Ho ho ho Merry Christmas but right now I Need to discuss some breaking news Because Black Rock just announced that They're buying another 10 million US Dollars worth of bitcoin on January the Tur and on today's update video I will Exactly talk about what I think is going To be the next move for Bitcoin because Right now liquidity is piling up both on The top side as on the lower side so I Will make a clear prediction about what I currently think is going to be Happening next on the Bitcoin price Action and of course I will talk about The most important support and Resistance charts and many more Important stuff so without any further Ado don't forget to slap up that like Button back above 600 likes on today's Update video and with that being said Let me jump straight away in towards the Content and of course looking at the Imminent short term there is nothing but Literally nothing that has changed on The Bitcoin price action because Bitcoin Still is consolidating between that $43,000 level and that 44.2k level and I've said this several times before as Long as we're not breaking either below Support or above resistance I don't Really expect a big move is game to be Getting initiated and like that Bitcoin Has still been trading sideways Potentially right now we're creating a

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New symmetrical triangle here on the 1 Hour time frame but be on high alert It's currently weekend it's also Christmas weekend that is why I am Wearing this sweater so yeah usually Over the course of these weekends there Is not a lot of volatility but maybe It's going to be different this time Around but the thing that I am currently Seeing if I am actually looking at Onchain data is that currently liquidity Is in up both on the top side as on the Lower side and this means that there are Big amounts of long positions in the Markets and big amount of short Positions in the market so we are going To be seeing a big squeeze anytime soon To be very clear here's an approximately Two billion US setting around $43,000 in Long liquidations and rent at 44.6k level there's also an Approximately 1.4 billion US in Bitcoin Short liquidations so we're seeing Liquidity piling up on both sides at the Same time we can see that the funding Rate is heavily positive on bitcoin Means the majority of the Traders are Actually Trading long here and since There's also a little bit more liquidity On the lower side it does really make Sense so honestly if I'm looking at the Bitcoin transaction right now all that 4H hourly time frame what I think is a Very likely situation what would give

You a very big opportunity is that first We're going to see a slight move towards The downside to squeeze out these long Positions first here and then then we See that bounce towards the upside to Squeeze out the short positions honestly If I'm looking at the price action of Bitcoin right now here and if I am Looking about what currently is playing Out in terms of news about black rock That literally is buying Bitcoin right Now this is a scenario that really makes Sense so I will talk about the Black Rock news in a second so make sure to Continue watching in this video but this Is really a price forecast that I think Could really be happening because I Don't believe that this is the right Time to be bearish on bitcoin because Right now we're just days out before the Potential first Bitcoin sport ETF Approval and I don't really think There's going to be a lot of sell Pressure but I do think however we are Going to be trying to fool out these Long positions in the market and if this Doesn't happen I still think Bitcoin is Going to go towards the upside I mean I Have honestly been bullish in this Entire region and I've been looking at Long positions on the lower side I was Long on of course first of all this Level right here what you can see on my Bitcoin trade right here currently in

150% profit only the margin is very Small because I only got entered a Little bit here I literally by the way Entered on the exact low right here you Can see it on the price action this is 40.2k and I got entered around 40.3k I Will quickly replace my a face cam you Can clearly see it I literally longed The exact Bitcoin bottom but Unfortunately I had my big order set up AR rented Green books right here but Those weren't get filled up but I was Bullish in general and I still think we Should be bullish in this region and if We get a fake out I would approaches as An opportunity and not necessarily as a Bearish movement so this is how I'm Approaching Bitcoin right now if you Want to be trading Bitcoin yourself make Sure to go to the link description of Today's video where you can currently Claim a $40,000 depos a bonus and Without this link it's only 400 and on Top of that you could claim a free $1,000 trade and all you need to do for That is go to the link description of Today's video sign up an account on buy With complete KC and deposit $100 in the First seven days and you could claim This insane $1,000 free air drop position and if you Can't trade on buy bit make sure to Check out FX where you could also trade Without kyc without VPN so it's

Definitely super valuable then going Quickly in towards the breaking news of The day here and that is of course that Black rock announced that they're buying Another1 million US dollars worth of Bitcoin on January the 3D the reason why They're doing this is because they're Seeding their ETF and that basically Means they're creating a initial baset Of the ETF and from of there the ETF Could increase or decrease in value but Because of course they have to have some Backing of those shares so that is why They're already allocating 10 million But to be very honest this is just Nothing for what we're about to be Seeing here so make sure to get ready Black rock is just getting started and Honestly this is just super bullish for The environment in general so make sure To be preparing yourself because right Now we're days out before the Bitcoin SP ETF approval to be exact we're exactly 10 days out before we're going to be Entering the window for potential Acceptance 10 days guys 10 days out this Is absolutely nothing and once we're Going to be there I really think we're Going to have reduced sell pressure like We already had in this entire runup Towards the upside but even more bu Pressure as well and that could really Cause Bitcoin to absolutely Skyrocket And already on January the 3rd we could

Already see that significant movement Towards the upside for Bitcoin so Getting excited getting ready for this Bitcoin just currently is still Consolidating there's nothing very Exciting happening we're still trading Against resistance the support below us And honestly on the bigger perspective Things are still looking very healthy For Bitcoin so I mean I can discuss all The same things and discussed yesterday But I just discussed the new things we Need to talk about so with that being Said guys thank you so much for watching Towards amazing new update video I hope To see you guys on tomorrow's video Peace out goodbye

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