Bitcoin remains to be consolidating Around this 34 to 35,000 region while Michael JB is right now saying that the Market is officially in correction Territorium because right now the S&P 500 is already down more than 10% while In fact Bitcoin and gold are still up so We will be talking about this is there a Gigantic crash coming for the stock Market and how could this affect Bitcoin We will be exactly talking about the Most important charts the most important Things to discuss on to's update video So without any further Ado don't forget To slap the like but on today's update Video and let me jump straight away in Towards the imminent shortterm for Bitcoin because yes right now there's Not been a lot of news that has been Coming out here I mean so far we're Still waiting for the ETF news to still Hit the market and we're expecting that It is going to be happening before the 10th of January because on the 10th of January we do know that the final Deadline is going to be there for the Arc invest spol ETF so we're expecting That the Bitcoin sport ETF is going to Hit the market markets before January The 10th I mean however on the imminent Shortterm for Bitcoin we remain to be Consolidating around this region and Actually we're holding up quite well Because Bitcoin has been consolidating

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Above the $34,000 US already for three Days in a row what means that there is a Lot of distribution of Supply going on And Bitcoin is still holding up the Price what is a super good development In my opinion and people are actually Interested on buying Bitcoin around $34,000 us so you can see that currently The Bitcoin price section is is creating Somewhat of a consolidation phase and I Mean we're looking between the high and The low and Bitcoin remains to be Sitting between these levels I mean Honestly on the 4 early time frame you Can clearly see we got rejected by this $35,000 level every single time we Touched it and here on the two-day time Frame you can clearly see this is the Exact level that we need to be breaking Right so this has been massive previous Support for Bitcoin then right now it is Flipping into resistance and honestly This previous massive level of Resistance right here if we potentially Will have a retest of this level uh that Is going to be the $31,000 I will Definitely open up a massive long Position for Bitcoin so if Bitcoin were To be retracing back towards this level I'm going to be opening up a massive Massive trade so make sure to pay Attention towards this level so we do Know Michael J Burr well known from the Big short uh has been of course shorting

The markets for a while right now here And currently is saying and stating the Facts in the market the S&P 500 is down 10% from its highs you can clearly see It it's down 10% % from its previous High also right now confirming the lower High in the market and if this crash Were to be continuing we could be Potentially see a bigger dive of course Michael JB is actually projecting and Predicting a massive massive crash Across the stock market and honestly it Could potentially be happening and if it Were to be happening what would it do to Bitcoin because right now if we're going To be overlaying Bitcoin we can clearly See that actually Bitcoin has been Outperforming the S&P 500 massively I Mean on the way down it moved similarly On the way up it moved similarly as well But right now while it is going down Bitcoin is actually going up and if We're going to be looking at gold right Now it is actually even more interesting Because gold has been having a little Bit of a similar approach right so this Is let me remove the Bitcoin chart so This is the gold chart gold has also Been moving up with the stock market but Ever it started to be dumping there's Been a very big shift in the market the Stock market has been going down and Gold and Bitcoin has been going up here So there's right now a big shift on

Things that are currently going on here And honestly I think this is a thing we Should be paying attention towards Bitcoin is going up massively stock Market is going down massively and Bitcoin is also going up here so Important thing to be paying attention Towards because this could potentially Lead towards a bigger Divergence in the Market and maybe right now something is Playing out that has not been playing Out before so I want you guys to be Paying attention also towards the US Depth here because I mean we of course Are trading Bitcoin on the imminent Short term on the 12 or six month hor Horizon but you have to understand the Bigger potential of Bitcoin and for you To understand the bigger potential of Bitcoin you have to understand that National de is rising with billions and Billions of dollars by the day by the Month we're literally increasing it by Trillions of dollars so yes the US depth Is increasing massively and this is Making Bitcoin a more and more Interesting asset over time since yeah Literally the people that are taxing you Are creating trillions and trillions of Dollars in tax so so that is why I am an Investor in Bitcoin and that's why I a Believer in the long term of Bitcoin and Honestly Bitcoin has been up over 100% Year to date so there is clearly

Interest and that is what my what makes It for me so interesting so I mean we do Know the ETF is going to come here Anytime soon and once that is going to Be happening probably Bitcoin is going To be spiking even further towards the Upside so if you want to be benefiting From this volatility go to the link Description of today's video because Right now if you sign up an account on Bit you can actually claim this insane One $1,000 air position and guys you can Only claim this for another four days so Make sure to be quick all you need to do Here is go to the link description of Today's video sign up an account using That link below deposit $100 within 7 Days and complete KC to claim this Insane $1,000 aop position it's a super Big one and you can also right now only Claim it for another four days so make Sure to be quick it's one of the best Depos of bonuses that currently is Running but honestly if we're looking at Bitcoin right now here we can currently See here is that Bitcoin broke out of This massive downage sloping resistance Line and right now we basically are Seeing the continuation towards the Upside honestly we are right now running In towards a small little resistance These are the most important levels of Resistance honestly the 36.5k is the Level to break but if Bitcoin were to

Come down here but honestly if Bitcoin Were to be coming down to 31.7k I would See it as an opportunity to be actually Longing Bitcoin over there so I am not Very afraid about Bitcoin right now here If it were to be coming down I would Only benefit from it to open up new Trade here on the market and honestly as Well Bitcoin on the weekly time frame Broke this massive downward sloping Resistance line that of course provided Those rejections for over 98 weeks in a Row here what is the 686 week downtrend What is a massive downtrend and we just Broke above it so the INF shoulders is Breaking out here Bitcoin is breaking Above weekly resistance and if we were To be looking at the imate short term in Terms of the heat map and in terms of The liquidations we can currently see That the majority of the liquidations Are actually laying below us in Long Positions so that is maybe a thing we Should be worrying about but we're Zooming out here there are a lot of Liquidations approximately $700 million Sitting around $29,000 us so that is Actually a very interesting thing to be Seeing right now here probably those Liquidations are going to stay here but Honestly I am still super excited about Bitcoin and the longer term Horizon of Course right on the IM the shortterm There's not a lot of stuff happening

Right now here Bitcoin just remains to Be consolidating it remains to be Consolidating and creating new Consolidation ranges I mean yeah we've Been trading the symmetrical triangle Was beautiful trade honestly and the D Bitcoin potentially could be creating a New ding res this line right here Potential is going to be breaking above It so we could be getting ready for some New moves on the creation for Bitcoin Right here so looking forward towards What is going to be happening next here But honestly I think Bitcoin will remain To be consolidating a little bit right Here at least between $35,000 and $34,000 and honestly once Bitcoin breaks Above $36,000 this massive resistance Here on the top side as well that is the Point I will get super excited because That is the point where Bitcoin would be Breaking back in towards this Consolidation range here on the top so I'm going to be watching it closely that IFit comes back back I'm going to be Opening up a big trade right here and Yes if Michael JB is right here and We're going to get a big crashy on the Stock market I mean so far Bitcoin looks To be the fly to safety so it could only Benefit the Bitcoin pre section because That is literally what has been Happening in the recent periods in the

Market so thanks so much for watching And I'll see you guys on the next one Peace out goodbye

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