Bitcoin is creating a new C Me Gap right Now and while this is happening we're Creating a massive symmetrical triangle We're creating this uptrend and I will Be talking about this Bitcoin Trend we Are still trading in so I will be Discussing this and the most important News that's currently playing out here In the market so without any further we Do don't forget to stop up the like Button back up at 400 likes that will be Absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the content and right now only The inmin a short term Bitcoin is Creating a c and currently the C me Price is laying between 36.5k and $37,000 so once again over the course of This weekend Bitcoin has seen a Significant pump towards the upside and Right now once again we have created the C Me Gap you can see from the past we've Created many more CM gaps before and Honestly usually Bitcoin doesn't really Create that many cm gaps and also what Tends to happen is that 95% of all the CM gaps they tend to get filled up Within days after creation but right now In the reason weeks here Bitcoin has Created a lot of CME gaps but not really Been filling them up so once again we Created another CME Gap and so far it Has not filled up but looking at the

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Stat usually these tends to get filled Up over the course of the week and if it Were to be filling up Bitcoin has to Drop all the way down to 36.4k so let's see if it's going to be Happening honestly I won't be expecting It 100% because yeah the L four C gaps Two of them are still not filled up here So honestly I won't be really surprised If this C Me Gap won't get filled up as Well so looking further in towards my Analysis on bitcoin is that currently Bitcoin is trading at the higher side of The range so the higher side of the Range basically means there's a little Bit more risk in the market if you're Going to belonging Bitcoin right now Here and basically we are currently Trading against the most critical Resistance here on the top side what is Of course laying around 37.8k all the way down to 37,000 for Bitcoin and since we're Currently trading above $37,000 we are currently trading in this Critical resistance area if we're Looking at Bitcoin we can clearly see That currently this region right here Has basically got us rejected many times Before and of course the top side right Here that was previously around the Liquidity range that also got us Rejected so I will be looking at these Two levels and also of course this

Horizontal level right here fur on I Will be keeping my eyes wide open on This symmetrical triangle for Bitcoin Because right now we're creating this Potential downtrend and we're creating This upward sloping Trend right here What could potentially be indicating That we are right now creating this Massive consolidation phase and Bitcoin Is set to be breaking out anytime soon So make sure to get ready for this I'm Getting ready for this gigantic move Here but honestly Bitcoin is creating a Symmetrical triangle and basically we're Just waiting for the next move to get Created and also some more macro bullish News for the market is that Argentina Got the new Pro Bitcoin president and Basically what he wants here is to Integrate Bitcoin to the financial System he wants to get rid of cash he Wants to get rid of socialism in Argentina and he wants to be Implementing Bitcoin in the civilization So honestly this is a very gigantic step Forward another big economy is joining Bitcoin just like El Salvador has been Doing so in the macro perspective things Are getting more and more bullish for Bitcoin and honestly this could be Another Catalyst for the next Bull Run Just like El Salvador was for the Previous Bitcoin Bull Run further on we Can see that Bitcoin remains to be

Trading in this 4 hourly uptrend and I've been saying this for quite a while As long as we hold this trend there's no Reason to be panicking about Bitcoin and Potentially we are right now then Creating that downward sling resistance Line I have not seen the significant Rejection yet so we'll be waiting a Little bit more closely before we are Breaking out of this region but anyways I will be expecting that this breakout Is going to be happening anytime soon as Well further on we can see that still The daily momentum is the thing that I'm A little bit worried about on bitcoin Because the daily momentum for Bitcoin Is right now really like ah is it really Going to be continuing further on or are We going to just lose the momentum here On the daily RSI my perspective right Now here I think that this move for Bitcoin could go much higher but only if We're going to get some important news Otherwise I don't really think we're Going to go much higher since yeah I Really think that this momentum on the Bitcoin price section right now looks a Little bit dried up here but if the Bitcoin SP ETF get accepted then Probably we will still see the pump Towards the upside what I will remain to Be expecting is that probably we could Test the upside once again here Potentially have a rejection from of

This higher region right here I will be Looking closely at the 12 hour time Frame because this is where the Liquidity lays on the market if we break Above This liquidity region then Probably we're going to see that Continuation towards the upside and Talking a little bit more about Liquidity we can currently see that There's not a lot of liquidity laying Above us but the majority of the Liquidity is laying below us and Especially around the 35.6k region is Not quite a lot but it is like $1 134 Million us that is laying around the 35.6k so potentially that could still be A reason for Bitcoin to come down here Because usually what Bitcoin does here Is that it is chasing liquidity and Currently the the majority of the Liquidity is laying around $35,000 but Also around this $34,000 level where 1.3 billion US Dollar in liquidations are laying so Last time around we tried to liquidate That level but that was not reached so Potentially this is still a level to Keep your ice wide open on and honestly If we do touch that level we're probably Going to see a wick towards the downside Maybe to 32.8k 32. 6K but still I would Be expecting that levels below $33,000 are going to be a very good Buying opportunity so I'm going to be

