video Games for the month or something It'll all come in some form or fashion Of convenience meaning that I don't Think it's going to at least Stateside Right so You have to take this into consideration Like Stateside like U.S Canada that sort Of I mean Canada Maybe not maybe they go Full on I I don't know let's just say United States of America the way these Can of goods are going to be sold to you Is convenience right like Hey we're Going to make those financial decisions For you because we just know best and It's going to be best for you anyways Right like we'll just make it easy for You right off the bat Bing Bang Boom you Know good to go that's really where it's Going to come down to I think and I

Think um Most people will fall for that right I Think most people Across the board are just going to say Like okay right And then we'll go from we'll just kind Of slowly fall into it right oh thanks It'll be like a warning So you know how like now you may like Tweet and you say something mean And then Twitter will be like are you Sure you want to say that you know what I'm talking about Basically you'll go to the store and Like let's say you throw like you're Just craving a candy bar for the day and You throw it up there and you go to scan It and then you say you know give me Some gas in this candy bar and it pops Up and it says you know are you sure you Want to buy that candy bar here's your Budget you might overspend you should Just pull that back a little bit that's How this plays out okay and you'll be Like oh that's great thanks for Reminding me now I'm not going to make The mistake of buying a candy bar you See what I'm saying see where I'm going With this that's the reality of the Situation because pushing it all the way Into this oh I'm not going to be able to That's not going to fly you can't sell That that way it's just going to be a Feature that's built into your fed now

Payment system and that's how that's Going to play out right it's just the Way it is man it is what it is you're Gonna like it you're gonna love it it's Gonna be the best thing ever and it Doesn't matter who's in power everyone Is going to sell it to you Everyone will be slowly but surely Forced on to the new digital system and It will be a system that they control With an Iron Fist and this is true I Have heard this other argument from a Lot of people oh I won't use it I'll Keep using cash you'll keep using cash When nobody accepts cash Yeah Oh but I know everybody everybody's Going to continue to accept cash look if The bank's not accepting cash I ain't Accepting cash that's going to be the Thought process behind it and how do They onboard people Well it's pretty simple you onboard People by basically onboarding the poor First make them poorer Putting government assistance programs And then tell them they can sign up as Long as they utilize the cbdc I've said This before I'll say it again that's how They're going to onboard people Middle class if there is any left by That point but let's say you know trying To onboard the middle class whatever it May be the working class what happens

Then how do they get you to onboard well You can't get your tax return unless you Sign up for the cbdc It'll probably start something out a Little bit more like Get your get your tax return instantly By signing up for a cbdc right that's Where it'll be Get it instantly now That's how it's going to be sold Right Most people will willingly go along These days most people are just scraping By from month to month in one recent Survey found that 70 of all Americans Are financially stressed at this point Some 70 percent of Americans admit to Being stressed about their personal Finances these days and a majority 52 Percent of U.S adults said their Financial stress has increased since Before the covid-19 pandemic began in March of 2020 according to a cbnbc your Money Financial confidence survey Conducted in partnership with momentive Most Americans simply do not care that These new digital currencies could open A door for great tyranny but those of us That are awake know that more globalism Doesn't lead anywhere good and of course Zero Hedge is awesome in the way he Presents these and he does make it very Difficult for me to talk about them on YouTube but go check out Zero Hedge

Great stuff over there as far as the IMF Like I said what we're really doing is Just getting confirmation that Decentralization is filtered down even Further to a basically an international Level I think this is the goal the whole Way right I mean it's to do exactly this It's to eventually centralize this under You know some sort of international Regulatory body that does control a lot Obviously this is going to be for International transactions between Countries though that's going to be the Main point of this so It's not really any different than the System that we currently have in place Imagine this like you're I guess like Your Swiss banks or your you know well Your International Banks obviously so It's not that much different you're just Getting more Consolidated right Meaning like don't freak out the world's Not ending also maybe it is but it Doesn't really matter live your life and Enjoy it Um but it's important to understand Where right now I think the biggest Pro Protest and the biggest statement you Can make is literally just buying Bitcoin If you have any like I think I really honestly think that That's like it's not even buying Bitcoin Right now isn't about making money

Buying Bitcoin right now is about Protesting I really honestly think that's what it's Going to turn into thanks for checking Out this clip from the crypto mining Show you can check out the full episode Here or more crypto content down here Also I'd like you to check out my locals Page at son of a tech.locals.com where You can become a member for free or Choose to be a five dollar a month Supporter that unlocks additional Content

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