There will be another f1c meeting in Three days and historically speaking This is a huge moment for Bitcoin Because every single time the fomc Meeting happens Bitcoin tends to create Either a huge move towards the upside And for all the other times Bitcoin Created a massive dump towards the Downside so will history repeat I will Talk about this super important balance We got earlier today and many more Important charts we need to discuss in Order to predict the next big Bitcoin Move so without any further Ado don't Forget to slap up the like button on Today's update video and with that has Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the imminent short term for Bitcoin and looking at the image short Term we can once again see that 29.6 K That level where I've been talking about Many times before is once again Providing support on the lower side of Bitcoin you can currently clearly see We've already seen more than four Retested of this level and every single Time once we test this level we tend to Be bouncing from it be aware it's Weekend and I don't like to see moves Happening over the course of the weekend But next week we're going to be having The fomc meeting so next week I expect Volatility is going to really pick up Because looking at Bitcoin here of

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Course on the four early time frame we Can clearly still see we're trading on Support and really if we do break below 29.6 K that could be a sign of worry Because then Bitcoin is breaking below The most important level of support Those longest we're not doing that I Don't really see a reason to panic Because as long as we do hold support I Won't be shorting support and of course If we break support that is the point Where I should start to become bearish Because then we're breaking of course Below support so you can clearly see it On the daily time frame Bitcoin is so Far still trading above support but as Soon as we confirm the break below the Next Target on the lower side is 28 000 US dollars but for now I do not see a Reason to really start to be become Bearish of course in three days from now On we're going to have the next fomc Meeting and if we're looking at the data From all the previous FMC meetings we Can see that basically every single time We got an fomc meeting Bitcoin Ultimately dumped towards the downside But the last time around Bitcoin had a Significant rally towards the upside After the FMC meeting so something has Clearly changed of course what we know In the last meeting they decided to not Hike any interest rates at all and I can Tell you already in the upcoming meeting

That is going to be happening in three Days from now on we're going to see one More interest rate hike happening and It's going to be a 99.2 likelihood it's Going to be happening so we're basically 100 certain this one is going to be Happening but this one is definitely Different than other ones because if I Am trying again to be looking at the Probabilities of the interest rate hikes In the future and where we're getting This stamped in the future we are right Now expecting that we're probably going To sit around this level of 550 basis Points for another approximately four to Five months till the beginning of 2024 And once we're going to be having the First meeting in 2024 we're going to be Starting to see that they're going to Start to cut the rates here and that is Actually the forecast what we're having Right now so this is forecasted to be The last interest rate hike in the US And that makes this the hike definitely Very much different than the other ones In the past and that could maybe once Can cause the markets to actually bump Towards the upside rather than dump Towards the downside like it had in the Past because in the past we didn't had So much certainty in the market of Course I can't predict this with 100 30 Because it also really matters about What Jerome Paul is going to be saying

So that is why you should be subscribing To the channel right now because I will Be live streaming this event once Jerome Paul is going to start talking about the Markets and we will see what he has got To say about it so yes that is one thing For sure once the FMC meeting comes Volatility is most likely going to pick Up because yes historically speaking it Really indicated that and together with That we can currently see that the Bullish events is literally training at All-time low sir what also makes up for A perfect perfect ingredient for an even Bigger move for Bitcoin and we can Currently see Bitcoin its volume is also Dropping on The Daily time frame Bitcoin Is coming becoming more and more boring On The Daily time frame because it's Just not moving at all here so yes we Can clearly start to see the Bitcoin Price section is becoming more and more Boring and this is making up the perfect Ingredient for an even bigger move for The Bitcoin price action of course I'm Still long here on the buyback exchange Here and yes this is a very small trade But I believe that I've got a very good Entry since I'm literally longing the Very important support and of course if We break below the support I'm going to Exit my position on bitget I've got a Bigger trade here but my entry price was Around 25 000 so the entry was way

