Today black rock is buying 10 million US Dollar worth of bitcoin to seed its Bitcoin spot EF so I will be talking About this news the most important Charts the most important support levels The liquidity heat map and many more Important charts we need to discuss Right now so without any further Ado Don't forget to SL the like button back Above 1,000 likes that will be Absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the content looking at the 8 Minute shortterm on bitcoin we can Currently see that we're creating Somewhat of a bull flag pattern we're Creating a downward sling resistance Line and we're creating a downward Sloping support line and every single Time Bitcoin is testing either of these Levels we're seeing a significant Bounce From it so far we're still holding up Quite well here after Bitcoin searched Up to $ 46,000 us and I said this Already in yesterday's video If Bitcoin Were to be falling down here there are Two big levels of support below us and The first big level is of course going To be rent at $44,000 because the $44,000 as previously rent acted as Massive Resistance so I will be Expecting if Bitcoin were to be seeing a Retest of this level right here it would Previously around also acted as Massive

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Resistance will most likely flip into Big support for Bitcoin so in case we do See some downside for Bitcoin I will be Expecting that this $44,000 level is going to be providing Massive amounts of support and of course If we do break the downward subing Resist line on the top side on the immin Short term that is the point where we Could be potentially expect another move And expecting another move today is Something that is very likely because Every day that is passing is a day Closer towards the Bitcoin spot ETF Approval and currently we are only a few Hours out before the potential Acceptance window for the Bitcoin SPO ETF opens and the ends the final Deadline is going to be there in 6 days And 12 hours and approximately 2 weeks Ago Black Rock stated that they're going To be buying 10 million Us doll worth of Bitcoin on January the 3rd to seed its Bitcoin spot ETF they stated this to the SSC so literally today black rock is Going to be buying 10 million us do Worth of bitcoin to see it's Bitcoin Spot ETF what is of course so what could We be expecting due to this news Honestly I do really think we're going To be seeing probably another push Towards the upside and really we Potentially could even see the Bitcoin SP ETF getting accepted today but I want

To be pointing out here is that it is Most likely that it's going to be Happening at the end of this week and Most likely it's going to be happening Monday next week so yeah maybe we have To wait a little bit longer but one Thing is for sure and that is the wait Won't be long because the final deadline Is there within 7 days from now on so Due to the fact that black rock is Seeing it spot ETF even more is of Course already a very good sign for the Market so quickly going and discussing The liquidity heat map we do know that Bitcoin always follows the liquidity I've been saying this while we were Trading on the lower side that we were Seeing massive amounts of liquidity on The top side and Bitcoin exactly touched And reached towards that liquidity so Right now I can't really see a big p of Liquidity piling up again in the market But once we're once again seeing a big Amount of liquidity piling up either Above us or below it you will be the First one to know here on the channel so Make sure to slap up that subscriber Button right now the thing that I'm Still worried about is the funding rates They are indeed coming down a little bit Right now here currently we can see that The funding rates are massively positive And this means that there are currently More long positions than short positions

In the market and that is of course Usually a sign of worry but for now Things are still looking quite okay so On The Daily time frame we had this Massive breakout and of course we have This price Target around $48,000 this was the price Target I Discussed yesterday on the video so Honestly if we're looking in terms of The price targets it is going to be Likely that Bitcoin is still going to be Going higher from off this point and Honestly I won't be surprised if we do So I do want to be pointing out here is That of course on the 12-hour time frame We're currently trading in towards this Red box of resistance so this red box is Indeed for me the danger zone this is Where I think okay here we could Potentially see rejection because you Have to also understand that right now We're creating some massive bearish Divergences and I do want to be pointing This out I said this also on yesterday's Video I mean yes indeed we're creating a Barish Divergence but you have to Understand that the Bitcoin SP ETF could Definitely still push up Bitcoin higher But I do want to be pointing out that We're creating a massive Harish Divergence on the 12-hour time frame on The Daily time frame and we are Literally trading in towards the most Important resistance in this entire

Trend for Bitcoin so indeed there are Some signs of worry right now but due to The fact that black rock is buying more Bitcoin today and they're probably Launching within s days from now on We're going to see a massive bump here And of course if the ATF gets rejected That is then definitely a signal we're Going to be seeing a massive dump Towards the downside but I honestly do Really expect we are probably going to Be going higher from this point so you Can currently still see I'm in a long Position and it's so sad because I tried To enter this position with more than $20,000 and if I were to be entered with That amount I would have already made 50k in profit but unfortunately like you Can see here on the straight I only got Entered on my first entry and then my Second entry did didn't got entered but You can clearly see I literally longed The bottom of this entire region so my Orders were spot on but unfortunately I Didn't fill up my entire trade so we Have been trading very well but yeah the Big trade has unfortunately not come and Right now we're only making $1,700 in Profit so it's okay it's not all too bad But to be honest we are here for the big Gams but make sure to subscribe to the Channel right now because I will be Opening up new trades again here once I Do see good opportunity if Bitcoin sees

A big correction I am going to be Looking for some new trade so make sure To stay posted for that subscribe to the Channel right now here and of course if You want to be trading yourself you Could even claim an insane deposit bonus We're for $40,000 and without this link in the Description you can only claim $400 so Make sure to sign up again using that Link below and if you're signing up to Buy it using that link below you could Also claim a free $1,000 position and All you need to do for that to claim it Is complete kyc deposit $100 in your First seven days and you could claim This insane free 1,000 dollar position On bitcoin ethereum or on Pepe whatever You want you can find it in the link Description of today's video if you Can't trade on buybit check out fex Where you can trade without KC and you Will get a 10% cash back on everything You deposit on this exchange so this is Also massive thing for fmax and then of Course zooming out towards the weekly Time frame Bitcoin has seen a massive Recovery here a massive vshape recovery From the bare Market here on a weekly Time frame and we're currently running In the towards the most important Resistance and if we break about 47 to 48,000 that is really the point where I Would start to say like oh now we're

Coming really close towards the next Altim high because there's not a lot of Big resistance levels left after we Break about 47 to 48,000 us for Bitcoin Because the next level is going to be 52 And after that it's going to be Literally the previous timite for Bitcoin so things could go very quickly For Bitcoin especially since we're right Now seeing a golden cross Happening Here On the weekly time frame and for some People like crypto Capo or whatsoever They are still calling for 12K Bitcoin You have to understand that right now we We're resuming out all the signs are Indicating us that the bare Market has Already been there and you can clearly See the mvrv Z score what is a very Interesting metric has clearly indicated When we were in a bare market and if you Have been following me I've been Tweeting I've been talking about it on YouTube so many times you can literally Go back towards my channel and look for Bitcoin end of the bar Market signal if You search that on my page you can see That I tweeted this so so many times uh I talked about it when it of course First flashed around $23,000 I talked About it once it was sitting on $16,000 But at the end of the day does it really Matter if you bought Bitcoin on 23k or 16k while Bitcoin is R trading on 45k Right of course it does matter a little

Bit here but in the end of the day all Those buys over there were very good Buys in my opinion so you have to Understand where we're currently sitting One thing I'm still a little bit worried About is potentially ethereum that still Is training in this massive downtrend I Would love to see a big B from off this Level and if we break this support we Potentially are a little bit screwed so I'm going to be keeping my eyes wide Open on this support level right here And oh yeah by the way don't forget to Subscribe to altcoin Rover my second Channel because later today I'm going to Be uploading a dedicated video about a Certain altcoin thanks so much for Watching and see you guys there peace Out

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