Bitcoin is breaking bullish right now Here but today is the day where the U.S Inflation data is going to get released And I can guarantee you today will be a Super volatile day because looking at History we can see that once this data Comes out the Bitcoin volatility spikes Up significantly and this together with The historical Bitcoin volatility being At all-time lows right now these are the Perfect ingredients for a gigantic move For Bitcoin today so don't forget to Watch this video till the end I will Give a huge update on my trade I will Talk about Bitcoin and of course I will Talk about this consolidation range Where we are literally breaking out of Right now so don't forget to slap up the Library on today's update video can we Smash it back about 400 likes that will Be absolutely incredible and with that Is being said let me jump straight away In towards the image short term once Looking at Bitcoin on the image short Term we can currently see Bitcoin is Still trading in this sideways Consolidation range where we have been Trading in for over 20 days right now so Bitcoin is about to enter the 21 Day Stage what means that we're already Three weeks down in this consolidation Phase and yes so far we've not already Seen a breakout of this region what I Will be saying here is as soon as we do

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Break above the top side of resistance Or either the Lower Side of support I Will be expecting a breakout but as long As we're not breaking above any of these Levels I would still expect that Bitcoin Would remain to be trading in this trend So as soon as we do break up off the top Side my price targets are going to be Around 36 000 US Dollars and if we do Break below the lower set of support my Price targets could be all the way down To 27 to 26 000 US dollars but of course If that were to be happening you will be The first one to know here on the Channel and it will make an emergency Video about the breakdown furthermore we Can currently see that Bitcoin is also Breaking the most important for early Down Trends and my price Target ever Since we broke the downtrend is Basically the top side of this range Right here and basically what we Currently can see Bitcoin was creating a Small little down Trend and a smaller Uptrend right here we broke towards the Upside and right now we're looking to be Moving back towards the upside but of Course still the level to be breaking is That 31.4 K and as long as we're not Breaking above that region we're not Expecting a huge move anyways of course Today we're going to get the US Inflation data and if we are going to be Breaking our son of this range make sure

To be looking for fake outs just like we Had lost them around what I want to be Seeing here is a four hourly candle Close above the region for a Confirmation on the breakout on the top Side or the confirmation of the Breakdown on the lower side so yes Anything could be happening today and if I'm looking at the inflation data we can See that U.S inflation looks to be Dropping down to 3.1 to 3.2 percent if It's going to come in any lower than This we're probably going to be Expecting a move towards the upside but Most importantly it's important to be Looking at the core inflation because The Federal Reserve is looking to do More interest rate hikes because the Core inflation remains to be sticky so The core inflation currently around 5.3 Percent expecting to be dropping down to To five percent but we need to see this One dropping further if the core Inflation drops any lower than five Percent here so it's going to come in Lower than consensus we're going to see A massive pump across all markets and if It's going to come in higher than Consensus even though the regular Inflation is going to come in lower so It's going to be super important to be Looking at the core inflation today of Course like we do know inflation data Always massively impacted the Bitcoin

Market because if I were to be looking At historical times what it basically Has done with Bitcoin you can see here In the beginning of 2023 once the data Came out Bitcoin saw an approximately Five percent pump on the news then the Time after that we saw a small little Pump up in about three percent but after That I'm not a big move towards the Upside in March we saw an approximately 12 move towards the upside but then we Wicked all the way down again so we can See that there's usually just a lot of Volatility and basically for the last Three times the inflation data came out We saw a pump towards the upside and Then we created the wick that is what Happened the last three times around so Let's see how it's going to be be Playing at this time around but maybe You could see something similar again But yeah it would really depend about Where the data is going to come in at is The data really going to come in lower Than expected then we're just going to Be pumping if the data comes in higher Than expected we're just going to see a Dump and looking at my trades currently I'm still holding my long position on Bitcoin also I'm still holding the short Position on Solana it's currently in a Minor profit and if I'm looking at my Trade here on bitcoin I can currently See or of course 260 000 US Dollars long

And I'm making a profit of 1.44 Bitcoin And I'm remain to be holding up this Trade here as Bitcoin continues to Consolidate here I'm personally still Expecting we're going to go higher that Is why I'm holding this trade open and If you are interested in trading Yourself I mean I showed this trade step By step on how to enter it on my YouTube Channel while Bitcoin trading on 25 000 And if you want to be joining me with my Future trades don't forget to go to the Link in description of today's video Because if you do so you can right now Sign up a new account using the link Above and if you deposit 100 within Seven days you can claim a free one Thousand US Dollars Bitcoin or xrp long Or short position that will be getting Air dropped and be aware it's only valid For another 19 days so make sure to be Quick because this is definitely one of The most valuable deposit bonuses that They have been doing in quite a while Here so make sure to go to the link Description to claim this deposit bonus Furthermore on The Daily time frame Nothing new the resistance still not Broken and yeah if we really break above The thirty two thousand dollars thirty Eight thousand dollars is the next daily Resistance so that will be definitely Very bullish for Bitcoin and of course If you're looking at the daily

Historical volatility it is currently Still at historical lows what means that Bitcoin can still see a massive move Getting created from of this level and Just like it did in January 2023 once we Are so low in volatility we tend to see Massive moves getting initiated and Today is the day that it could maybe get Started due to the fact that we're going To get inflation data news here so let's See how it's going to be playing out Here but of course on the weekly time Frame as well for Bitcoin if you're Zooming out here you can see that Currently we're creating a historical Pattern just like in the bear Market of 2020 we're creating right now we're Running in towards this critical Resistance range and as soon as we do Break above it sky is basically Literally the limit so yeah I'm quite Bullish on bitcoin if we can manage to Be breaking about this level but yeah For that we just have to be a little bit More patient and for them we need to be Looking at the image short term if we do Break outside of these ranges so that Was it for me in today's update video Definitely shorter video today but There's not a lot of new stuff to Discuss so thank you so much So thank you so much for watching Towards amazing new update video here on The channel and I'll see you guys on the

Next one peace out goodbye

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