A huge Bitcoin breakout is imminent and Today we will have the Federal Reserve Interest rate hike decision what will Cause massive volatility and this Pattern is said to be breaking out Anytime soon here and especially due to The extreme low volatility the Bitcoin Has been creating over the past few Weeks we are expecting there is going to Be a massive move anytime hitting the Markets and in this exact video I will Talk about the most important charts in Crypto the most important charts that Are currently indicating and telling us A very important story where we need to Talk about I will give a brief update on My trade and I will give a big update on The classic markets that are moving Invertently against Bitcoin right now so Don't forget to watch this video till The end it's going to be super important I'm going to talk about the fomc meeting I'm going to talk about the most Important charts so don't forget to slap On that like button on today's update Video can we smash it back about 500 Likes that will be absolutely incredible And with that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content First of all we we can currently see the Bitcoin SB filling up at CME Gap I've Been talking about I mean over the Course of the weekend we took a very big Dump here all the way down to 25 000 and

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Straight away I said I'm expecting to See me Gap is going to get filled up Before Wednesday and like you can see it Got filled up on Tuesday so that is Definitely a very good thing here that Once again see me Gap got filled up Because like I've been saying for quite A while right now 98 of all the CME gaps Tend to get filled up within three days And this once again was the case so if You did took the trade with me you would Have made approximately three and a half Percent from just anticipating and see Me Gap getting filled up here Furthermore we can see the Bitcoin is Right now creating a very interesting Consolidation phase and it looks to be That this consolidation phase is going To be breaking out anytime soon here to Be expected this consolidation phase is Going to be breaking out today today is Also a super volatile day here because Today's the day where the Federal Reserve is going to make an interest Rate hike decision this decision will Come out in approximately 10 hours while I'm writing and recording so in Approximately nine and a half hours After the video is live and random looks To be that the Federal Reserve is going To pause their interest rates what is Going to be definitely a very bullish Decision that they're going to be making There's only a four percent chance that

They're going to do another 25 basis Point hike so it is very unlikely that We are going to see any more raid hikes From off this point here of course this Is also due to the fact that the Inflation is definitely coming in lower Than expected and due to that the Federal Reserve is probably not going to Hike their rates again of course it's Going to be important to know what Jerome Paul is going to say so make sure To watch the fomc meeting because on That meeting you want to hear what Jerome Paul is saying so right now I am Actually expecting not a lot of Volatility and I do expect the Volatility is going to be picking up for Bitcoin again as soon as Jerome Paul is Going to start talking here so Bitcoin Is coming very close towards that next Breakout and with Jerome Paul starting To talk we're probably going to be Seeing the breakout happening for Bitcoin you can see the consolidation Phase is getting created on the one hour And 4 hourly time frame and we're Expecting to see a gigantic breakout Either directions and of course I am Already in a long position on bitcoin But I will definitely also open up a Small short position if we do break Barrel share so I'm going to keep my Eyes wide open on the trend if we break The upper solving support line I'm

Expecting we're going to see some lower Lows getting created and of course like I've said several times before with my Trade if Bitcoin moves down below 25 000 I'm going to add even more our margin Towards my trade so for me it's only Going to be more beneficial if Bitcoin Does break down because I could be Building up that bigger trade of course If it does decide to be breaking bullish I'm only going to benefit from it from My already opened Bitcoin position that Is occur That's currently worth an approximately 138 000 US Dollars furthermore we can See the Bitcoin is still creating that Falling wedge pattern and on The Daily Time frame we're finding very big Support here on this level and like I Said I wouldn't be surprised if Bitcoin Still comes down to 23 to 24 000 and we Will still find support around those Levels so I will be keeping my eyes wide Open on that and I will remain to be Bullish on bitcoin even though if we go Down to twenty three thousand dollars I'm going to continue to be buying in This range because I do believe that This is a good accumulation range for Bitcoin furthermore we can see that on The daily time frame we're creating Perfectly the falling which pattern and Basically if you start to zoom out here You can see right now we've been in a

