Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence & Privacy

Foreign [Applause] Look at it like this where you've got These two really hot kind of Technology Schematics with AI and blockchain and Are they at the opposite ends of the Spectrum where AI is about controlling People and surveillance and small groups Of people controlling large groups and Blockchain and Bitcoin is kind of at the Other end of the perspective does that Make sense from your kind of Understanding does make sense there's a Lot to dig into there I would hope that All Technologies we're trying to improve The Privacy story and improve people's Autonomy and resilience to being Controlled by other groups who are Trying to watch them and trying to Constrain what they're able to do I Think you are correct that in practice AI is largely used for negative things Used for surveillance purposes it's used For making sense of sort of Dragnet Surveillance inputs making sense of Cameras everywhere it's used for facial Recognition it's used to kind of sort Out from GPS data figure out individual Roof find repeated patterns determine When multiple people might be together On the term on the people might be Meeting each other determine like what Sets of GPS dots constitute groups of Friends things like that these are all

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The problems that AI are very good at Following So going to the other side is blockchain Technology is kind of fighting against That so certainly a lot of the stuff That I'm doing and even more so the Thing that the people with Monero were Doing or the focused Samurai wallet or The folks at these various privacy Technology products some of them are Companies some of them are just kind of Loose conglomerates that are putting Software out a lot of this really is Counter to this Dragnet surveillance the Idea is for a lot of this technology if We can somehow interact with each other Without producing this data to begin With if we can act in zero knowledge and Connect with each other in zero Knowledge then maybe this data won't Exist and there will be nothing for the AI Bots to correlate and stuff but if The characterize like all of blockchain Technology has been like against Ai and This Great War for privacy I feel that's A little bit too optimistic I think There are a lot of blockchain projects That unfortunately are not are not Really prioritizing privacy and probably You're not going in a positive direction Privacy wife one that you mentioned Right was just like chain analysis right There's kind of like the cottage Industry around regulating

Cryptocurrency in a way that enables a Production and kind of organization of Math and math of data and normalizing The collection of this data and passing It on to government and to advertisers And whoever else might want it right so It is sort of in kind of more societal According to the blockchain space There's stuff like that and then the Technological space there is always a Tension kind of between doing cool Things that are easy to develop and very Flexible and expressive and doing things That are private and the reason is that Privacy technology by its nature is very Cryptography heavy and cryptography Involves a lot of very narrowly scoped Mathematics where if you deviate from Kind of the chosen path either the Crypto just doesn't work or you become a Very non-performant and on the other Side sometimes you try to do things that Are very general and it's just Horrifically slow and an example of that Would be maybe Z cash using these General zero knowledge proofs and Winding up spending many years Developing doing some like really cool Innovative stuff to get the zero Knowledge proof to be able to produce a Shield of transaction while only pinning Your phone CPU for a couple minutes at a Time and then burning half your battery This is not efficient right so if you're

Trying to do something cool if you're Trying to deploy something that can be Some cool new defy application if you do It in a private way That may well be an open research Problem that you could like spend years Or decades trying to solve in a great Way and if you want to do it in a Non-private way then it's much easier Right especially if you not only don't Care about privacy if you also don't Care about robustness then you could do It in an afternoon you can hire someone Off the street to do it so yeah so Privacy is hard my point is there's this Tension right between doing cool stuff That you can deploy quickly and doing Cool stuff that you can deploy privately Basically and what that means is a lot Of the blockchain technology space is Sort of not looking at privacy because That's the hard thing So so it's a mixed bag I guess

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