Blockstream 2022: Building On Bitcoin

A complex system that works is invariably 
found to have evolved from a simple system that worked. you have to start over with a working simple system. That's basically Bitcoin's design philosophy it's the Linux
design philosophy. Most networks are layered. Most successful systems have these properties. And for ourselves we are actually building our own   Infrastructure as well so that was the project 
we announced with Square, now Block and   Tesla providing the solar infrastructure doing the 
installation and providing the Mega Pack battery.   And actually that's off-grid power so it's, 
it helps prove our thesis that Bitcoin mining   Can actually fund power. Signature aggregation 
as the name kind of suggests is the process of   Taking for example Schnorr signatures and 
then produce a single aggregate signature.   It's really a process then or a function that 
everybody can compute just take the two   Signatures from the signers compress them 
into a single aggregate signature. Xdex we want everyone to build on top of it. It's 
open, peer-to-peer, confidential exchange. Built on Liquid. Eight tranches of it sold.
The first tranche started in July last year. Leveraging the Greenlight infrastructure, 
that will allow us to be more scalable. Bitcoin is the native asset you can 
send it around rapidly it's like you   Take bitcoin put it into Liquid and 
it gets all these extra features of   Confidential Transactions one 
minute block times. Now let's go over some general best practices when 
creating your Bitcoin wallet. You can connect your wallet to a personal Electrum server. The Blockstream Satellite network broadcasts the  
Bitcoin timechain around the world 24 7 for free.  And it's important it exists even if you don't know it Because if somebody's trying to attack 
you they don't know if you have a satellite. To start off do you want to give us a 
brief introduction to who you are, what you do   And how you became exposed to Bitcoin? Brought to you by Blockstream Jade
built by bitcoiners for bitcoiners It's an open-source hardware wallet 
for the cold storage of bitcoin. Blockstream Jade houses a full color camera allowing for 
fully air gapped Bitcoin transactions. And next the CEO of Blockstream Dr. Adam Back. What Bitcoin is strong at is savings technology. People are looking to preserve spending power because   They're thinking that their savings will be going 
back at double digits per year just standing still. Blockstream is like very Cypherpunk 
like, very fun company to work at.

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So today I'm basically going to talk 
a bit about my pet project. And only recently we decided that 
we'd actually give it a shot.

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