Bitcoin is still waiting for its next Move to be happening while Bitcoin just Almost filled up to see me Gap and had a Significant bounce towards the upside And in this exact video I will talk About my gigantic 1 million US dollar Bitcoin trade then I will be opening up Here on the Channel Once Bitcoin is Going to reach a certain level I will Also talk about the exact retest we're Once again getting of the hand and Shoulders pattern and much more Important stuff that we're currently Spotting on the market and of course in Fact the Bitcoin Hall thing is only 321 Days away from now on and I will tell Some very interesting facts about this So don't forget to slap up that like Button on today's update video that will Be absolutely incredible can we smash a Deck about 500 likes that will be Amazing and with that of being said let Me jump straight away in towards the Content once looking at the imminent Short term we do know that we still got That CME Gap trading below us first I See Miguel was from 26.8k to 26.4k However yesterday we did sell a smile Decree reason and we were a beg to be Feeling up to see me Gap however just Before we were filling up the CME Gap we Had a significant bounce towards the Upside so let's see where Bitcoin is Going to be heading towards next because

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If I am looking at the one hour time Frame we can still clearly see we are Still creating a downtrend on that one Hour time frame and the trend to be Breaking for the one hour time frame in Order to see more bullish momentum Getting generated is this exact Downtrend right here of course we've Still got to see me get trading below us Around 26.4 K and even below that we've Still got the steaming Gap trading Around 19 to 20 000 US dollars that also Still is not filled up of course I've Said it several times before seeing gaps They don't necessarily have to get Filled up but they tend to get filled up In history so let's see if they see me Gap still will be getting filled up or Whether we're going to see it bounce Back towards the upside in order to see Really where Bitcoin is heading towards Next and we'll be looking at the Symmetrical triangle the consolidation Phase on the one hour time frame where Bitcoin is creating higher lows together With lower highs and we're just waiting For the breakouts be happening of course The reason days have been extremely Boring and we can clearly see it over Here Bitcoin has been going pretty much Sideways for the last time here and of Course if you're looking at the boologie Bands you can also see on the three-day Time frame also on the daily time frame

The bullage events is extremely narrow What is indicating that there has not Been a lot of volatility in the market And of course usually once there's a Long period with low volatility you tend To see a big volatile shock once we Break out of the range here so we're Currently waiting to see the breakout of The range of course I think we've Already seen the breakout of the range We are clearly creating and creating Lower highs on the 12 hour time frame on The Daily time frame as well together With lower lows as well here so Bitcoin Is indeed looking extremely dangerous Right here Bitcoin is looking very Dangerous and we are in fact also Breaking below this very important big Level of previous support that currently Is providing slash acting as resistance So make sure to pay attention towards This very important level right here Here Bitcoin officially broke below it And the question really is is this level Right now going to provide resistance And will we be breaking below this level And flip it into Arts resistance so I'm Going to keep my eyes wide open on this Level still I am in a short position to Hatch my bad since of course I'm more Than 5 million US Dollars long on Bitcoin spots and all cryptocurrencies In general spot I'm opening up some Small short positions especially since

We're right you're seeing that breakdown Happening Here on that suit very Important support Target together with The hand and shoulders pattern that is Actually breaking down right now and of Course due to that reason we're Expecting a price darker to be getting Reached around 24 to 25 000 and I am Still targeting these novels once Bitcoin is going to reach the targets Between 24 and 25 000 basically said This very important level of previous Resistance I will be starting to be Opening up a gigantic Bitcoin loan Position because currently I've got an About 200 000 US Dollars on my buyback Account I will be depositing even more Ones I'm going to be opening up the Trade here but it will be used using all My funds here to be opening up my next Big trade here I'm going to open up a Bitcoin long position with four to five X air within approximately 250 000 and That will be an approximately one Million US dollar Bitcoin trading Position so I am planning to be opening Up debt trade but only if and I'm very Careful with trading this because of Course a lot of money here I will be Only opening up this trading position Once Bitcoin really comes down towards This very important level of support so As long as we're not coming down I'm not Going to open up this trade I'm going to

Do a low leverage so the risk of Potential liquidation is extremely low As well and I will deploy more Capital As Bitcoin goes lower so I can get a Better average entry price and basically Push down my average liquidation price So this will be my next big trade here Subscribe to the channel if you want to Be staying up to date about that one I'm Definitely looking forward towards Opening up the gigantic trade here still On the 12-hour uh time frame the head And show Spanish breaking down the Symmetrical triangle is breaking down Things are still looking quite bearish Among in and so far we've not already Seen a volatile move towards announced It happening so far so that is really The thing I'm currently waiting for and Also if I'm looking at the bollager Bands just like I said at the beginning Of the video we are in the white box so Volatility is probably going to be Imminent anytime soon here you can also See the Bitcoin is currently retesting The 200 weekly moving average usually we Tend to see this level provides very Significant support maybe we're going to Balance from it and not go down to 25 000 at all but maybe we're going to fall Below it then 24 to 25 000 is going to Be imminent and that's also the target Where I will be really would love to be Opening up the gigantic trading position

So stay up to date on the channel Subscribe to the channel right now to Stay up to date about my next trade it Will be coming anytime soon because if You're also looking at really that Weekly resistance like support targets You can clearly see this is the big Weekly resistance and there's one Gigantic level big support trading below Us and that is 24 to 25 000 this Previous high on the weekly time frame Is probably going to be acting as Massive support so that is what I'm Currently waiting for I'm waiting for Bitcoin to come down a little bit Further for me to be opening up this Straight here I I mean with trading it's Important to be patient and right now I've been patient I've been saying this Ever since Bitcoin hit 31 000 and right Now we're trading at 27 000 so there's Already four thousand dollars lower but Currently we're just two thousand Dollars off before reaching my targets To be opening up my gigantic trade so That is what I'm currently waiting for Of course I'm very much aware in Approximately 300 days we will be having The next Bitcoin Hall thing what will Mean that the block rewards will from Bitcoin will go down to 3.125 bitcoin again a month every 10 Minutes so the block reward will go Slower so the scarcity increases for

Bitcoin so probably the price will also Go parabolic again somewhere in 2024 to 20 2025 so what I am doing right now is Preparing my bags for the next Bull Run I am saying yes I think we could still Come down here doing approximately 25 000 but still what I'm doing here is Buying more Bitcoin and ethereum Accumulating more every single day so I Can get my bags ready for the next Bull And also with some all coins I'm buying Into some all coins getting my bag ready For the next Bull Run so that is Currently what I'm looking out for thank You so much for watching tomorrow's Amazing new update video get ready Prepare yourself the next Bitcoin whole Thing only 300 days away from now on but That was it for me today's of the video Thank you so much for watching and I Hope to see you guys on the next one Peace out goodbye

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