Bitcoin is starting to have its first Little correction after seeing a search Over 37% towards the upside and on Today's update video I will of course Talk about the medical triangle Breakdown that we just saw yesterday the Most important charts the most important Data and talk about what I think is most Likely going to be happening next to Bitcoin because right now we are at a Very important stage of the market are We going to see a massive continuation For on towards the upside or are we Going to be seeing that bigger Correction getting emerged right now so I will be talking about this on today's Update video so without any further Ado Don't forget to slap that like button Back above 800 likes that will be Absolutely incredible and with that of Being said let me jumps straight away in Towards the content so yesterday I Spotted this symmetrical triangle in Creation on bitcoin we talked about it On yesterday's video we broke down and After we had the breakdown of this Pattern Bitcoin exactly dump towards the Downside and straight away reaching our Price Target that was sitting somewhere Around 50 $1,000 and Bitcoin went all The way down to 50.6k so Bitcoin broke Down bounced up once again here and Right now basically if we're approaching The Bitcoin price section right now in

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The imminent short term it looks to be That we're creating a lower low Structure together with lower highs and That means that we're currently trading In a little bit of a downtrend and I Want to be pointing this out to everyone Out there because if this downtrend Continue this could potentially turn in Towards a larger skill correction for Bitcoin and since Bitcoin has been going Literally 37% towards the upside without Having a serious correction downwards I Think that if we were to be getting a Correction it could potentially become a Correction up to 15% so this is a thing You need to be paying attention towards Right now as well due to the fact that It is weekend and Bitcoin is moving so Heavily we are indeed creating a CME Gap Currently the sem close price is laying Around $ 52,1 160 and currently we're Significantly trading below it and Usually what tends to be happening is That the Bitcoin price comes close Towards that semi close price at the end Of the weekend this is usually what Tends to happen it doesn't necessarily Have to be happening and if we were to Be closing it anywhere below it we're Creating a bullish CME Gap and that is Also a good thing for the market in General of course today we have no new News in terms of the Bitcoin SP ETF

Inflows since right now it is Sunday and Yesterday we did not saw any inflows Because on the weekends the Bitcoin SPO ETFs are indeed close for trading but The thing that we do know is that in the Last 7 days we saw more than 50,000 Bitcoins getting bought up from the open Market what is of course actually quite Massive so let's see how next week is Going to be here because last week was Absolutely insane in terms of inflows We've never seen such a good week for The Bitcoin spot ETF a thing that's Important to pay attention towards is That right now the gray scale outflows Are becoming a little bit bigger and Potentially this is Genesis that also Got uh cleared by core to sell it 1.3 Billion US dollar worth of gbtc shares But if they were to be selling off 1.3 Billion it is of of course going to be Quite significant but if you're Literally looking about what got bought In the last week we already know that More than2 billion US dollars of net Inflows were realized in last week's uh Bitcoin sport ETF so honestly will a 1.2 Billion US sell pressure be all to bad For Bitcoin honestly I think we could Easily handle it and it's not going to Be all too big of a deal for Bitcoin but Maybe a slight little correction will be Quite healthy in my opinion so looking At the liquidation heat map yesterday we

Exactly took out the liquidity on the Lower Side currently there's still some Liquidity being built up above it but Still clearly I am seeing a large amount Of liquidity being built up above us so I won't be surprised that we are still Going to be seeing a push-up higher Before potentially going lower first of All so so very important data also a Data that is very interesting in my Opinion is that the funding rates remain To be extremely positive and this means That everyone is just opening up long Positions and no one is really Interested in shorting Bitcoin right now Here so yeah this is interesting to be Seeing in my opinion because us see once The funding rates are quite High High it Means that the market is stopping out Here but yeah for me to right now say That is extremely hard but I want to be Pointing out here is that Bitcoin indeed Went quite exponential and a small Little retracement wouldn't be all too Bad here and if we were to be getting a Retracement and I've said this several Times before I am still waiting for my Next opportunity to trade Bitcoin and I Think the next trade that I will be Taking on bitcoin is of course going to Be a long position once Bitcoin sees a Little bit of a correction I'm going to Be opening up a new trade here and that Is going to be the opportunity that I