Better and that is why I'm also making Way more profit but it will continue to Hold the straight here even though Bitcoin breaks down to 28 000 US Dollars And of course if you want to be joining Me with my trade here on private you can Do so right now here and actually you Can write claim a free 1 000 US Dollars Bitcoin position all you need to do here Is go to the link description sign up a New account on buybid press on the link Where you can see claim your free one Thousand dollars all you need to do is Deposit one hundred dollars within seven Days and you can claim a free one Thousand US Dollars Bitcoin loan and Shore position you can also claim with An xrp but I prefer to do it in Bitcoin At the moment so that is definitely Super valuable for everyone out there And it's only valid for another 13 days Right here so like everyone probably Already know because yes the value of Bitcoin is correlated against the dollar So if the dollar Index moves down it's Super bullish for Bitcoin and currently We can see the dollar Index had a small Little bands towards the upside but Actually it is retesting this super Important resistance and personally I Expect we're going to see probably a Very big man's happening from off this Level usually if we're going to be Looking at interest rate hike decisions

We can actually see that the majority of The times the dollar Index tends to be Moving up here you can see here it moved Towards the upside here it moved towards The upside but this was the point where They were still hiking the interest Rates and right now we're at the point That this is probably the last interest Rate hike this so that could be maybe Meaning that we're going to be moving Down this time around here so let's see What's going to be happening last Meeting as well we well they were Passing the interest rates they were Also dumping significantly towards the Downside so personally I will be Expecting something very similar could Be happening again here so yes the Dollar Index very important to pay Attention towards because it's inverse Correlated with Bitcoin and zooming out On bitcoin on the bigger perspective we Do know as soon as we do break up with The 32 000 US dollars that is the point Where the next bull market is really Going to be starting to happen of course We have to be very patient and time is On our side but I personally think it's Going to be happening eventually and Once it does happen once we do break Above the 32 000 I personally think we Could start to go exponential again and My price targets are around 40 to 42 000 US Dollars then of course a thing that I

Really need to discuss here with Everyone out there on the channel I Think it's the most important chart to Be looking at here and let me zoom out Here to 2014. this is the chart where You can see the Bitcoin balance on x Changes and you can see the this time Around it's definitely different in the Last bear Market of 2018-2019 we saw That more and more Bitcoin were still Coming towards exchanges however this Time around even though it's a bear Market we can see less and less Available Supply on exchanges and to be Very clear we still got an approximately 2.2 million Bitcoin on the exchanges but Means that 2.2 million Bitcoin is Available to be buying from exchanges However as time continues as we can see The strength continue there's going to Be less and less Bitcoin available to be Buying and that will be creating a great Supply shock and of course right now Maybe you don't really feel it yet but Once the Bitcoin availability goes down Significantly let's say this chart over Four to five years of course also the Whole thing is going to take a career so There's going to be less Supply entering The market there's going to be a huge Supply shock for Bitcoin so take this in Account Bitcoin is not a short-term Investment it's a long-term investment And if you play the long game I'm very

Very very convinced you could be winning On this game and that is why I'm going To be winning every single time because I played the long game I invest not for Tomorrow not for the day after but I Invest for the next decade because then You're going to be assuring you're going To be making a significant amount of Wealth For Me Maybe it's easy to talk Because I'm still very young for Meads May be easier to talk about this since I'm still very young and that is why my Future could be brighter by investing And holding in Bitcoin and if you're of Course already 70 or 80 years old it Doesn't really make sense to invest for 10 years but if you're young like me if You're below 40 or below 50 in my Opinion I think investing in Bitcoin is A very good way to store your wealth and Create more wealth in the future so yeah That was it for me in today's update Video of course Bitcoin looks to be Getting ready for a bigger move in the Future anytime soon here with the FMC Meeting coming up here so three more Days we have to wait and I will be Streaming this event so don't forget to Subscribe to the channel and I'll see You guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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