Right now the Bitcoin price is getting Ready for an insane move so make sure to Watch this video till the end because I Will be exactly explained what I am Currently seeing in the price section of Bitcoin and more importantly I will be Going over the most important support And resistance charts that we can be Looking at right now so don't forget to Slap up the like button and Kelly once Again smash your backup 500 it will be Absolutely incredible with that of being Said let me jump straight away in Towards the content and first of all Currently it's weekend it's also the Easter weekend so to be very honest this Weekend I am not necessarily expecting a Lot of volatility however next week is Going to be super important because next Week in approximately three days and 12 Hours we're going to get these CPI data We're going to get the inflation data We're going to get the the producer Price index and the day after that we're Going to also get the CSI the consumer Sentiment index so next week there will Be all kinds of data getting released And due to that there's going to be a Lot of volatility in the market so make Sure to get ready for next week because Next week is really the week where I am Expecting the volatility is really going To turn up for Bitcoin if I am right now Looking at the four early time frame we

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Can currently clearly see the price Action for Bitcoin is still Consolidating and we're basically Waiting till we're going to see the next Breakout and basically like I've been Saying for quite a while already once we Break them off the top side that is the Point where I'll flip bullish and if we Break below the Lower Side of support That is the point where I will be Turning bearish currently we've been Consolidating in this range and looks to Be that we're finding support somewhat In this middle range as well around the 27.7 K every single time Bitcoin retest Is level we tend to be bouncing from of This level once we retest it if we also Confirm a break below this level then my Next price Target is going to be 26.5 K So this is also a very important price Range to be watching right now further Um we can currently see that on the 4la Time frame I can actually remove the top Line of resistance but you can currently See that Bitcoin basically created a Beautiful airport solving support line Where you retested this level for quite A while and ever since we retested it Again right here we've seen a rejection From of this level so Bitcoin has been Breaking below support and right now is Actually seeing support flipping into Resistance this is of course quite a Better signal but for me to really

Anticipate the price action going lower For Bitcoin I will be just patiently Waiting for a potential breakdown of This range right here and for me to Confirm the breakdown it's actually Below 27.7 gave if we see the Confirmation below the 27.7 K that is The point where I will be expecting Bitcoin is going to come down to 26.5 K Further on you can actually still see my Trade still making more than 5 000 US Dollars in profit and that is actually Doing an amazing job so far still I am Not reaching my price Target I'm going To be very patient because right now if I'm actually looking at the bullet Events I can currently clearly see that Bitcoin is about to create something Huge here Bitcoin is about to create a Gigantic move and we can clearly see it On the Bitcoin biology bands you can see The bullet events is coming very narrow Right now here basically what happens Once the bullish events is very narrow It means that the volatility in the Market is extremely low and the more Narrow double edge events is here it's Going to get squeezed up and once we get The bullish band squeeze we tend to Decide a Direction Where We want to be Braking towards so yeah we have to be Waiting but you can clearly see in this Chart below here as well the bollager Bends with every single time the

Volatility is so low or the Bollinger Bands is so tight we tend to see a Squeeze happening for Bitcoin eventually So right now we're seeing it yet again Here and basically what I can say just Like right here in the beginning of 2023 The longer their bullish events is going To stay narrow the more exponential the Movement is going to be here so here it Stayed narrow for quite a while and we Saw significant rally towards the upside I mean it could also be the other way Around here here also the bullish events Was extreme narrow we saw a break down Here and as well once again right here The bullage events is extremely narrow Indicating that there's going to be Somewhat of a big move anytime soon it's Not telling us whether it's going to be Up or down that is for us to decide but It is at least indicating right now that There is going to be somewhat of Volatility in the market anytime soon Looking down still the three-day time Frame I can still see that there is some Bearish momentum for Bitcoin we're still Creating a bearish Divergence on the Price chart of Bitcoin right now here And yeah this bearish reverse is Literally getting created against Resistance from the top side of the bull Market support and I am still very Cautious I'm still very careful the last Two times we created a bearish diverges

On the three-day time frame it was at The previous ultimate Bitcoin and the Ultimate before that and every single Time we created this three-day bearish Divergence Bitcoin had a significant Movement towards the downside so make Sure to take that in account right now For everyone that maybe is interested in Using the cryptoc trading algorithm that Is making more than 60 Returns on a Yearly basis and is outperforming Bitcoin you can right now use this AI Trading algorithm with 15 off it's only Valid for 24 hours so go to And if you use the coupon code Easter at Checkout you can get 15 off here it's a Very special offer crypto season AI Trading algorithm that automatically Trades for you here and you can right Now get your hands on it with 15 Discount so make sure to go to the Website right now to check that out here Furthermore we can actually still see in The weekly time frame the Bitcoin price Section right here is right now running In towards that Weekly resistance right You can see it also in the three day Time frame this is the previous bull Market support and right now it is Acting as resistance and on the weekly Time frame we can actually start to see That we're right now having more than Three weeks of sideways consolidation And maybe even a fourth one after this I

Think next week is going to be the Candle where there's going to be more Volatility because I already explained In the beginning of the video because Next week we're going to get the cpid Inflation consumer index and also the Fomc minutes so it will be absolutely Crucial to to be watching next week for Bitcoin but so far it looks to be that This week is going to be closing once Again very boring but next week is going To be really the week where we're going To start to see the volatility really Pick up for Bitcoin if I do look at what The forecast for the inflation is it is Expected to come in somewhere around 5.2 To 5.3 percent what is a drop of 0.7 What is actually a very significant drop For the inflation data but it's going to Be very important that it's going to Come in somewhere around the consensus Because if it comes in higher than Consensus yeah for sure the market is Going to dump and if it will be coming In lower than consensus the market is For sure going to be pumping Significantly so it's going to be Important to be watching this data this Wednesday the market could start to move Very very significantly for sure since The inflation is forecasted to be Dropping more than 0.7 percent here Anyways that was it for me in today's Update video it was once again a shorter

Video that would be very clear there's Not a lot of stuff happening right now In the market if you want to be trading Bitcoin check out the links in the Description check out cryptoc fifth Discount right now for 24 hours only so Make sure to check it out right now here But anyways thank you so much for Watching and we'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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