BITCOIN WILL BREAKOUT TODAY!!! [price targets revealed]

Bitcoin is going to be breaking out in The coming 15 hours and in this exact Video I'll talk about my price targets I Will talk about Bitcoin it's CME Gap It's currently getting created I will Give a big update on the most important Resistance and support levels below us I Will talk about my gigantic Bitcoin Trade that is currently in more than 1.5 Bitcoin in profit right now and of Course I will give many more updates on The most important charts we need to be Looking at right now so without any Further Ado don't forget to snap up that Like button on today's update video can We smash it back about 500 that will be Absolutely incredible with that being Said let me jump straight away in Towards the content of course like we Already know here last weekend around on The Friday we closed the Bitcoin Simi Future's price around 31.2k what means That of course we're expecting that this Sunday Bitcoin could be pumping back up Towards 31.2 K and if not if we stay Below that level we will create a CME Gap up towards that 31.2k okay what is Still of course super bullish for Bitcoin because then we're expecting That next week we're probably going to Fill up the CME Gap trading around 31.2 K so nevertheless we're expecting more Upside to come here from of this point Onwards and of course be aware I already

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Said this yesterday while Bitcoin was Trading on 30.3k I literally did a tweet Well Bitcoin is dumping here remember The CME Gap is still around 31.2 K so Expect the market to be pulling back up Here and it already has done that and if I will be looking at my consolidation Phase I am currently expecting that also In the coming 15 hours ahead of Ourselves we're going to be seeing a Gigantic breakout of this consolidation Phase two days ago of course I talked About this consolidation phase right Here and basically after we broke Outside of this consolidation phase Bitcoin saw a very sharp move towards The upside and it basically broke all The way up here towards 31.4k or was an Approximately five percent move towards The upside that we predicted and Currently we can see Bitcoin is once Again getting ready for another move Here it's creating an even bigger Consolidation phase and if we will be Looking at the breakout I will be Expecting at least a move here to 31.8k If we're going to be breaking up here And if we were to be breaking down I Will be expecting that Bitcoin is going To come down to 29.7 K here this Orange Box that I'm currently looking at so These are the two Targets I'm currently Going to be looking at if I'm going to Talk about this consolidation phase so

Keep your eyes wide open on this Consolidation phase right now because It's said to be breaking out in the Coming 24 hours ahead of ourselves of Course there's still a big level of Support trading below us that is that Previous resistance right here that Flipped into support and the love I'm Currently talking about is 30.4k so if We do break down here still expect 30.4k It could be providing some significant Support for Bitcoin and at the same time We do know here if you have not zoomed Out yet so far Bitcoin broke this Gigantic downtrend here on the four La Time frame and after it did so it Started an initial very big move towards The upside and so far we're still in the Exponential phase of this Market however The moves are getting less exponential So we are seeing some top signals Getting created so if we were to be Looking down to the big levels of Support I want to be looking at this Level right here right so here you can See big support was getting found here Is what we got rejected from of this Novel last time around and if it will be Extending this level you can see that That level of previous resistance and Support here also flipped into support So that means that if Bitcoin were to See a bigger rejection and a bigger move Down here I expected at least the 29.7 K

To 29.5 K is going to be providing a Significant amount of support and that Could allow everyone who has not got a Position entered yet so far in the Market to enter its position because yes I opened my trade on 25 000 US Dollars And I showed this step by step on my YouTube channel and everyone who joined Me made so much money it is absolutely Crazy I mean I have made an Approximately 65 000 in just a matter of A few days here because yes the move Towards the upside it happened in eight Days I mean right now we're nine days Away before the beginning of this move Here we literally made more than 65 five Thousand dollars in a matter of one week Here and right now I'm going to keep Holding on towards my trade why is Because the funding rate is still Significantly low and second of all I Think with these big institutions Dropping in towards the market the Bitcoin price Gap is not only dirty gay I think it could go much much higher and We're currently only at the beginning of This move towards the upside because you Can currently also see Bitcoin just Broke above its previous resistance high In the market and currently that Previous daily resistance high is Slipping into arch support at the same Time we can also see that currently Indeed we are retesting the most

Important level of resistance but you do Know as soon as we do break Above This Level Bitcoin is probably going to Search up towards levels of 42 to 40 000 US dollars so I personally think because This is the second retest and this is a Very strong move towards the upside We're probably going to be breaking Above it maybe we're first going to see A little bit more of a rejection here From Office level but I am very Convinced we could be breaking Above This level and that is why we'll Continue to hold my trades here so if You're interested in following me on any Of my trades here in the future first of All don't forget to subscribe to the Channel and second of all go to the link Description where you can write a sign Up account using this link in Description you can actually claim an Additional deposit bonus up to fifty Thousand dollars and also if you sign up An account using the link in description By using bid get you will get two weeks Of no trading fees at all so go to the Link description if you're interested And sign up your account right now here Furthermore we can see that Bitcoin is Breaking out of the cop and handle Pattern and right now actually we're Retesting the most important resistance Level like we do know right here as soon As we do break Above This level the

Target is going to be probably reached Very quickly so get ready for that one As well the Bitcoin company handle is Looking very strong and the movement so Far is also looking super bullish in Exactly 17 hours from now on we will Close the weekly candle and once Bitcoin Is going to be breaking Above This Weekly resistance I personally think we Are going to be entering an even more Exponential stage here I mean this is a Beautiful weekly candle we created but The next one could be even better so you Can see this is a very important level For review support it flipped us into Resistance right here here we go once Again another gigantic rejection and Right now we're breaking above it and of Course it depends where the weekly Candle is going to close but if we're Going to close like this or even higher Bitcoin weekly time frame is going to be Breaking out and we're probably going to See more upside so get ready for that at The same time the horizontal resistance We are not officially breaking out yet Here but we can clearly see that we're Already creaking out the previous weekly High and that is a good thing to see Here so once again we're confirming a Higher high and that is exactly what you Want to be seeing in this market right Now here so yes Bitcoin in my opinion is Looking very bullish on the bigger

Perspective of course it is literally Trading against resistance right now and Basically you should never long Bitcoin Around resistance since I've already Opened up my position on 25 000 I'm Going to continue to ride my positions I Think on the imminent short term Bitcoin Is looking like it's losing momentum you Can see it on the RSI we're creating Lower highs on the RSI bringing higher Highs on the price section so there's Definitely a big warning signal for Bitcoin right now out there but be aware In in these kinds of market conditions Bitcoin can still move up against all The odds here so that is why I'm also Expecting we could still see more upside Here we are right now creating this new Consolidation phase and I will be Expecting it's going to be breaking at Two days so get ready for that here and More importantly once we do decide to be Breaking out it's going to be important To look whether we're going to be Breaking bullish or whether we're going To be breaking bearish or that next move For Bitcoin so get ready for that keep Your eyes wide open and I'll see you Guys on the next one peace out goodbye

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