Looking towards that level very closely And if we were to be retesting it I will Be definitely open I will be definitely Interested in some long positions on Bitcoin but right now for the imminent Short term we shouldn't be looking at The downside we should be clearly Looking at this region right here if we Potentially break below the 35.4k that is the point where we Potentially could be breaking towards The downside towards the green box again But as long as we're not breaking below The middle range right here I won't be Surprised that it is just not going to Be happening for Bitcoin at all further On if you are interested in trading Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies make sure to Go to buybit because buybit is currently Offering you a deposit bonus up to $40,000 and if you just and if you just Go to the website directly is only a $400 deposit bonus so it's a win-win Situation and on top of that if it's Your first time signing up a new account Here guys you can actually also claim an Additional free $1,000 airw position and All you need to do here is sign up an Account using that link below complete KC deposit $100 in your first seven days And you can claim this insane $1,000 Bitcoin air position so it's super Valuable you could claim this air Position on bitcoin ethereum or Pepe

Whatever you prefer but make sure to Check it out because it's super super Valuable and it's only valid for another 70 days looking at the daily time frame For Bitcoin uh honestly the price Section of Bitcoin right now is quite Interesting in my opinion and honestly What I'm expecting is that the big move Is going to be happening once the news Comes out here in exactly 50 days from Now on the ark invest final deadline is Going to be here so only 50 days before The first Bitcoin SP ETF is probably Going to hit the markets so what I'm Expecting is that it is going to get Accepted in a period between now and January 10th and probably in a random Date in December I've been saying this For quite a while I think that December Is going to be the month that we are Going to get the Bitcoin spot ETF Because in January we first of course Have because at the end of December We've of course got new year we've got Christmas and then the SEC is probably Not going to accept these Bitcoin sport ETFs so either it's going to be Happening from of the 3rd or 4th of January to the 10th or it's going to be Happening before the 22nd of December so Probably we are only three or four weeks Out before the Bitcoin sport ETF is Going to hit the market and that could Be a big headless in the market and some

People has been asking me Rover is this A buy or sell the news event what I will Be expecting is that probably once the News comes out the market is going to be Pumping and then people are going to Realize that probably it's going to take Another two to three weeks before it's Going to come on the market because After they get accepted by the SEC they Have to do another application and that Could take up to another month so Probably what is going to be happening It's going to get accepted Bitcoin pmps Towards the upside then people come Towards the realization that it's going To take another while that it comes down Again here and then over the course of Time it's going to come closer and Closer again and then we're going to get The mega pump towards the upside once It's really going to come on the market Because once it comes on the market that Is point also where all the money is Going to be flowing into Bitcoin and Also once it gets accepted that is also The point where black roog and all these ETF managers are going to really start Off um start off with seeding their ETF So buying a big coin from the market so Yeah I'm pretty expecting something like This if it's going to be happening and Honestly my price targets around January Are around 40 to 50,000 for Bitcoin I Think it's pretty realistic especially

With the spot ETF coming up I don't Really think that Bitcoin is going to go Much much lower than that further on we Can see that the tedar market cap has Also still been increasing and I've been Saying this for quite a well here tedar Is really working together with Bitcoin And you can see that once the T market Cap goes up here Bitcoin usually tends To follow as well right now it's going a Little bit sideways the basically what Tedar is indicating us is the liquidity That's flowing into Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency industry so we've seen a Significant inflow of liquidity in the Market and that is a very good thing Here so as long as the teder market Gap Increases basically the market Gap over Crypto overall is going to be increasing Most likely as well so I'm going to be Looking closely towards this indicator And once we see any of these big pums Just like here just moments after Bitcoin pumped towards the upside as Well so this is a very important Indicator to be looking at to be Predicting about where Bitcoin is going To so also the weekly time frame Bitcoin Closed of $36,000 confirming the retest and Confirming the fifth weekly candle in The green for Bitcoin absolutely epic The last time that Bitcoin saw five Weekly candles in the green in a row was

March or April 2023 and before that it Was August 2021 so it's a very long time Ago and Bitcoin currently remains to be Holding above that Weekly low here in The market from the previous bare market So that is of course absolutely insane And also we closed the two we candle in The green as well for right now it's Five twoe candles in a row in the green And honestly the last time we've seen That was in the beginning of the Bitcoin Buom Market in 2020/2021 so this is also actually quite An achievement and right now we're going To be looking at Bitcoin in terms of The Inverts Head and Shoulders bettered the Price Target is laying somewhere around $74,000 and honestly the better looks Absolutely amazing and I won't be Surprised that we're going to be Reaching this target so this was it for Me in today's update video a little bit Of a longer video but I think it was Very valuable information so thank you So much for watching and I'll see you Guys on the next one peace out goodbye

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