Blockstream Green UX Improvements

Foreign [Applause] Our team has been hard at work on Improving just the ux the UI everything Surrounding green kind of like I Mentioned the Jade setup flows are going To be changing get a lot more Um educational there's going to be Easier ways to get to your wallet faster Ways to get into your wallet Um the whole ux UI is changing to where Bitcoin and liquid will now be Accessible under one wallet if you want Them to if you don't want them to you Don't need to add it but it'll be very Simple to add a liquid wallet and Eventually in the future add a lightning Wallet and just do all these things in One place instead of How It's segregated Now where you need a separate recovery Phrase and wallet for each one it's all Going to be one place which is going to Make you be able to interact with Bitcoin however you want to and whatever Whatever layer you want to use you're Going to be able to use very seamlessly We're working on some more watch online Capabilities so where you can use your Jade to Res you can receive funds to Your Jade wallet without having it Plugged in for single Sig Um and eventually add some more Hardware Hardware Integrations too so a lot of New stuff coming to green and then just

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In general I think like we said with Self-custody kind of becoming more Important and more prominent just in General I think we're going to see a lot Of really interesting Solutions a lot of People building on on the stuff things Like manuscript building some really Cool you know redundant uh less Error-prone self-custody options to make Sure or that everyone can can do this if They want to that if they make a mistake Their bitcoin's not gone it's going to Be a huge year for that and I think it's Just going to continue to grow and blow Up in the next in the next few as well

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