Right now Bitcoin is creating a bully's Divergence and our new Bitcoin trade has Been officially entered and like you can See we're already making more than 1 000 US dollars in profits on this most Recent trade I announced on this YouTube Channel so make sure to stick till the End of the video because I will be going Over the reasons my targets and much More information about this straight Here and also the reason why Bitcoin is Going to be absolutely moving like crazy Today because today is the day where we Will be getting the U.S inflation Reports it's going to be important how We're going to set up our stop loss so Make sure to pay attention towards this Video can we once again stop up the Likes back about 500 that will be Absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the content and looking at the One hour time frame you can see that we Want once again have been forming a Lower loan the price section of Bitcoin And after we yesterday were discussing The market on this movement towards the Outside I said to everyone out there I Do want to be opening up that new Bitcoin long position only I'm going to Be waiting till I'm going to get entered Till we have that retains of this level If not it's going to be unfortunate if I Missed out on this trade but so far we

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Did exactly retest this level we entered Our trade unfortunately it's only 50 Percent because I announced on my YouTube channel and on my telegram chat That I was willing to enter of course Using a pyramid scheme and that is Basically that you're basically buying More in towards the order as the market Continues to go down so right now I Entered an approximately 50 to 55 of This rate here it is definitely a very Decent entry that I got here around 21.4k what is definitely very low price For Bitcoin and currently I have got my Stop loss around 20.7 K but I'm going to Be actually updating it in this exact Video so make sure to stick till the end But currently I'll name it at your term We can see that we are potentially Creating a reversal pattern if we do Break above the top side somewhere Around 22 000 we could be of course Creating a bigger reversal on the one Hour time frame as well we're seeing Clearly that the price section on the RSI is forming a higher high and the Price action on the Bitcoin price chart Is forming a lower level means that We're currently creating and Bullies Divergence on the one hour time frame We're seeing exactly the same playing Out on the 4 elite time frame on the Four early time frame the RSI is forming A higher low price actually forming a

Lower low and we're forming a bearish Divergence and if I'm zooming out at This region here before right here we Were creating a bearish Divergence and Now we're creating a bullies diverges And usually people don't really take This signals seriously well a price Divergence is a very strong indication What the next move of the market is Going to be so I should definitely pay Attention towards these divergences and Currently we're seeing a bullish Divergence play out on the 4 hourly time Frame what is probably signaling that We're going to see some more bullish Relief what is my pretake profit right Now here currently I am looking to take Profits around 22.4k I'm not full take Profit I am willing to take 50 of my Profit around this region and then it Was all also set up my stop loss in Extreme profit what will basically mean That I will write this trade without any Risk right so if Bitcoin moves up to 22.5 K I'm going to take out 50 of this Trade and that is very important to know For everyone who did join me with this Trade currently we're making around 1100 In profit but I will be closing 50 if we Do reach that 22.5 K Target what is also Basically the ultimate price target of This movement for Bitcoin to give a Quick update on my stop loss as well Like I promise I am actually right now

Closing up the other orders that I was Willing to enter so I'm going to close These and I'm going to set up my stop Loss in profit on 21.4 K here so a little bit in profit But it's basically minimizing the risk That I currently have to take with the Straights and what is important to know Here is that today is also the day where The U.S inflation reports are going to Come out and the U.S inflation reports Just have massive effects on the markets Before going in towards my predictions And expectations of the reports here are The three lost times the inflation Reports happened here in December we saw A huge rally following in towards the Inflation reports before in the end of The day dumping again then and here in Um January we also saw a huge bump in Towards the event and currently we so Far only have seen a huge dump in Towards the event so usually we tend to Pump following up towards the inflation Data and that's also one of the reasons Why I think we actually are still going To see some more positivity towards this Day and really was going to be Mandarin Is where the inflation reports are going To come in and I quickly want to say Tonight once these reports come out I Will be live streaming here on the Channel because it's going to be crucial To monitor our trade on this exact

Moment because the volatility is Probably going to increase significantly On the price action of Bitcoin so make Sure to subscribe to the channel right Now if you want to be there as well Tonight tonight is going to be epic it's Going to be important and we will be Discussing basically what we do predict Where inflation reports are going to Come in at so if I'm looking at the Chart right now here I can currently Clearly see that basically the Expectation is that the inflation is Going to come in somewhere around 5.5 For the core inflation well last time Around it was 5.7 well in fact the year Your inflation growth was 0.6 towards January 2022 so it could be a scenario Where we are going to drop faster since The year and year inflation was way Higher last year so that is one of the Reasons why I actually still think it Could cool down very quickly the U.S Inflation rate is going to come in Somewhere around 6.2 to 6.3 percent what Is a decreasement of 0.3 to 0.4 percent What is quite significant and in general Already quite positive for the markets And that is why I'm expecting there's Already going to be a minor move towards The upset happening for Bitcoin right so Um it's going to be very important I Expect that it is not necessarily going To be somewhere far away from the

Consensus because yeah that usually Doesn't really happen and tonight I'm Going to go more in depth about really Where I think it's going to be exactly Coming at because so far far I've not Done my deep dive research about where I Exactly think it's going to be coming in At and usually I'm very right about Where the inflation comes so it's going To be important to stick in towards Tonight's stream here but usually if We're looking at the previous events the Markets tend to really vary Significantly following up towards these Uh rallies then also an update on my Swing trade of course this new sculpt Rate currently in a 1100 profit and this New trade here and let me remove my face Cam for a second you can see on the Bottom left side I scaled it up from a 115 000 US dollar trade to 145 000 US Dollars trade because Bitcoin dropped Down towards our buy them the 21.4k and we approach this line right Here we could be maybe even create a Beautiful inverse handy shoulders Pattern so we're going to be paying Attention towards that one as well one Thing that I think is very shocking Today is that the Bitcoin shorts are Increasing we're seeing a big spike in New Bitcoin shorts getting opened one Site is positive because Yeah the more People that are going to shore big going

To bigger the short squeeze could be but Then the other side usually on bitfinex These are wheels that are betting the Prices going down do they know more than We know about the inflation data or do They know more about what is going down Right now in the price section of Bitcoin so that is definitely very Interesting to see the shorts are Increasing again and just like we saw in November 2022 and let me overlay the Price section for Bitcoin real quickly Over it you saw that just before that Crash happened we saw the shorts Increase here and of course the shorts Is basically declined slowly and slowly In this region right here what was also A clear Buy Signal but yet a Short's Going to be increasing it could be a Sell signal on the next chart so do want To be paying attention towards that one Here but furthermore I'm still thinking That on the bigger picture the macro Trend is still looking good and talking About the trend the trend is always your Friend till it ends right and currently We are clearly in an uptrend on the Three-day super Trend we're clearly in An uptrend on the weekly super Trend and That is why I'm still in a bullish Trend Here and of course in a bullish Trend we Also see retracements and before we're Going to go uh in towards the next leg Up here or the next highways movement

For the price section of Bitcoin but Usually these lags don't tend to last For only a few days here it tends to Last for at least a couple of months q1 Q2 maybe so make sure to pay attention Towards that one but anyways this was it For me on today's update video important Update about all the trades we have Right now once again this is the third Trade in a row that I showed on my YouTube channel and this is the third Trade in a row that we are making Profits so make sure to pay attention Towards our trades right now here they Are absolutely legendary they are low Risk with potential High returns and That is why it's important to pay Attention to work so don't forget to Share this video with your friends if You want more people to know about the Channel will be absolutely a pleasure Because I'm giving all my information For free and that is what I love to do Here but anyways thank you so much for Watching and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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