Next week Bitcoin will be very volatile And in this exact video I will be Talking about Bitcoin and why it will be So volatile next week so don't forget to Watch this video till the end I will be Discussing many important charts so can We once again snap up the likes backup Of 600 that will be absolutely Incredible and with that being said let Me jump straight away in towards the Content because right now only in a Short term we can see that Bitcoin is Creating somewhat of a symmetrical Triangle just like we were doing Yesterday and basically what we're Seeing is that Bitcoin is still creating Lower highs from the top side together With some higher lows on the lower side So so far Bitcoin has not been Experiencing a breakout and if I were to Be looking at the price action of Bitcoin right now it looks to be that We're going to be experiencing a Breakout within the coming four to eight Hours so yeah Bitcoin is really coming Closer and closer towards the breakout And like I've been saying yesterday for Me to really say there's a breakout for Bitcoin I need to see in confirmation of A breakup of the previous high on the Market or a confirmation of the break Below the previous low in the market and Those will be the two trading Opportunities either a long position on

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The breakout towards the upside or Either a sure position on the breakdown Towards the downside as long as Bitcoin Is going to continue consolidating Sideways I won't be clearly able to say Where Bitcoin is really handing towards As well if we break through these trend Lines for me to really call the next Direction for Bitcoin I will be looking At these two very important levels for Bitcoin furthermore we can see on the Four hourly time frame that Bitcoin is Clearly trading in this gigantic trading Consolidation and the question really is When are we going to be either break Above the resistance or when are we Going to be breaking below support for Me to call the next direction for Bitcoin you can clearly see it right Here at the four hourly trend line it's Providing significant resistance and Bitcoin is willing to retest it again And if we see a breakout Above This Level it's probably going to confirm That we're probably going to head higher With Bitcoin you can see it on the 12 Hour time frame as well ever since Bitcoin created a significant uptrend Towards the upside this is really the First time we're creating a gigantic Consolidation phase and the question Really is which direction are we going To be breaking towards and that is also Exactly the point where I will be

Starting to trade Bitcoin again here of Course there are still some signs of Worry on the imminent short term of Course we've got the trend line right Here but also on the 12 hour time frame It looks to be that we're creating a Left shoulder right here we're creating A hat in the middle and right now Potentially we could be creating a right Shoulder and I'm saying potentially Because if Bitcoin continues to Trend Towards the upside this of course will Get invalidated if Bitcoin comes down Here we will be creating and confirming The head and shoulders pattern and that Is of course the typical bearish Vice Pattern for Bitcoin so if we do have a Breakdown towards the downside and Especially if we break below this very Important over solving support line Bitcoin is in big problem and for me the Price Target that I will be aiming for If Bitcoin does break below this support Level right here is of course 24 to Twenty five thousand dollars because Then Bitcoin will be breaking below this Very low volume range and probably we Will see a very fast continuation Towards the downside towards 25 000 of Course if we do break above the top side Of this resistance we're probably going To see in continuation towards the Upside and then the targets are going to Be somewhere around 33 000 but in my

Opinion once again coming through it I Think that 31.7 gate this exact level Right here is going to be a Target that I think Bitcoin is going to be finding The majority of the resistance on why This level is because if I am actually Looking at Bitcoin on the weekly time Frame and if I will be extending this Level you can clearly see that the 31.7 K has been the previous weekly low on The market previous weekly resistance And previous weekly support as well so I Think that 31.7 K is really the level to Be looking at for Bitcoin so that is why I will put all my attention towards Exactly that level 31.7 K if we do Confirm the breakout towards the upside And just like I said you if we break Down the price Target is 24 to 25 000 And if we reach that price Target I will Be opening up a one million US dollar Bitcoin loan position and if you're Interested in trading any of these Breakouts because yes Bitcoin is yet Again once again about to get volatile And we will be either break towards the Upside or downside but one thing is for Sure volatility is going to hit the Market so if you want to be making sure That you're benefiting from the Volatility don't forget to check out buy Bit in the link in description if you Are interested in trading Bitcoin or Altcoins and actually if you sign up a

New account using the link in Description you can actually claim a 30 000 US dollars to post a bonus and Without this link it's only four Thousand dollars so it's definitely a Win-win scenario furthermore we can Actually see that right now the S P 500 Is also once again pushing further on Towards the upside the reason why I'm Discussing it is because usually Bitcoin Tends to move with the S P 500 and you Can clearly see currently and the S P 500 is running in towards this critical Resistance barrier right and if we can Break Above This level we're probably Going to see continuation back up Towards 4 500 US Dollars and that is Definitely going to be a very good thing But for now of course we're running in Towards critical resistance and if the Us-500 or the S P 500 sees a rejection From of this level we're probably going To go lower with Bitcoin as well if we Break above it Bitcoin is also probably Going to go higher the reason why I'm Discussing it is because also the dollar Index was invert correlated with Bitcoin Is also currently in a significant Dandrent and like you can currently see We're creating a left shoulder we're Creating a hat and currently a right Shoulder so we're creating somewhat of An hand and shoulders pattern for 40 US Dollar Index and if it does break lower

It means the Bitcoin is going to go Higher because the dollar is getting Used to measure the price of Bitcoin if The dollar price goes lower the Bitcoin Valuation goes up so the lower the Dollar Index goes the more easier it is For Bitcoin to go actually in a bull Market so make sure to take that in Account it's definitely very important To look at currently we're training at Very important support if we do break Below this support I am expecting a Single significant dump towards the Downside and that is going to be Definitely a very good thing for the Price action of Bitcoin so make sure to Subscribe to the channel right now Because then I will exactly keep you Guys up to date when we do break above It and if we do I will tell you exactly What is about to be happening next for Bitcoin still a shot of warning is that Currently if I'm looking at the macd on The Farley time frame we're currently of Course on the price chart creating a Higher high MCD is creating a lower high And at the same time we're creating a Bearish close on the macd here so we do Want to be pointing at yes we are of Course looking bullish on some pictures But still like I said here we could be Potentially correct that had it and Shoulder sped in here for Bitcoin and Currently as well the momentum

Indicators are still telling us that We're actually looking a little bit more Weaker rather than stronger in the Current Trend right now so make sure to Take this in account Bitcoin is Currently still creating a losing Momentum structure and we're about to be Having a better school software maybe It's going to get invalidated but Currently it's about to be happening Here so make sure to pay attention Towards this next signal about to be Flashing for big right now then the Reason why Bitcoin will be moving back Next week here is that this Wednesday we Will have the fomc meeting and we're Expecting that the fomc meeting is going To come in with an interest rate hike of 25 basis point and maybe this isn't even The lost interest rate hike and we will Learn more about that in the coming Meeting because they're expecting as Well another 26 chance that the interest Rate will be getting hiked again with 25 Basis points so this is very important To take in account right now here we're Expecting there's going to be at least a 25 basis point happening this Wednesday And due to the fact we're going to Experience a lot of volatility if I'm Looking back at the previous events we Can always once the FMC meeting happens Somewhere around that time frame there's Huge volatility so I'm expecting once

Again this Wednesday there's going to be A lot of volatility for Bitcoin so make Sure to get ready for that one so that Was it for me on today's update video I Truly hope you did learn from it and you Did enjoy it if you did enjoy it don't Forget subscribe to the channel and see You guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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