Small bearish momentum here well in the Bigger perspective we've been in a clear Uptrend what is definitely makes me Pretty excited about Bitcoin because on The Daily time frame as well we can Currently see that we're creating this Upward sloping support line and you can Clearly see it we're about to be Retesting the sport line and hope we're Going to retest it possibly and see Advance from it and basically this is Indicating that this this consolidation Phase of the following wedge is coming Towards an ending stage here and I am Expecting that we're going to see a Breakout within the coming two weeks Here of course it could be happening Today it could be happening today due to The fact that Jerome Paul is going to Start talking and probably we're going To see a lot of volatility due to that Bitcoin is consolidating it's getting Squeezed in and it's basically getting Ready for a gigantic move anytime soon Here and another thing that's confirming Basically my thoughts about the Volatility is also the bullet events and The Bollinger Bands with here because The bullish events with is right now as Narrow as the beginning of January 2023 As also the beginning of October 2022 And you can see both of these occasions Bitcoin was extremely low volatility and After that we saw a big spike of

Volatility in October we first saw a 20 Move towards the upside in approximately Two weeks here and after that we saw an Approximately 30 dump in just one week So yeah volatility looks to be picking Up again anytime soon here if history is An indication because also in the Beginning of January we moved up in Approximately fifty percent in just a Matter of 30 days and that is definitely The volatility you want to be seeing Here and we could be expecting something Similar maybe first a big move towards Nelson then up or maybe vice versa first Will move up and then down at least one Thing is for sure volatility has been so Low and so narrow for the pause and that Is only going to indicate there's going To be a bigger move in the future so get Ready for that right now prepare your Bags prepare your trades I'm expecting Is actually going to be moved towards The upside since hence I believe that This trend is still going to continue You can still see Bitcoin creating a Bull flag about to be approaching that Very important upper solving support Line furthermore we can see that on my Trade I am currently in an approximately Three percent profile like I've said at The beginning of the video I'm looking To add more margin as Bitcoin continues To go down here because this is a swing Trade if you're interested in swing

Trading or staying up to date on my Trades first of all subscribe to the Channel to know more about my trades Second of all if you're interested in Trading and you want to claim it deposit Bonus go to the link description sign up An account using the link on bid get and You can trade without VPN without okay We see and you can claim it deposit Bonus up to fifty thousand dollars and Be aware it's only valid with this link So make sure to get an account using the Link in the description furthermore we Can see that Bitcoin is creating still The gigantic copper handle pattern with A price target of fifty three thousand Dollars and my main resistance above it Is still 31 to thirty two thousand US Dollars that we need to be breaking so If we do break bullish still there's a Big level of resistance above us but I'm Still of course expecting we're going to Be continuing towards the upside even Though we are having a big resistance Level right there you can clearly see Falling wedge on different time frames You can see it on the three day time Frame you can see it on the daily time Frame and also approaching this very Important support line that we are about To be retesting on the weekly time frame We're creating this beautiful Inverse-handed shoulders with a perfect Weekly retest and talking about the

Classic markets we can currently see That the classic markers are moving Invertedly against Bitcoin so this is The 15 minute time frame and the S P 500 Yesterday has been actually moving up While Bitcoin has been crashing down Here so that is quite interesting to be Seeing here here well of course the Inflation came in very positively the Us-500 so the classic stock market moved Further on towards the upside and Bitcoin moved down here so Bitcoin is Really losing momentum against the Classic stock market and you can see it Also against the NASDAQ the NASDAQ Continued towards the upside while Bitcoin continued to go sideways slash Towards the downside so one thing is for Sure and that is that the classic stock Market is outpacing Bitcoin right now And usually once the classic stock Market is outpacing Bitcoin Bitcoin is Always going to come back with a faster And bigger move here so like we can see There's almost no volatility and Bitcoin Is almost not performing while the S P 500 and the classic markers are Performing very well really what I'm Seeing is just calm before the storm of Course the price section is maybe Getting suppressed by all the lawsuits That we're getting fired at us but this Is definitely the time to not lose Attention in this market of course it

Could be very boring sometimes but in The boring times the most amount of Money usually is getting made here so Make sure to pay attention towards Bitcoin right now of course on the Bigger perspective we do know that the Next Bitcoin whole thing is only out 290 Days so if you really want to make money In the next cycle this is really the Time to prepare because the year before The next whole thing is usually one of The best buying opportunities you will Ever have and that is literally right Now here so prepare your bags right now Get ready for the next run up it's so Stupid if you're not paying attention Towards crypto and Bitcoin right here so That was it for me in today's update Video I truly hope you did enjoy it if You did like it don't forget to slap up The like button on today's update video And I'll see you guys on the next one Peace out goodbye

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