BITCOIN WILL BREAKOUT TODAY!!! [price targets revealed]

This Bitcoin veteran is said to be Breaking out today and in this exact Video I will talk about these price Targets I will talk about the gigantic CME Gap that currently is getting Created the Bitcoin potential bull flag And many more important charts that we Need to discuss right now because it Looks to be that history is once again Repeating if we're going to be comparing All these lost exponential moves towards Each other and on top of that I will Also give a gigantic update on the Altcoin market so without any further Ado don't forget to slap of the like Button and let's jump straight away back In towards the content so first of all On the image short term we do know that Bitcoin is creating one gigantic See Me Gap and the C megap is currently still Trading around 31.2 K all the way down To 30.7 K usually see me gaps tend to Get filled up 48 hours after creation so I am expecting that today or tomorrow we Could be seeing the CME Gap getting Filled up again if not it will be of Course highly on likely because Literally 98 of all the CME gaps that Got created tend to get filled up within 48 Hours of course there are still Cement gaps out there in the market that Have never been filled up here but the Likelihood that this one is going to get Filled up again is going to be super

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High so for that we need to be a little Bit patient but if we're looking at the One hour time frame we can clearly see That we're creating a new critical Downward sloping resistance Line This is The level to break here in order to see Further continuation towards the upside And if we were to be breaking bearish we Will probably need to see a break below The downward sloping support line since Every single time we touch that level we Tend to be bouncing from it there's also A super important horizontal level of Support and that is thirty thousand Dollars to 30.2k and basically every Single time we've so far been testing This level Bitcoin has been bouncing From of this range and basically Continued all the way back towards the Upside again and what you can see from Of this chart is that Bitcoin this down Resolving trend line here is coming Closer and closer towards the potential Apex and then we need to see Peter a Break below support or either a break Above resistance and see a continuation Towards the upside so let's see where It's going to be breaking towards me but One thing is sure and that is that Within 24 hours we will be seeing a Gigantic breakout and I will be looking At this pattern if I want to be calling A breakout for a bit so within the Coming 24 hours we will be seeing a

Breakout and the price Target will be Measured from here it won't be a Significant big breakout but it could be Targeting levels of 31.2 K on the top Side or on the Lower Side around 29.2 K So I am expecting that Bitcoin is going To see more volatility today and of Course it will be happening due to the Fact of this breakout of the symmetrical Triangle so get ready now for the next Breakout because this will be once again A good trading opportunity that we're Currently looking at we can see clearly We've got more than one two three four Rejections in a row here so the trend Line is definitely very important to be Paying attention towards and also on the Lower side we have seen more than one Two three clear bounces from it so these Are two very important trend lines to be Looking at and I will be expecting the Breakout is going to be happening within The coming 24 hours furthermore we can See on the four hourly time frame if we Do decide to be breaking the airport Solving support line break bearish There's still a gigantic level of Support below us on 29.6 K you can see 29.6 K was previously around very big Resistance here it flipped into support So if Bitcoin does decide to be breaking Down that is the level where I also once Again expect there's going to at least Some support be found and yeah if you're

Zooming in you can clearly see that Bitcoin on the four lead time frame is Right now creating a small little crit Trend towards the upside since I expect That Bitcoin still has more potential Towards the upside due to the fact that We still forgot to see me Gap also Trading above us I will still hold off My trade open and yes I've been saying This for quite a while of course we need To break 32 000 but as soon as we do That forty thousand dollars is a very Realistic price Target and bursting I Still think it could be definitely Possible for Bitcoin to be reaching 40 000 on this move and the point where I Will be starting to close this trade is Basically once I see the signals Shifting the market once there comes Bullish news and the market doesn't move At all that is the point where you Should be starting to sell your Positions because then probably the Market is going to be reversing so that Are the signals that I will be looking At for me to be closing out on this Trade but so far I am not looking to Take profits yet on this trade and if You are actually interested in trading There is a super big deposit bonus right Now going on on by bit because you can Literally get a free one thousand Dollars if you deposit 100 within seven Days so go to the link in description of

Today's video here all you need to do Here is sign up a new account using the Link above then deposit 100 within seven Days and you can go to the website here And claim your free 1 000 US dollar Bitcoin long or short position so check It out right now in the link description It's going to be allowing you guys to Open up a free position and make tons And tons of money in the future Especially if the market does decide to Be moving here and if you can't use buy Bit because on Bible you need to do kyc You can also go to bit get the link Description and there you can write and Create an account without kyoc and also Get insane deposit bound furthermore Looking at the content it is very Interesting if we're looking at Bitcoin That every single time once we go Exponential we basically run in towards That previous high in the market get Rejected on that level stay there a Couple days and then move up again here You saw it also right here we moved down Here move back exponential we Consolidated for two days below the Previous resistance Range High and then We moved up again here right now as well This is the previous Range High in the Market we moved up exponentially and Right now we're consolidating already For a few days below this level though Is history once again repeating and will

Bitcoin this time around once again Shoot through this level well it's a Crazy big green candle that is going to Be the big question if you would ask me The Bitcoin is most certainly getting Ready for a gigantic move here of course The bull flag on bitcoin also broke Bullish and I'm still looking for higher Targets and like I said earlier the Level to break is 31 to thirty two Thousand dollars and if we do break Above This level and I mean honestly Bitcoin is probably going to be shooting Up to forty thousand dollars and that Will be absolutely crazy to be seeing And yeah firstly because this is also The second free test and not the first Retest the chance of breaking this level Are most certainly significantly higher Than last time around while we were Trying this one for the first time Around so I am definitely very excited For the Bitcoin price section right now Also another cool fact here is that Bitcoin broke the downward sloping Weekly trend line and right now it's Actually trading above it and at the Same time we can see this very Interesting fractal playing out here Where Bitcoin is having once again the Perfect retest and it bounce back Towards the upside just like last time Around in September 2020 and if I'm Looking at the altcoin market here guys

I mean right now it looks to me that We're in the depression slash disbelief Stage here old coins are still Significantly down compared to bitcoin I Mean altcoins have only been bouncing in Approximately 30 from its lowest point Here while Bitcoin bans more than 100 And from its lowest point here so all Coins are still suffering a little bit Here but it is allowing us to be buying Up some cheaper altcoins right now at This stage here I've been looking to be Buying tap I've been bought I've bought More than 150 000 worth of tap because Binance is leaving Europe and I Personally think that tap could take Over since that is fully regulated and It's also a crypto exchange so you can Write and check it out here do your own Research but I personally think this Coin has so much potential especially Since the market cap is only 8 million US Dollars and if binance is going to Even leave more countries in Europe that Has got such a big potential to take Over this European market so that is why I've been buying in towards this coin as Well here but all coins especially are Right now pretty undervalued there are Some big opportunities to make a lot of Money with all coins but like I've said Several times before if you're going to Be putting the Bitcoin dominance over The top of the Bitcoin price action you

Can clearly see that basically once Bitcoin breaks the Ultima and it was Right here that is the point to be Buying all coins because since that Point the Bitcoin diamond has dropped Significantly and this will be once Again probably the same for the next Bull Run I think that Bitcoin dominance Will keep increasing till we hit the All-time high that will be the point Where the Bitcoin dominance is probably Going to dump again here so be very Careful and be very patient there are Definitely enough opportunities to be Buying all coins and I don't necessarily Think it's the best opportunity right Now however there are certain picks out There like that that are right now very Very interesting to be looking at and Interesting to be buying around these Ranges so that was it for me in today's Update video thank you so much for Watching and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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