Tomorrow is the first deadline for the BlackRock spot ETF and if this gets Accepted the market could see a Significant upturn hence Bloomberg Intelligence believes that the Bitcoin BlackRock sport ETF could hit the market As soon as early next month so that is Going to be very important to talk about I'm going to exactly talk about what This means for Bitcoin right now here What could be happening with the price I Will talk about in-depth analysis about The longer term perspective of Bitcoin I Will talk about the current ongoing Supply shock and also the big news that Twitter acquired a license to be adding Crypto payments and what this means for Dogecoin and what this means for Bitcoin I will be exactly talking about this on Today's update video so without any Further Ado don't forget to stop all the Language on today's update video and let Me jump straight away into what's the Most important news and the most Important things that are currently Playing out on this market so we do Still know it the court fan that the SSC Had not properly explained the decision To reject the grayskill sport ETF Bitcoin application what means that the SSC has to reconsider the application And make a new decision whether to Approve or reject it and since the Denial is running up host the chance of

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An acceptation for the next Bitcoin spot ETF is highly likely and due to that I'm Getting super excited because tomorrow Is also the first deadline for the icr's Bitcoin's trust what is of course the BlackRock Bitcoin sport ETF probably They're going to get postponed but since Right now the SSC already lost this case Against grayskill the probability for an Accepted Bitcoin spot ETF tomorrow could Become extremely high and if this Happens the market is going to pump very Significantly on it and probably it's Going to get postponed the market is Going to not really react because that Is of course the current consensus so Yes they could still postpone until the Beginning of 2024 so I still think 2024 Is going to be a very bullish month So I still think 2024 is going to be the Year of the big bull run for Bitcoin but Maybe it's already going to get accepted Here at the end of 2023 and that could Mean that we're going to see some very Positive price action early on so yeah I'm getting very excited about this and Let me quickly also talk about the Probabilities when it's going to get Accepted Bloomberg intelligence is Currently saying that they believe the BlackRock spot ETF is going to get Accepted as early as next month here or Could be super bullish news for Bitcoins Since in September usually the volume

Tends to also run up quite significantly But more importantly let me talk about The price targets and what this Paul ttf Could mean for the market because some People are saying a spot ETF is not Really a big thing for the market Everyone who is saying that is Completely incorrect because a sport ttf Is gigantic news for the market because You have to currently understand I Personally think Bitcoin could hit 200 000 or even Beyond by 2025 especially if The BlackRock Bitcoin ETF is approved and since grayskill won The lawsuit the reasons and the chances For this ETF to getting to be getting Approved has significantly increased so Here are six compelling reasons why it Might hit two hundred thousand dollars By 2025. first of all BlackRock has got A 99.8 approval rate for ETFs so Probably this ETF is also going to get Approved and there's only been one Rejected in history during the 2008 Financial crisis the US government and The Federal Reserve turned to Blackrock For Solutions and facing their trust in The world's largest asset manager so to Get all the facts straight here BlackRock is apinging towards a Bitcoin Small tdf so they're aping in towards Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for the Past two to three years and at the same Time the U.S government is backing

BlackRock so the U.S government is Basically aiming into Bitcoin right now Here also the BlackRock CEO has become More positive about Bitcoin referring it As digital goals and endorsing it as a Diversification tool but also since it's The world's largest and richest asset Manager over over the world has been a Very positive take for Bitcoin and it Could only grow in the future even more At the same time BlackRock has already Rolled out a private Bitcoin ETF for Institutional Investments so they're Trying to get in early they're trying to Buy early so for everyone who's not Understanding the game yet they are Aping in towards Bitcoin right now at These lows and probably most of the Regional investors are going to end up Buying Bitcoin above 100 000 or even Beyond so yeah I'm quite excited about What we're currently seeing because if You're doing your research correctly Right now you can currently clearly see Who is buying Bitcoin and that just Makes me even more excited so notably All the other top tier asset managers Like Vanguard and vitality have also Applied for Bitcoin small ttf in this Cycle so once the sport ETF is also Going to get approved you have to Understand this Bitcoin sport ETF is a Big game changer since they need a One-on-one backing for their Bitcoin

