One relatively under the radar Asic Minor has been achieving record high Profits over the past week but why is The question Welcome back everyone so earlier this Week I was posting some of the profits For a single rig on nice hash this Particular rig was hitting like 81 Dollars a day at its peak and yes those Payouts were hitting my Bitcoin wallet In nicehash and I was curious as to why This was it took a little bit digging But we ended up figuring out which minor Are we talking about today well we are Talking about none other than the Antminer D9 Dash minor which currently Is listed on the bit main website for 8 500 but there are much better deals Floating around out there due to its Profitability decrease on the actual Coin Dash which up until now was pretty Much the only X11 algorithm coin Available to mine what has ended up Happening though is a new coin on the Horizon amazing and that new coin is Called block X block X from the best I Can tell so far is pretty much a fork of Dash there are some differences here and There and there are some red flags here And there with it in particular but what Has been happening is that a having has Happened on the mining reward side of Things and they have added Master nodes Now this was driving the accumulation

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Rate up and obviously having an impact On Supply which was making this minor Worth quite a bit more compounding on That fact the liquidity in centralized Exchanges is quite low pretty much under Fifty thousand dollars total so the only Way people could accumulate enough coin To stand up their Master nodes Essentially was to rent hash rate on Nice hash dry driving of course the Price of this through the roof so as you Can see here I have a mining Profitability calculator up and the Antminer D9 specifications put in at 1770 gigahash a second at the power of 28.50 with a power cost of 10 cents a Kilowatt hour I suppose I should add the Fee but suffice to say before the having What you are seeing is 69 days 69 a day In profit now this is theoretically cut In half to about 35 dollars a day now And that is due to the fact that Basically the block 6000 that everybody Was waiting on for masternodes to get Enabled Etc has been activated so the block Rewards cut in half but a lot of these Calculators Etc are still stuck on pulling the old API during this Fork so it's going to be A bit of a bumpy road even in fact to The point to where as I hit a block Right before 6000 this pool has not updated therefore I have a balance but I am not paid out It's yet to be seen if I'm going to be Able to actually get paid out for this One in particular as there seems to be No word yet on this pool updating the Node so I'm kind of waiting on that but I did a little bit of nice hash I did This one for the past 24 hours until the Block and then right now I actually have My own pool stood up of course my own Node because that is the fastest way to Get to mining reliably and not worrying About another pool or a third party in This particular case and I wanted to do It after essentially the update so I Knew that I was on all of the right Stuff so this is really what's happened Happening right now as far as why the Profitability went up I presume it will Cool down now but there are quite a few Things that are taking place that you Should be aware of right now you can Trade it on zagax and safe trade now Safe trade only has like maybe a couple Hundred dollars in in basically the Amount or availability I guess it's gone Way up never mind oh no that's PLS let's Go to the right one real quick so I Believe the volume on here for safe Trade was extremely low Says the 24-hour trading volume is only Like four hundred dollars I don't know What total volume is right now but not a

Lot of trading going on there so we can Pretty much ignore it on top of that It's still allowing you to withdraw Funds but if you have any block X within Safe trade please wait because Withdrawals should be in theory right Now deactivated on all exchanges this is Going to be important to understand Because nobody can put coin in or take Coin out so the question is is what is The goal of the people that were mining It and seeing that a majority of the Mining was going through nice hash and Not miners directly mining it because The miners were just pointed to nice Hash in this particular case it's safe To assume that a lot of people here are Accumulating this particular coin to Stand got masternodes this could be a Really good indicator for price but Because withdrawals and deposits are Paused until block 6500 which will be Happening tonight in a few hours after You watch this video there is going to Be a ton of price action happening on Zagax for this particular coin so keep That in mind it could go way up because In the Discord and so on I am noticing a Lot of people saying that they've been Accumulating waiting for withdrawals to Happen so they can pull out of ZX and Stand up their Master nodes that's a big Play on the other side of things any Miner that was mining this directly is

