Right now the Bitcoin bull flag is still Not breaking out and in this exact video I will be going over my days where I am Expecting the next big Bitcoin move is Going to be happening so don't forget to Watch this video till the end it's going To be extremely important I will be Talking basically about the current Ongoing Market structure I will talk About the current ongoing patterns I Will be talking about the most important Support the most important events that Are about to happen within five days From now on my trade and much more Important software so don't forget to Slap up that like button and can we once Again smash it back up at 400 that will Be absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away Into watch the content once we're Looking at the imminent short term yeah There are not a lot of new things Happening and actually since we started To push up towards the upside we've been Basically consolidating sideways for Yeah already seven days right now here And I do not think that this is a weird Scenario to have first of all it's very Good because we're consolidating a Around the 23 000 US dollar Target what Is actually very good because right now We are building a base above this price For Bitcoin and if I am going to be Opening up the three-day time frame we

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Can currently clearly still see Bitcoin Is still creating a bull flag here on The three-day time frame also on the Four hourly time frame and basically so Far we just have not seen a breakout yet So far so we're still waiting for a Potential break of this bull flag Currently we are significantly in a Bullish buying strength here we're Creating higher lows we're creating Higher highs and like you can see this Was a very exponential one up towards The upside the second one was a little Bit less exponential and in case the Next round is going to be also less Exponential for Bitcoin it's good signal That we're somewhere very close towards A potential top of the shorter movement Towards the upside however as long as We're creating a bull flag I'm going to Remain bullish on the bigger picture for Bitcoin if we do break below towards the Lower Side my next big targets of Support are around that 21 000 US Dollars because the twenty one thousand Dollars like you can see right here has Been previously around very strong Resistance and if I'm going to be Opening up the chart on a bigger time Frame you can also clearly see that here It was also providing very strong Support slash resistance here it was Providing support here also and for me I Don't really think we're going to be

Reaching this level unless and here it Comes unless we break below that 22.6 Guy so this blue box right here the blue Books right here like you can see first Was providing resistance ever since we Broke above it it is providing support So as long as we're trading above this Blue box right here that is definitely Going to be bullish for Bitcoin as soon As we do have a confirmed breakout below It then I am targeting 21 000 and 21 000 Is also the exact point where I will be Adding more margin but currently we have Been consolidating for over five days in This exact Bitcoin bull flag already and The question remains when is it going to Be breaking out when is it going to be a Breakout that is what everyone is asking Me right now and if I'm going to be Looking at important dates where the Market is really waiting for it is Really February very diverse because of February the first we will get the next Interest rate hike decision and that Usually has a big effect on the market Also with the speech of Jerome Powell so Really what I think is that markets are Going to stay boring until the next fomc Meeting is and if the fomc meeting is There that is also the point where we Will be probably experience more Volatility in the market so please make Sure that this is probably the day that We will be experiencing a lot of

Volatility and this day is still going To take another five days so on February The 1st that is the point where I will Be expecting more volatility to hit the Markets and if I'm looking at my trade What I'm really going to do with it Right now because basically for the First past five days we have been Consolidating sideways and not a lot of New developments have been playing out So what I will be doing with my trade Right now here is just keep my trade Open if we do break towards the downside Towards 21 000 that is a point where I Will be adding more margin towards my Trades I will be adding approximately 20 33 more margin towards my trade if we Confirm a Break about of this previous High right here and we confirm a breakup Of 24 000 that is also the point where It will also add 10 to 20 more margin Towards my trade because then we're Confirming a bullish breakout towards The upside so basically I am planning to Scale up my trade and really what I Would like to see here is that Bitcoin Is going to be having a retracement Bitcoin moves down and once it moves Down that is the point where I will be Able to add more margin towards it so This is basically how it will be trading The market if you're interested in Trading the market yourself as well you Could do self through buy bid or bit get

Pipe it is currently allowing you to get A 30 000 US dollars to possible bonus if You sign up and again using the link in Description so make sure to check it out Right now here and if you're living in The US you can use bitget and also claim A 20 000 US dollars to puzzle bonus and You can trade there without kyc and VPN Furthermore looking at the 12 hour time Frame you can really see that Bitcoin is Really getting supported by this very Important level in the market it's Green Books right here is previously around God is rejected who could have found the Support right here and right now is also Finding a support around this level Right here so so far we're still holding On towards this level and as long as We're doing so it's going to be actually Quite all right here and on The Daily Time frame you can really see if we Break below that level that the 21 000 Is really the next big level of support So that is also how we will be trading This and actually if we do break bearish We break towards the downside I mean I Really wish I can add some more margin Towards my trade and yeah if we come Down to twenty one thousand dollars it's Really going to be allowing me to open Up this bigger trading position right Here and it's also going to be good for The markets to have a small little Retracement here so yeah let's see how

It's going to be playing out here Currently the RSI is also significantly Cooling off here on a daily time frame We can see the same the RSI is cooling Off a little bit here but still there is More room to go here because one's Looking at the three-day RSI you can see That we're just getting started to get Overbought and historically speaking you Can see that on the 3D time frame the RSI tends to go over about for a longer Period of time and in the previous bear Market recovery phase we started to get Overbought from the initial run up here Towards approximately 5 five thousand Dollars and then we stayed overbought For a very long time till we reached Fourteen thousand dollars and that was Even another two and a half X from of That point onward so what I want to be Pointing out right here is that yes We're overbought but this is only a more Bullish signal because we could stay Overbought for way longer and it's a Signal that the market is finally Showing some strength again so yeah this Was it so yeah this was it for me on Today's update video it was a short one But yeah there are not a lot of new Developments happening I'm waiting for The blue flag to break out here I'm Still looking at this pattern first of February save the day don't forget to Subscribe to the channel because I will

Be live streaming this event as well but Anyways this was it for me on today's Update video and I hope to see you guys On the next one peace out goodbye

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