Bitcoin is creating a gigantic See Me Gap and at the same time it is right now Finding support at this very important Level of this falling wedge support and In this video I will give you guys an Update on my current ongoing trade that Has already worth more than 140 000 US dollars I will also talk about The most important support of Bitcoin That is currently providing support and Much more important stuff that currently Is playing out here for the price Section of Bitcoin so without any Further Ado don't forget to snap up that Like button on today's update video can We once again Smash Up the likes back About 500 that will be absolutely Incredible and with that being said let Me jump straight away in towards the Content so like we do know if we will be Looking at the CME Futures yard we can See that Bitcoin is still sitting around 26.5 K because 26.5 K was the level to See me Futures closed at once Bitcoin is Going to go in towards the Monday so Tomorrow we're going to open up the Simi Futures price again and if we will Remain to be trading around this level We're currently trading on we will Create a gigantic CME gap of an about 800 to 700 US Dollars and usually what Happens if a CME Gap tends to get Created is that either Bitcoin tends to Fill them up next week or either it's

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Already going to get filled up on the Sunday so what I will be expecting here Is that actually the CME Gap is probably Going to get filled up next week here There could be also a possibility that Bitcoin is going to pump already back Towards the upside because if you're Looking at the last times we create the CME gaps here we were trading above the CME Gap and it took us an approximately Two days before we filled it up here and Once again came back down to 26.5 K here It just took us a few hours before Filling up the CME Gap here we created The CME Gap and it took us an Approximately two days after the CME Gap Open again to fill it up we created the CME Gap and on the Monday we already Filled it up again here so right now we Could be once again see something Similar that Bitcoin is going to pump Back towards the upside at the end of The Sunday so we are not going to create To see me Gap at all but tomorrow if we Will be trading around this novel again We will create a significant CME Gap and Then I will be expecting we're going to Actually see a small move towards the Upside beginning next week here so there Are many more reasons why Bitcoin could Start to be moving exponentially next Week here next week there will be also a Lot of economic volatility why is Because first of all on the Tuesday we

Will be having the CPI reports and on The Wednesday we will have the fomc Meeting I will be live streaming both of These events on my channel so don't Forget to subscribe to the channel to Stay exactly up to date because I will Be live streaming these events and I Will be placing some live trades on Bitcoin to know and anticipate where the Market is going towards and usually like We can see from history out of this Chart there's a lot of volatility once These events happened and due to the Fact that the CPI or data comes out one Day before the fomc meeting the market Doesn't really have a lot of time to Price in where the inflation is going to Come in at and what the Federal Reserve Is probably going to do so so that is Going to probably bring a lot of Volatility to the market and we can Currently see that the U.S inflation Consensus is going to come in around 4.1 Percent and that is going to be a drop Of 0.8 percent and we're even expecting That in July we're going to see a drop Down to 3 percent so inflation looks to Be dropping very quickly and that is Also why the expected interest rate will Be not another rate hike but they will Pass the rate hikes what would mean that They're going to not increase the Interest rates once again and that will Be considered extremely bullish for all

Markets so yeah there's going to be a Lot of volatility on that event at the Same time we're trading on very Important support they can see I opened At least more long positions on this Level you can straight away see Bitcoin Retested this level we're bouncing from It on the daily time frame you can see It as well and usually this pattern Tends to be breaking out towards the Upside to be exact a falling which Breaks towards the upside 8 out of the 10 times and that is definitely a very Bullish pattern if you would ask me here Also looking at my trade currently you Can see it's a 140 000 US dollar Bitcoin Long position only two percent in profit But of course it's a swing trade and Like you can see I set up multiple Orders on the Lower Side four in case Bitcoin is going to come lower I am Going to actually add more margin Towards the straight because I am Planning to be building up a 1 million US dollar Bitcoin position but I'm not Going to necessarily do it on 25 000 I Would really like to add more margin Once Bitcoin goes a little bit lower so That is the thing I will be waiting for Right now that is something I will be Doing right now here so I need to be a Little bit more cautious I need to be a Little bit more patient but if Bitcoin Comes down further I'm going to add more

Margin if Bitcoin shoots up towards the Opposite promote this level I've got a 140k big or long position and I'm going To take my profits along the way up here So if you're interested in following my Journey subscribe to the channel and Also if you're interested in training Yourself as well go to the link in Description to bit get because bitcat Allows you to trade without kyc without VPN and you can actually withdraw over 30 Bitcoins on the daily limit and that Is definitely very beautiful to see Furthermore we can see that actually on The daily time frame Bitcoin is right Now at this critical level of support I've been talking about it's at the low Of the that collapse it is at the high Of this very important resistance in the Market and right now we are seeing this Level getting retested I think it's a Big opportunity we're seeing this read This right now taking place we're seeing The falling wedge getting created on The Daily time frame for Bitcoin you can Even argue it's right now a bull flag That we're creating so there's Definitely some very bullish charts that Are currently getting printed and even If you're looking at the weekly time Frame you can call that there is a cop And handle pattern getting created and The copper handle pattern is the most Bullish pattern you can literally create

Here it's basically also a mix of the Falling wedge and basically the price Recovery that we created you can also See in the weekly time frame that this Is even a weekly inverse and the Shoulders retest so all the charts are Pointing towards a very important level Of support that currently is training Below us around 24 to 25 000 I am not Necessarily expecting there's going to Be a straight shoot towards the opposite Form of this level however it definitely Could be happening I do however think It's a good level to be buying I've been Bearish on bitcoin on 31k and I Literally flip bullish on bitcoin on 25 5.3k allegedly at the point I opened up This trade here so I have been bullish On bitcoin once we are literally hitting The lows and hitting support and have Been bearish once we hit the resistance On the top side so get ready for this Here we can also see here on the Bitcoin Domino's chart is that the Bitcoin Dominance is breaking bullish and all Coins are currently having a little bit Of a harder time here so be aware for That my target is that actually Bitcoin Dominance is going to increase to 52 and It looks to be very likely to see that Happening as well at the same time we Can currently see Bitcoin this cycle is Just once again repeating you can see The orange vertical lines here the

Orange vertical lines stand for the Bitcoin holding events were just a few Weeks out here literally I mean we're Literally only 40 to 50 weeks out here Before the next Bitcoin whole thing is Going to be there and if you look at the Previous Cycles here usually you tend to See a small little run up before we Actually have the uh the Bitcoin whole Thing so you can see it happening every Single time here I will be expecting We're going to see something similar Happening again here so let's see how It's going to be playing out here at Least we broke the monthly downtrend Like we have done every single time in The past and basically every single time We've broken the monthly downtrend Bitcoin's seen at least a significant Rally towards the upside not in a Straight go just like we're having right Now but at least we saw some relief Towards the upside and you can clearly See this time around it's not different It's not different we're breaking once Again the downward sloping monthly time Frame and also for the Bitcoin whole Thing it is not going to be different This time Bitcoin its Supply will only Shrink in the future what will make it An even more scarce asset and that will Inevitably give it a more bullish bias Edge and a more higher price scenario in The future almost 100 certainly so make

Sure to get ready for the future make Sure to get ready for the next Bitcoin Whole thing I am looking at this but Anyways this was it for me in today's Update video thank you so much for Watching towards amazing new update Video I hope to get you guys on the next One peace out goodbye

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