Right now the Bitcoin price Consolidation continues and in this Exact video I will be talking about what We're currently seeing in the price Chart of Bitcoin because right now the Volume is dropping significantly well Bitcoin is creating lower highs with Higher lows and in this exact video I Will be talking about a potential Breakout that is coming up the price Chart of Bitcoin on The Daily time frame That is squeezing in and indicating that There's going to be a massive breakout Anytime soon so make sure to watch this Video till the end it's going to be an Absolutely critical important one again We once again Smash Up the likes back Above 600 that will be absolutely Incredible and with that of being said Let me jump straight away in towards the Content because on the image short term We do know that Bitcoin yesterday has Seen a significant rally towards the Upside and it exactly ran in towards This downward sloping resistance line The Bitcoin got rejected from last time Around though right now we've seen a Small little rejection from off this Place right here and be very much aware This Movement we saw yesterday happened Over the course of the Easter weekend And right now still markets are closed And due to that fact we could generate a Gigantic CME gap for Bitcoin so make

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Sure to be aware Bitcoin still has got To see me Gap below it so if you really Are looking at the one hour time frame We're really looking at where is the Next major breakout going to be for Bitcoin because ever since we entered This range here Bitcoin has been trading Sideways for over 24 days already and Right now we can clearly start to see The shape of the downtrend and Potentially also the shape of the Uptrend support where we should be Looking at and whatever confirm the Break below that level we potentially Could start to say we are officially Having a breakdown so I will be actually Looking at this trend line right here The level that I'm currently drawing Here is exactly attached towards the Wicks you can see that right now we've Got three important touches from of this Level and basically on the one arrow for A time frame for a Bitcoin this could be Maybe the level to look at right now Here in order to see when the next Breakout is going to be occurring if I'm Going to look at this pattern right here We're expecting a breakout to happen Within the coming 2 days and 20 hours And to be very honest I think that is Also quite likely why is because in Exactly two days and four hours we're Going to have the uscpi data report come Out in just four hours after that we're

Going to get the fomc minutes and the Day after that we're also going to get The PPI reports so for sure they're Going to be three very important events Happening this week in the coming three Days ahead of ourselves and these things Always Spike volatility and if I'm Actually looking at the daily time frame And these interesting things here you Can see always once the inflation data Comes out that is the exact candle that You can see right here there is always Volatility around that Scandal right There either before it or either after It so you can see right here huge Volatility huge volatility huge Volatility and the interesting thing Here is that the last four times the Inflation reports came out here we Actually saw a significant pump before Or after the reports came out so that is Interesting to take in account right now Here but currently we're just a few days Out before we're going to get the Reports again here and I can guarantee You one thing volatility will be picking Up you can see it also clearly from of This symmetrical triangle right here Bitcoin is currently generating a lower Highs on volume what means that the Volume is dropping well we're in a Consolidation phase and usually that is Indicating that there is a very big move Coming anytime soon and you can also see

Right now that only bollerjubens daily Time frame we can see that the bullet Japan's width is extremely narrow what Is suggesting and indicating that There's going to be a volatile shock in The market anytime soon and all these Things getting add up to each other is Right now leading towards one conclusion And that is that we're going to see a Lot of volatility in the coming three Days for Bitcoin so probably we're going To end this very boring consolidation Phase and what is going to be very Important in this stage right now is to See whether we're going to be breaking Above the top side of resistance or Whether we're going to be breaking below The Lower Side of support or even the Middle line of support here because the Middle line of support is being the Level and provided Bitcoin support and Resistance every single time and if we Write and confirm the break below the Middle line that is the point where we Could start to see the continuation Happening towards the downside but of Course if we confirm the breakup of the Top side I will most certainly flip Bullish for Bitcoin I'm going to close Out on my short position and then I'm Going to be opening up a gigantic Bitcoin long position however right now We're still trading in the range and I'm Still in a short position why is because

Purely if I look at the momentum on the Three-day time frame if I look at the Momentum on The Daily time frame or Eight hour time frame it is still Generating more bearish momentum than Bullish momentum and that is the exact Reason why I'm currently still short if You want to be Trading Bitcoin on this Exact breakout because I can guarantee You there's going to be a lot of Volatility in the coming four days I'm Already warning you you could trade it Here on the breakout of these trend Lines right here you could trade it on The breakout of the horizontals right Here but there are many good Opportunities coming up for Bitcoin Right now here but if you want to be Trading it don't forget to check out the Links in the description right now Because if you sign up a new account Using the link in description right now You can claim it deposit bonus up to 30 000 use dollars so make sure to check it Out right now here if I'm going to be Looking at the symmetrical triangle and A potential breakout I'm going to be Looking at two price targets if it's Going to be breaking down I'm going to Be looking for Price targets somewhere Around 25.5 to 25.6 K and if I'm looking For a bullish breakout I'm going to be Aiming for Target somewhere around 31 000 what was already initially my target

If we do break above the top side of This consolidation range right here so To be very clear if I'm going to be Looking at the bigger picture I already Think that the Bitcoin bear Market Volume is already in you can see it also On the mvrv score you can clearly see That in the bear markets the score is Negative and once the bear Market is Ending it's flipping bullish again here And basically once the MV RV set score Is coming buff 7 or above six and a half In the index usually is a very good time To take some profits on your Bitcoin so Once that signal will be flashing again You will be the first one to know here On the channel so make sure to subscribe For that one as well but currently on The baker perspective I don't really Think we should be all too bearish on The weekly time frame it's also pretty Interesting we closed another weekly Candle for Bitcoin and right now we can See four weekly doji candles for Bitcoin In a row what is actually quite Interesting to see right now on the macd On the weekly time frame we are right Now seeing a little bit a small loss of Momentum but if you're actually looking Into 3-day time frame for the daily Three-day macd you can currently see That right now there are some signs of Worry and that is the reason why I'm Still saying this I think if I'm looking

At the three-day time frame we can Currently see where we are currently Running in towards this very important Previous bull market support and right Now it is potentially acting as Resistance and water and can also see on The 3-day MCD here is that there is a Loss of momentum right so first of all We can see that there's a potential Bearish cost going to happen anytime Soon here second of all we can see a Lower high on the macd and higher high On the McD momentum and also a higher High only price chart of Bitcoin will Means that right now we're seeing a Losing momentum structure on the exact Trend that we're currently spotting so This is a losing momentum structure I Should be worried I am also worried I am Very cautious and I would not recommend Anyone to be opening up any loan Positions right now here of course it's No Financial advice but at least for Myself I am not going to be opening up Any launch right now it just looks too Risky right here in this range and I Will be just very patiently waiting to See once the confirmations come in and If they start to come in then I could Start acting again on my rates so that Was it for me in today's of the video if You did enjoy don't forget to slap up That like button subscribe to the Channel and I'll see you guys on the

Next one peace out goodbye

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