Probably planning on depositing and Selling to people so that could drive The price down which way it flows is Really up in the air if you are looking At mining this as opposed to dash it is More profitable than mining Dash as of Right now even with the having because Like I showed you guys earlier you're Looking at around thirty seven dollars a Day still at the current price with of Course whatever happens tonight on the Swing also if you can get yourself up And running with a node right now some Of the largest mining pools are down so Your advantage here is that you will Have a higher likelihood of finding a Block right now as well so keep that in Mind too lots of craziness going on with It now I would be amiss if I didn't Mention that the biggest red flag for This particular coin is a 3 million Block X pre-mine that did take place in Fact you can see it on the rich list Here right here and that is 21 of the Current Supply not the total Supply Right but you should basically or that's Received no that's yeah that's current Balance so of the current Supply not the Total Supply at the end of the day now The wealth distribution is insane right Now with the top one or top 25 wallets Holding 66 percent of the coin but keep In mind this is a very early coin right It's only been out since like July 23rd

On exchanges and even I mean not much Longer than that on basically being Around before then so it's not like this Has been running around for a while and Should have fantastic distribution yet It's sort of understandable but the top 100 wallets have 97 percent of the total Supply so the question comes down to the Fact of like is it this is a pure sign Of being in extremely early in this Project and so price is probably going To be extremely volatile and bouncing Around all over the place but that does Mean that if you have a basically an X11 Miner sitting around that wasn't Profitable and you want to do a little Bit of sort of spec mining at this point Because there really isn't enough volume To guarantee the price whatsoever in in The exchange I think the total on tradex Is only 48 000 you can see it up here or I said I Said that wrong sorry is that 482 000 block X and then that's times four So it's a hundred thousand dollars right Something around there you divide by Four so for about a hundred thousand Dollars very low all right so not that Much going on there quite yet it's going To be all over the place but it is Something to do with your X11 miners Keep in mind driving up the difficulty On this will make it less profitable but There is very very very low hash rate

Right now and you can see a lot of People were pumping along and then poof We had that a huge drop from 495 Terahash a second to 108 Tera Hash a Second I am already seeing it recover a Little bit on mining pool stats Etc but You can see that that is because Essentially what we had is some shifting Around in the hash rate and that is Because pools like are down and this one was The top pool but overall you can tell That even though these are reporting you Can see 256 uh terahash a second with 523 Tera house a second on the network That is 51 unknown so what could we also Witness here at the end of the day well With the master nodes not as much of a Concern but that could be a potential Fork that could take place and a 51 Percent attack that could take place on This network and this Fork could have Been split so the question is is did That happen as well I see some people Talking about it in the Discord but from What I can tell everything was Supposedly all Gucci as far as the Transfer goes now if you're interested In purchasing this minor you know keep In mind that this is going to be all Over the place you basically your best Bet is still to calculate Roi based on Dash but if you're interested in Purchasing it I did put together a

Couple of quotes here from a couple Partners one being Coastal crypto minor And now I use the new units because Coastal only has new units but you can Actually get out a little cheaper on BT Miners if you buy a used unit but you Don't get the warranty Etc as you can See here on Coastal crypto with sales Tax applied to taxes of course here Delivery my promo code soat discount for A hundred dollars off the total comes Out to 5744 the equivalent on the B T minor Side of things is going to be Essentially 5894 dollars so a little bit more Expensive for a new unit and make sure That you don't pay with credit card Because you'll get charged an additional Fee of like 250 dollars which drives This thing up over six thousand dollars Now I also do have a line which I am Putting together over on son of a for these units at forty One hundred dollars shipped to the door This is through a third party that I Utilize to obtain my unit specifically If you guys are interested in some sort Of bulk purchase deal etc there it will Take about two to three weeks for them To get here from China but they are Available for forty one hundred dollars Shipped to Door depending on how many Units we get worst case 41.50 I should

State so go check out the son of a for that also so for any Pool information I probably will be Standing up a pool here in the next Couple days just so that people that are Having trouble connecting and these old Pools that have shut down we just have One running on the latest info for Block X and everybody is all good thanks Everybody for watching that is the Reason why the antminer D9 was making so Much money on nicehash will this Continue I don't know maybe not it's a Very early coin we're two weeks into This not even right seven days eight Nine days into this essentially being Listed so it's all way up in the air I'd Like to hear your thoughts and opinions About block X down below I think it is Smart to basically deploy an X11 coin to Breathe some life in you get some Automatic security of some Dash miners Laying around seems like it's a good Idea from that perspective I'm Wholeheartedly against pre-mines so I Definitely don't like that especially as You can tell with the distribution right Now it is extremely favored in the Pre-mine section of things so keep an Eye out if that wallet starts moving Into one of the exchanges pay attention There is also a statement that textbook Is confirmed so there will be a text bit Listing here coming soon take that for

What you will I'll see you next Tuesday

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