BITCON BEAR FLAG!! [should we worry?]

The Bitcoin Bear Flag is breaking down Right now but in his exact video I will Talk about the most important price Targets for Bitcoin I will talk about The most important consolidation phases In the price action of Bitcoin and many More important stuff we need to discuss Right now in today's update video so Don't forget to snap up that like button On today's update video can we smash it Back up at 500 that will be absolutely Incredible and with that it being said Let me jump straight away in towards the Imminent short term for Bitcoin so once Looking at the price action of Bitcoin We can currently see Bitcoin has been Bouncing between the 29.7 K and the 28 000.8k and basically Bitcoin after it's Retested at top side like I've been Expecting to be flipping into resistance Once again we saw a gigantic move Towards the dancing for Bitcoin and Right now we're basically all the way Back at the start of last week here so Looking at Bitcoin we could be seeing That Bitcoin is currently potentially Breaking down off this bear Flex Scenario because yes Bitcoin was Creating a flag here after it had had a Massive dump towards the downside and if You were measuring the price target of This bearish flag here it could be Bringing Bitcoin all the way down to 28.7 K and to be very honest the next

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Big support for Bitcoin is of course Going to be the range low on the market Right here the wick all the way down Here to 28.8k is going to be a super Important level since yes using Liquidity tends to be providing support For Bitcoin if Bitcoin does moves down Here and clearly breaks below this Green Books on the market right here I will be Very worried and of course if that is Going to be happening I will be Expecting that Bitcoin could come down All the way down to 28 000 US dollars so Be prepared if Bitcoin does decide to be Breaking below 28.8 K I am expecting the 28 000 US dollars is probably going to Be imminent and it's probably going to Be happening very quickly of course Looking at Bitcoin there are still some Very important levels of support below Us because if you're going to be looking At this falling wedge or this downward Sloping support line that you can Clearly see on the market right here There's still big support trading below Us around 28.9 K and I will be remaining To be expecting this level is going to Be providing huge support for Bitcoin so 28.9 K this downward sloping resist line Is probably going to be providing super Big support for Bitcoin and looking at The daily time frame you could even Approach it a little bit more tight and You can clearly see there is still a big

Level of support trading below us on This downward sloping trend line and I Mean if you're really going to be Looking at Bitcoin falling much better And has got a likelihood of 80 that it Will be breaking towards the upside and To be very clear the breakout we're Expecting for the falling watch is going To be happening in the coming four to Five days here so get ready for that the Bitcoin falling wedge is about to be Breaking out here and if we want to be Breaking outside of this pattern we need To be breaking Above This downward Solving resist line and if we do so we Confirm the break above it the price Target is going to be towards the upside And it's going to be all the way up here To 32 000 US dollars what is it going to Be an approximately eight percent move Towards the upside and of course yes if We break below support because yes There's also 20 likelihood that we're Going to be breaking down here and let's Say we're breaking below some support we Break below the super important support Level the next Target for Bitcoin is Going to be 28 000 US Dollars this low On the market right here so yes there Are still dancing scenarios the most Likely scenario is that Bitcoin is going To be moving up here of course as Bitcoin moves up here I still think 30 000 to 29.7 okay is going to be the most

Important resistance to be breaking and We're looking at the daily time frame You can clearly see right now that Really the next big support for Bitcoin Maybe could be around 28.5 K that's Really the next big support for Bitcoin Is going to be around this level 28 000 US dollars so yes I won't be surprised If Bitcoin is going to come down towards That level but at the same time while Bitcoin could be moving down here it can Be starting to create at least on the Four early time frame a gigantic bull is A virgin so maybe we're going to see Something like this Bitcoin comes down Creates a lower level on the market Bounces back towards the upside and that Is of course a very likely scenario what We could be seeing on the market right Now but Bitcoin indeed still looking not So super strong on the imminent short Term on the market right here so I Remains to be looking at Bitcoin and of Course as soon as I do see something Very important happen I will straight Away update you but the main resist is To break for Bitcoin right now is Clearly this down solving resist line That we're creating from the top side And the moment we do break above it is Going to be also the point where we Could be starting to flip this downtrend So at the same time it remains to be Long on bitcoin still in approximately

One Bitcoin in profit and I will remain To keep this position open since I am Very much convinced that holding this Trade for the long term is going to be Making more profit for me so that is why It will remain to hold the straight open And if you're interested in trading guys On buy with these are the last three Days because in three days from now on This insane deposit bonus will be ending Here on buy bed and right now you can Still claim a free 1 000 US Dollars and All you need to do here is go to the Link in description of today's video Sign up a new account using the link Above deposit 100 within seven days here And enjoy your free 1 000 US dollars xrp Or Bitcoin long or short position so Make sure to go to the link description Of today's video right right now and Start claiming your deposit bonus it Will be ending in three days from now on And this is a super valuable deposit Bonus so make sure to be quick it is About to be running out of time here Furthermore we can currently see on the Price action of the Bitcoin chart here Is that on bitcoin here we can currently See that we're creating a gigantic Falling wedge pattern and last time Around we also created this gigantic Pattern and yes we could be writing to Say history is repeating for Bitcoin so Yes this looks actually quite exciting

And if we're going to be looking at the Time Horizon for this potential next Breakout for Bitcoin we can clearly see In the coming four to five days we will Be expecting this next breakout to be Happening and if you were to be looking Here actually at the bollager bands well Bitcoin is Rhino starting to show us Some signs that volatility is picking up Here still I think the volatility Remains to be very low here and still if You will be looking at the volume you Can clearly see the volume in this Region right here is clearly decreasing So the big move and the big volume Breakout has not occurred yet so far and Ones that happens I will let you know Here straight away on the channel but so Far I still think the real gigantic move For Bitcoin is still yet to be happening And maybe it's going to be on the Breakout of this falling wedge pattern Right here of course if I'm actually Looking at the even bigger picture we Can currently see clearly a very big Airport solving support line getting Created for Bitcoin but also we can Currently clearly see we're creating a Rising wedge here on the weekly time Frame what is actually quite a bearish Typical uh pattern for Bitcoin so if Bitcoin were to be breaking below the Super important support right here that Is the point where I would really start

To be worrying but as long as Bitcoin Does not break below this very important Upper solving support line right there I Do not really see a reason to be Starting to be panicking over here so Yes super exciting for Bitcoin right Here looks very exciting but if Bitcoin Is going to be breaking below this Legendary support line I've been talking About it for quite a while on the Channel right now we are probably in big Problems and then I will be also Expecting Bitcoin could see some Significant downside so if Bitcoin Breaks below 28 000 US dollars I Personally think we are going to be Screwed so make sure to keep your eyes Wide open on that level but anyways this Is it for me in today's update video There's not much more to talk about the Price section of Bitcoin right now so Don't forget to slap up the like button On today's update video and see you guys On the next one peace out goodbye

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