Bitcoin in the coming 72 hours will have A massive breakout and look right now The Bitcoin historical volatility is at A low not seen since the beginning of This year and also looking at Bitcoin it Is creating a bullish Divergence and More importantly this week we will have These CPI data get released on the Market and this data will cause massive Market volatility so I will be talking About this what happened in the past and Many more important charts so don't Forget to snap off the like button on Today's update video can we smash you Back about 500 likes that will be Absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the price section of Bitcoin of Course it is Monday the weekend is over And once again our weekend prediction Exactly played out there has not been a Lot of stuff happening over the course Of the weekend and that is actually Quite nice Bitcoin just Consolidated Sideways and it ranged between an Approximately two hundred dollars from High to low over the course of the Weekend right now looking further into Towards Bitcoin of course if we're going To be looking at the image short term The big support Below Us is around 28.9 K here and the big resistance is around 29.8k so we're currently still Consolidating between two very important

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Levels and like you can straight away See here on the foreign time frame Bitcoin is creating that very important Download resist line here from the top Side what we need to be breaking here in Order for Bitcoin to really shift the Trend around because right now still in The four lay time frame you can clearly See Bitcoin is trading in a downward Trend here and that is of course a Little bit of a thing you do not like to See here on the imminent short term However we are once again creating the Bullies Divergence I've discussed this In approximately three days ago already But you can see right here I lost them Around we created bullies diverge on the Eight hour time frame Bitcoin had a Massive rally towards the offside so far We once again created one but not really A lot of things have been happening so Maybe the bullish and virgins have Already played out or maybe it's just Yet to be playing out here so so maybe This bullish Divergence is yet to play Out here and that is definitely a very Interesting thing to be seeing right Here of course I've been sulking by the Historical volatility for Bitcoin for Quite a while right now here and to be Very exact the volatility for Bitcoin Has been right now low for 29 days here And we've never seen the volatility for Bitcoin be so low for such a long period

Of time of course we do know that in Terms of the weekly volatility the Bitcoin volatility is literally at Lowe's never seen before in history but Of course on The Daily time frame we can Also see that there's just not a lot of Movement happening and always after a Long period of low volatility bam Volatility strikes in the market you can See it also here in the beginning of 2023 where Bitcoin was super boring and Then out of nowhere the volatility Picked up here since it was super low For such a long period of time so make Sure to prepare yourself for the next Move here trying to see what is going to Be the next move on bitcoin looking at The falling witch pattern on the 12 hour Time frame we can currently see that we Are expecting to see this breakout Happening in the coming 72 hours here Also because in exactly 72 hours from Now on we will have the inflation data In the US and that will probably cause Massive Market volatility but make sure To stick in the video because I will Talk about that in a second from now on A falling watch pattern is a typical Bullish Vice pattern it also got created In an uptrend now we're seeing a small Little down thread but once we do break The resistance we could start to see Another lag towards the officer getting Created and the real price target of

This pattern is going to be the top side Of the wedge what is in this case going To be somewhere around 31.5 K so yes if Bitcoin decides to be breaking bullish I Expect the price Target 31.4k is going To be the level to be watching and if we Manage to be breaking above the previous High in the market and we break above That and we see the continuation above 32 000 then it will get super excited Because Dana will be expecting Bitcoin Could start to fly up all the way up to Approximately 37 to 38 000 US dollars so Yes there are some insane price Targets On the table right now but those will Only be rich if Bitcoin manages to be Breaking above that Range High so Quickly looking at my trade here that There's not been a lot of stuff Happening here still my Bitcoin long Position on big gap making an Approximately one Bitcoin in profit and Of course on my Bitcoin and ethereum Trade right here there's just not a lot Of stuff happening right now I'm Currently more than approximately 900 000 US Dollars long on the market and I'm really expecting we're going to see That bench towards the upside since many People are actually right now expecting We're getting to see that move towards The downside we can still remain to see Volume remains to be dropping for Bitcoin nothing new compared to

Yesterday over the course of the weekend The volume was also super low and you Can see clearly the falling wedge Pattern looks to be breaking out anytime Soon and looking at these vertical lines There on the chart these vertical lines Are representing all these CPI data Releases and you can basically see every Single time the CPI data hits the market We tend to see massive volatility in the Market so weather is going to be up Before or whether it's going to be up or Down after it's basically getting the Indicators going to be a massive move Heading the mark heading towards but Looking at the third state reports of Course it could come in hotter or colder Than expected but currently if we're Looking at the forecast it is not really Looking that it is going to be really Changing up the market since the reports Are going to stay similarly the same Here so that is why the markets are also Not already moving that much here but of Course if it comes in higher low than Expected that is where we will expect The volatility is going to hit and I Will be live streaming this event so Don't forget to subscribe to the channel And smash up the Bell notification Because then you're going to get Notified once I'm going to live stream The inflation data reports because yes It will probably cause massive Market

Volatility further um I've been saying This for quite a while the big Bitcoin Move is going to be at least happening In the coming 28 to 25 days here because In approximately 25 days here we're Going to be meeting the Apex of this Gigantic consolidation phase and that Would really cause for me the volatility In the market I mean this is really the Place and the position and the market Price we've been leading up towards this Is the consolidation phase where where We've been leading up towards and we're Expecting a gigantic breakout to be Happening somewhere at the end of all Focused and at that point we could start To see massive Market volatility again And that will become and that would mean Some very exciting traits and exciting Movements in the market so I'm going to Be looking for that for sure and of Course looking at the three-day time Frame we are right now still creating a Bullflex scenario but in order to be Breaking bullish we first need to be Breaking the resistance on that top side Of this pattern and of course looking at The weekly time frame for Bitcoin you Can clearly see if you're zooming out For Bitcoin we are currently in a Smaller uptrend of course ultimately we Just are recovering from a gigantic Downtrend if you're looking at the most Important trend lines from this

Downtrend we've already broken it and we Are currently in a small little drop Trend so I remain to be believing as Long as we're going to be holding this Trend I remain to be expecting Bitcoin Is going to go upwards and if you're Already looking at these support lines You can clearly see Bitcoin is also Currently holding on towards that upper Solving support yet so far and of course If we do break below this level then we Would start to be worrying then we would Start to be expecting Bitcoin could Start to see reversal but as long as That is not happening I won't be Expecting that and of course actually Bitcoin can still come down here to Let's say 24 or 22 000 US Dollars and Still be ultimately in a very bullish Trend here so Bitcoin is looking quite Excited in my opinion we saw this small Little fake out here on the top side but Ultimately Bitcoin is creating a Multi-year consolidation phase and we're Expecting to see this big big breakout Happening either if we do break above 32 000 US dollars or either in the coming 190 days here so before February 2024 Before the next Bitcoin Hall thing we're Expecting to see a gigantic Bitcoin Breakouts this is of course also the Trend line from the top side that keeps On getting us rejected every single time We retest it so that is the level I want

To be seeing getting broken for Bitcoin But anyways this was it for me in Today's update video I truly hope you Did enjoy it and if you did so don't Forget to subscribe to the channel and See you guys on tomorrow's update video Peace out goodbye

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