Bitmain Antminer D9 | Dash Coin Mining

What's up Sons it's blindroid with son Of attack once again and today I'm gonna Go ahead and do an initial review of the Bit main antminer D9 this particular Unit is for mining dashcoin on the X11 Algorithm and is the latest and greatest Currently available from bitmame I do Plan on doing teardowns of these units So if you are interested in that make Sure you're subscribed and we'll do full Tear Downs of these but let's just go Ahead and talk about initial performance Etc right now today's sponsor is BT Miners BT miners has been a long time Sponsor of the channel and a proven Reliable source for Asic miners if You're looking to purchase Asics Hardware from Bitcoin to Dogecoin miners They are available for purchase on BT miners is a trusted Source by both and follow the affiliate Link in the description and tell them so Sent you to support the channel walking Into the farm we have it set up here And we are running Just this one off of this box right here And this is going to be important so That we can see the power consumption Overall you're gonna have four 100 20 millimeter fans Two on the front you got the power Supply up here And moving around to the back of the

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Unit [Music] You can see here we have the two exhaust Fans [Music] Now this unit's been running pretty Reliably and it came from BT minor so Check the links out down in the Description below Right now for the power consumption it Is at 3 000 Watts this is 220 or 240. Excuse me can you see right there and It's at about 12.7 amps So about Right there yep And let's go ahead and go inside and Talk about the rest Alrighty so hopping into the dashboard It's going to be a pretty standard ant Miner dashboard here no custom firmware Or anything like that yet to my Knowledge but when it comes out we'll Definitely go ahead and review it you Have your dashboard and then you have Your settings where you can set your Pool and the miner name Etc you have Your fan speed which you can set as well And then there's a normal and a sleep Mode it does have the IP settings that You can also set as needed and you can Set that to static if you prefer and Change the host name so you can identify On your network with something like Advanced ip scanner a little bit easier

Now in the system you got your password Changes which you can do and then the Firmware upgrade as well if you take a Look at the miner log you can see this Hashing away and if we go into our History you can go ahead and take a look At all of that it's been running quite Well and as you can see here our Real-time hash rate is 1800 gigahash a Second of course at that 3000 Watts that We saw outside with the total average Hash rate of being 1792. now this has been running quite Some time so we can go ahead and take a Look at the pool itself and as you can See over a 24 hour period it is Averaging a 1.79 Tera Hash a second so We can calculate that in and it hasn't Quite been running a week yet so after a Week we can do another update for that But I need to get to testing some power And stuff on another rig and I wanted to Get it off of that particular setup so That I can move other rigs over to that To do more testing for you guys so if we Went ahead and calculated this out with The actual average hash rate over the Past few days And then we went ahead and put in the 3000 Watts it is looking a lot better Than what initially was anticipated in Fact here what you can see is on dash We're doing about Five dollars and 30 cents a day and then

Doing about three dollars and fifty five Cents a day on each of these pools going Down and further we're technically on Pool in right now which I do not think Is listed at this time but we should go Ahead and also look at the actual pool Rewards right so if we go to our pool Rewards and go to our earnings Uh what we can go ahead and determine is That we are earning about point three One dash a day if we can compare that Over to here which was 0.35 we see that We are earning a little bit less than Projected and that is on specifically Pool in so thanks everybody for watching Be sure to hit the like comment Subscribe and notification bells down Below and I will see you next Tuesday

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