Small ttf and the Bitcoins that are Holding on their spot ETF and besides That a sport ETF is going to change the Game because with an ETF you can borrow And create dap a against your Holdings Of the ETF well if you're just Personally holding Bitcoin you can't Create debt against it so it's a big Game changer and that's why I think a Lot of Institutions are going to step in Towards Bitcoin to create more depth and That is why I think there's going to be A lot of money flowing in towards the Market once the sport ETF is going to Get approved and that is why I still Ultimately think Bitcoin is a very good Long-term investment but you have to Also understand grade school may have Won the case but a bitcoin's whole tdf Is not yet confirmed so approximately a Year ago grayskill took the SSC to court After their conversion from a Bitcoin Trust to an ETF was rejected and right Now a year later the court has ruled in Grayskill's favor opposing the SSC Denial this doesn't mean that we're Right straight away going to see a Bitcoin grade school ETF however it means that the SSC right Now has to provide a clear reasoning for A denial of the Bitcoin small ttf or They just have to approve it and since They don't have a clear reason to deny The Bitcoin full tdf since it's very

Similar towards the Futures ETF the SSC Approved a year ago they almost got no Reason to approve the Bitcoin sport ETF So that is why everyone is saying a Small DTF is coming but it's not Officially here but the chances of a Small TF coming is like 99.9 sure right Now here since the court has ruled the SSC has not clearly said why they have Denied it so it's super bullish for the Market in general and this is overall a Gigantic win for the market so giving The denial has been challenged it seems Inevitable that the first Bitcoin Swaltyf is going to get approved further On you have to understand while all this Is happening probably BlackRock is Buying and why is the market not showing Strength it's very simple because They're buying through OTC they are Buying and they're doing that through Exchanges governments Miners and yeah Through over-the-counter deals through OTC deals so this method doesn't Directly influence the price of Bitcoin So don't be fooled while you are maybe Panicking about the price of section of Bitcoin that's still sitting around These lows they are accumulating and They are buying your cell so make sure To pay attention towards that one as Well so right now I discuss why this is So significant what is currently playing Around and why Bitcoin could start to

Pump tomorrow is significantly as well Here let me write and talk about the Bitcoin analysis So currently if I'm Looking at Bitcoin it had that Significant bounce back towards the Upside and if you're looking at Bitcoin We basically Bounce from of the 25 000 Support we've been talking about for Quite a while this Market is not really Moving that bigly right now here but I Personally think as soon as the Blackwork spot ETF is going to hit the Markets probably Bitcoin is going to be Starting to see a significant bump Towards the upside but currently Bitcoin Is just range trading between the twenty Five thousand dollars and thirty two Thousand dollars like I've been Expecting so if you're zooming out to a Bigger perspective we can currently Clearly see here Bitcoin is creating This gigantic breakout on the larger Scale and really where I would start to Say this is right in the point the Bull Run is starting it's really once we Break Above This Green books right here In the market greenboxes in this case The thirty two thousand dollars if we Break above thirty two thousand dollars Bitcoin is really breaking Above This Bear market territorium and that could Really start to turn me myself super Bullish so as soon as Bitcoin is Breaking Above This level I will be

Expecting we're going to see much more Upside and you can clearly see this 32 000 level has previously around acted as Massive support like you can see here Back in the previous Bull Run and Writing it's acting as Massive Resistance so it's not an easy level to Break above of but once we do break Above This level I will be really Expecting we're going to see significant Upside and significant significant Acceleration in the price section of Bitcoin further on we do know right now That the 200 weekly EMA is currently Providing support and Bitcoin perfectly Bans from it and back into 2015 we've Also seen Bitcoin finding support around This level so it's interesting to see That this level once again is providing Support for Bitcoin also the ones that Are currently saying we should be Starting to be looking into all coins You have to understand that this ETF News is probably going to mainly Influence Bitcoin in and this is going To of course create wider adoption also For all coins but what I am expecting is That first Bitcoin is going to take the Momentum up here and after that altcoins Are going to follow so once Bitcoin is Going to close in towards his ultimate Then I think altcoins are going to maybe Do something nice on the market I still Think that the SEC is going to try to be

