Blockstream CEO Adam Back wonders if we’re at peak wholecoiners ​@BitcoinMagazine conference 2023 📈

Bitcoin is interesting to many people For many reasons one of the Differentiated properties of it is that It's Bearer and gives you optionality And self-sovereignty as people get more Immersed into Bitcoin they tend to find That a pretty exciting and novel Somebody put together some glass node There to estimate that there are one Million utxo with one Bitcoin around Over and so somebody who owns a Bitcoin One Bitcoin is a whole cleaner there are Lots of people trying to stack their SATs and get to this one Bitcoin Target You know there's this claim right okay There's we estimate there's a one Million all coiners and so my kind of Immediate thing well that's cool you Know like it's nicely reached their Target but let's go let's let's get to 10 million whole corners and then it Dawns on me that it's probably not Possible the next nine million people Will try to play Bitcoin will push the Price Out Of Reach to get to a whole Coin of stairs maybe we're at or very Near to Peak hole coin that's the Maximum number of people who will ever Be able to accumulate a single Bitcoin And I thought that was a pretty Interesting kind of a bullish metric so I thought it was cool

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