Will be embracing with both hands here So maybe what I will be looking at is This very important level right here or Potentially I will be approaching this As a support box so looking at this Range right here to be opening up new Long positions but currently Bitcoin Indeed is still creating an upper soing Support line and as long as we're Holding this level I don't really see a Big reason to be panicking if we were to Be seeing a correction my targets are Going to be around 47 to $448,000 where I think the big support Is going to get find for Bitcoin and Once we do see a correction here on Bitcoin and I do get the opportunity to Be opening up a new trade I'm going to Be doing so here on decoin and you could Be joining me as well with my copy Trading account you could be joining my Copy trading if you sign up account Using that link below because otherwise You won't be able to be joining and guys Since I am not taking a trade every Single day but waiting for the perfect Opportunity you could also try out Different copy traders that are also Making significant amount of profits Here in the market I mean that my last Six traes were all profitable but right Now I am just waiting on the sidelines To be opening up my next trade here but I want to be taking a trade where I'm

100% convinced that I'm going to be Making a profit or at least 99% you Can't always be 100% because right now The markets have been rallying Significantly towards the upside there Is some risk on opening up a long Position after bit after Bitcoin pumped Literally 37% also I'm not going to open Up a short position because Bitcoin is Going so exponential and that is just Also risky in my opinion because in Bull Range you do not want to be opening up Bitcoin short positions because that is Absolutely suicide in my opinion so Right now Bitcoin of course is seeing a Little bit of a correction and the big Support in my opinion is going to be 0.65 and 0.618 here two very important Fibonacci levels and I said this Yesterday as well and I said this in Previous videos as well please wait for The weekly candle close here because if The weekly candle close for Bitcoin is Not going to be confirming above 0.65 or 0.618 it means that we're literally Seeing a weekly fake out and then you're Potentially tracked with your Bitcoin Loan position or your other Bitcoin Position so what I will be doing here is Waiting for this weekly candle close Here if it closes above 0.65 I've said It several times before if we were to be Getting a retest I'm going to be opening Up a new trade here but also this would

Literally confirm the bull market uh Stage here because this is literally Bitcoin breaking above the golden pocket Resistance and after this there's not a Lot of resistance left for Bitcoin and Especially with these large amounts of ETF flows I won't be surprised that Bitcoin is actually going to be pushing Up way higher than we're expecting and Like I said as well I still think I'm a Little bit in a disbelief phase because Bitcoin is pushing up already so high Before the hall thing I am rather a Little bit more cautious right here than A little bit too more too euphoric so Hopefully we're still going to get a Correction and that would give me a very Good opportunity to pos position myself Well and I truly hope everyone has the Opportunity as well to position itself Well I mean I have already accumulated a Lot of Bitcoin in the bare market right Here but I also want to be opening up Some massive long positions right here In the market but for that I need to be A little bit more patient so if you're Interested in that make sure to follow The channel but a thing and a big trade That I think is going to come up here is Of course ethereum because ethereum is Also going to have a spot ET ETF and This ETF is expected to come in 96 days From now on only 96 days left here Before that ethereum sport ETF comes and

What is going to be happening with Ethereum you think I think something Very similar to bitcoin is going to be Happening there's going to be a lot of Hype especially on acceptance we're at Least going to see a 20% pump up and Honestly because we're right now like 3 Months before is actually happening you Are anticipating this event early early Also in one month from now on we're Going to get the update EP 4844 what Means that uh roll up so everything Built the layer twos built on the Ethereum ecosystem are going to get way More efficient I mean I talked about This many times before even though I Talked about this once ethereum was Trading right here but you have to Understand that this is not the time to Be panicking I think that there is a lot Of liquidity going to be flowing towards Ethereum you can see that ethereum is Right now also sitting at very Historical support here and I think We're going to be having a bullish Breakout back towards the upside while I See that many other content creators are Actually saying that this is the Bleeding of ethereum I think that this Is the time where you want to be Stepping in and that is what I've done As well here I'm I've B I've bought a Lot of ethereum I currently have almost More ethereum than Bitcoin in my

Portfolio and maybe I'm going to sell Some more Bitcoin off to ethereum Because I think this is going to be a Very good trade here talked about it Many times before right now here I think That ethereum is going to be doing way Better than Bitcoin in the coming 90 Days here so this is the time to be Preparing yourself this was it also for Me on today's update video if you did Learn something from IT smash up that Like button and see you guys back Tomorrow on another update video peace Out goodbye

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