Buying the Blockstream Mining Note

In order to buy and hold the BMN you Will need to first set up a liquid Wallet with an amp ID Let's walk through these steps one by One After downloading a liquid compatible Wallet like blackstream green or Sideswab you'll need to add an amp Account to your wallet and record your Amp ID because the BMN is a registered Security with investor protections you Will need to whitelist your amp ID with The primary issuance platform stalker to Receive BMN in your wallet Stalker is the Investment Bank of the BMN they structure the BMN they manage The BMN and they ensure compliance for The BMN You can register by visiting And following the steps there to set up Your account Once approved by stalker you can copy The amp ID from your liquid wallet and Enter it into your stalker account Settings Now that you've registered your amp ID With stalker you can use one of the Exchanges the BMN trades on to purchase Some BMN At the time of this video the BMN could Be traded on three venues side swap Bitfinex Securities in merge via digital Each platform has its trade-offs with Varying levels of liquidity if you'd

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Like to learn which is best for you Check the link in the description box Down below because I'm located in the Good old USA I'm unfortunately unable to purchase the BMN as it's only available to non-us Qualified investors at this time This is where I'll call it my good Friend Jesse he's an Australian he'll Help us walk through how to purchase Some BMN via the secondary Market on Merge via digital so let me call Thanks for having me on Drew and Greetings from Down Under Today I'm going to be working with Digital markets to acquire the block Stream mining note On the front page here you can see all Of the various digital Securities that They have on offer I'm going to navigate to the assets tab Here and you can see that I've already Funded my account with about sixty Dollars of usdc Back to the dashboard I'm going to Select bmn1 and I'm simply going to make An order here It really is that simple guys just place And confirm And checking back in in a few minutes I'm going to be able to see that the Order has been filled I've acquired 30 pieces of bmn1 and I'm Going to continue to DCA into this asset

Until I've accrued one-hole block stream Mining note and at that point I can Withdraw to self-custody from the Platform Thanks for having me Andrew see ya Thanks Jesse for showing us how to buy Some fractional shares of the BMN on Merge see you later dude [Music]

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