Cracking down all coins and they're Probably going to start regulating Bitcoin so make sure to take it into Account altcoins could server a little Bit more in the beginning of this end of The bear Market phase that is at least What I'm currently expecting and that is Why I also expect the Bitcoin illness to Be rising and I would be only interested To be buying a lot of all coins once the Bitcoin Domino's is going to be reaching Levels of 58 to 57 percent here once it Happened you will be the first one to Know here on the channel but if you Really want to be trading Bitcoin or buy All coins or do anything else here the Best way to do so here is unbibit and if You go right into the link description Of today's video you can actually claim It deposit bonus up to one thousand Dollars and all you need to do here is Go to the link description sign up an Account using the link below here Deposit 100 in your account and then go To this page once again here and claim Your free 1 000 US Dollars Bitcoin or Xrp long or short position and you could Make a ton of money by only depositing 100 so go to the link description if You're interested in buying cryptos but Yeah buy bit is definitely my favorite Exchange in this market why this cycle Is so interested in my opinion here is To see this chart right here so we can

Currently see that this bear Market is Actually really different than previous Bear market so we can see that in this Bear Market the Bitcoin balance on Exchanges have only decreased what means That there is a less interest on sending Your Bitcoin to exchanges to actually Sell off and also if this trend Continues it means that there's going to Be less Bitcoin available to sell here So we've been talking about the low Liquidity in the market for quite a While right now here because Bitcoin has Got a low liquidity in the market the Market is very easy to manipulate due to The fact that we're seeing this massive Change in the market right now here We're probably going to be experiencing A supply shock anytime soon here and It's not going to to be happening in 2024 but this is a thing to take in Account here if this trend continues you Won't be able to be buying just one Bitcoin in 2030 and the price will be so High uh it's going to be absolutely Insane and with the whole thing coming Up as well here balance of exchange Decreasement is probably going to get Accelerated even more so I'm super Excited about this and if you're looking As well here at the net Bitcoin change Here you can still really see the trend Shift here from previous bear markets to This bear Market there's just a massive

Outflow from exchanges and that is Overall a very good thing here and if You're holding all your Bitcoin on a Ledger you won't be able to just sell Your Bitcoin and if you see a massive Inflow to exchanges you know exactly What is happening it's capitulation so This is very interesting to be seeing It's only going to be easier to predict The next bottom in my opinion due to This happening if we're seeing a large Inflow to exchanges just like we saw Here in the FTX collapse here just like We saw here in the May crash of 2021 it Is just telling us that it is a massive Wanting opportunities because people are Just capitulating towards selling their Bitcoin to changes and usually those are Retailers so it's interesting to be Seeing this data you have to understand How early we are Nvidia is currently Sitting at a 1.1 trillion US dollar Market capitalization and Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies overall is also sitting Around 1.1 trillion dollars so we're Super early you have to understand how Early you currently are in this cycle Because in my opinion we are just at the Beginning and of the verge of a gigantic Bull run to 5 to 10 trillion US Dollars Much more is to come here than to wrap Up the video we do know that Twitter Acquired a license to add crypto Payments what is of course the overall

Bullish thing here for crypto and I Think it's overall very bullish ring for Dogecoin because Dogecoin is currently Sitting at an extreme low here and with Twitter slash X acquiring this license I Won't be surprised that you are going to Be able to be buying things in Twitter Or tip people into Twitter using Dogecoin in the near future and if that Is really going to be happening it's Probably going to cause a massive bump Across the price section of Dogecoin so Get ready for that that's at least what I'm expecting here Dogecoin is at very Lows in the market right now here There's not a lot of interest but this Is personally just predicting the future In a very easy way here so that was it For me in today's update video guys I Truly hope you did liked it if you did Enjoy don't forget to slap on the like Button and I hope to see you guys on Tomorrow's video peace out goodbye

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