Bitcoin is right now breaking below the Bull market support band for the first Time in 600 days here and potentially This drop on bitcoin become much more Worse since the stock market could be Crashing since Michael Berry placed a Bet of 1.6 billion US dollars that the Market is going to crash and also Warren Buffett sold more than 8.2 billion worth Of assets in Cube 3 2023 so I will be Exactly talk about this what to do next With altcoins what to do next with Bitcoin and of course I will give some Very good trading opportunities in this Video so don't forget to slap up that Like button on today's update video can We smash it back of a 500 that will be Absolutely incredible and with that of Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the content so looking at Bitcoin the weekend is over and yeah we Created a small little CME gap on the Top side and right now we're expecting a Bitcoin is going to come down towards The 26 000 US dollar price so I won't be Surprised to see the CME Gap filled up In a few hours from now I want food on Bitcoin is right now creating somewhat Of a consolidation phase after it had That massive dump towards the downside Right now what I'm looking at for Bitcoin is basically a next move here so You can currently still see this big wig On the Lower Side I've said this in many

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Videos before but personally I think That the liquidity of this week towards The downstairs is going to get filled up Because that is what you see always from These very sharp moves towards the Downside so what I expect here is either First and move towards the upside to Shake out some short positions or Straight away and move towards the down Step to fill up the liquidity and then Bounce back towards the upside after Creating a gigantic bullish Divergence So where I am currently placing my Orders is yes around the 25 to 24.8k Because I personally think that is the Big support Target so you've been Looking at and basically around this White box right here is my personal Accumulation range for new positions on Bitcoin further on we can currently see That Bitcoin remains to be oversold on That four hourly time frame and yes I Remain to be expecting the same here I Think potentially we could first see a Small little pump towards the upside Before filling up that liquidity and Then bouncing back towards the upside or Receive the second scenario where Bitcoin straight away is going to be Dumping in towards the liquidity range And bounces back towards the opposite And then potentially recovers back Towards higher levels Bitcoin remains to Be oversold on the four hourly RSI that

Is definitely very interesting since Bitcoin is quite long oversold right now Here and usually if you look at history We don't stay oversold for such a long Time here and we used to get to see a Bigger bouncer while we are currently Oversold we can actually also see that We are having gigantic negative funding Rates what means that many people in the Market that currently have positions Open are short what means yes the most Likeliest move from of this point is Probably a short screen so that is why You first expect a small move towards The upside so we can squeeze out some of These short positions that are currently Massively in the market maybe it's not Going to be happening at first we are Going to come down but if we jump Straight away towards the downside right Now it makes it only more likely to be Q Lighting because then the market is Definitely only leading by shorting Positions so the chances on the short Squeeze is extremely big at that point So that is what I'm currently looking at But one thing I talked about yesterday On my Twitter page is that I personally Think the BlackRock coordinated this Bitcoin price drop and here is why first Of all BlackRock became bullish on the Exact top on the Bitcoin price action of Course before they announce their Bitcoin spot ETF but they publicly

Became bullish on bitcoin on the exact Top of Bitcoin and you have to Understand these news corporations are Heavily controlled by the exact asset Managers that are interested in the Bitcoin sport ETF like Vanguard BlackRock and Fidelity further On The Wall Street Journal reported that SpaceX Is selling millions of dollars of Bitcoin but it is not even confirmed and Probably it's just written off since the Market is down 80 so the Wall Street Journal created fun and that costed the Market to be dumping significantly Towards the downside since they are such A gigantic stockholder of them further On additionally BlackRock needs to Accumulate Bitcoin for their ETF funds No wonder why they are going to dump Bitcoin for a cheaper entry of course so This is the black girl game plan BlackRock dumps the Bitcoin price Rito Investors sell Bitcoin because yes the Point that Bitcoin really dumped so Significantly was on the news that Tesla Sold our Bitcoin and at the same time BlackRock is probably buying Bitcoin the ATF is going to be launching and then The next Bitcoin Bull Run is going to be Starting so make sure to pay attention Towards this market and don't lose your Attention I think 2023 is the year of Accumulation in 2024 is the year of the Bull run so get ready start to be

Accumulating it doesn't really matter Where the price is sitting at I Personally think ethereum is going to go Beyond these high step I currently can See here I'm currently in a small loss On my ethereum trade that it will be Definitely accumulate more and more in Towards this position to even build up a Bigger position since I definitely do Believe that ethereum is going to be Definitely a very good long-term Investment and a good long-term hold in My portfolio so if you want to be Trading Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies you Can currently go to the link description Of today's video so where you can claim A free 1 000 US Dollars Bitcoin long or Short position and all you need to do Here is sign up an account using the Link in description and deposit 100 and You can claim a free 1 000 US Dollars Bitcoin or xrp long or short position so Go to the link description if you are Interested in this deposit bonus then Quickly saying another thing here what Is very important to be understanding is That if you are looking at Bitcoin here You can see that the liquidity low here In the market lays around the 24.8k the Previous low on the market right there Currently if we really are going to be Breaking below 24.8k we confirm again to Close below it then we are personally in Mind being quite screwed and probably

We're going to go much much lower Because if we break below this important Level that I just talked about we're Going to be breaking below this entire Range right here what is of course a Very bearish development so I will be Keeping my eyes wide open on it if we Confirm the break below this level I Wouldn't be surprised to see Bitcoin Come down to 21 000 however I don't Think it's the most likely scenario but Many people on Twitter and on the Internet are currently talking about Bitcoin going down to twelve thousand Dollars but I don't really think it's a Very likely scenario to be playing ads Here just like in previous Cycles Bitcoin tends to be going sideways a lot Before the Bull Run starts and the whole Thing happens so I will be expecting That Bitcoin is going to be training Between this range here between 25 000 And 32 000 for at least the coming six Months here and maybe it sounds very Boring but probably that is what is Going to be happening so make sure to Pay attention towards it so just like I Said a moment ago if we break below this Very important level right here we are Definitely screwed so this is going to Be most certainly the most important Level to be watching if we break below 25 000 it's definitely a very very Signal on the market but since Bitcoin

Is so oversold right now here and if it Comes down to 25 000 it actually makes Up a very good buying opportunity Because the risk of buying Bitcoin Around twenty five thousand dollars once It's super oversold and it's sitting at Super important support makes it only More likely to be buying Bitcoin over There because the risk is most certainly Lower and yeah you were interested in Buying Bitcoin on thirty thousand Dollars so why aren't you at twenty five Thousand dollars it's a bear Market it's Time to accumulate and I think that this Is an important level to pay attention Towards if we break too low below it We're probably going to go much lower That I personally don't think that's the Most likely scenario you can see the Super 10 indicator is still indicating That we're in a bullish Trend here but Once we see the strength shift around Here you will be first want to know on The channel then we're probably also Going to go in a bigger macro Trend Shift here towards the downside further On we can actually currently see here The Bitcoin is breaking below the bull Market support band the last time we did So was back in December slash November 2021 and that initiated the entire bear Market for Bitcoin and right now once Again we're breaking below it but just Like we've seen in the process wall

We've broken above it and then we came Below it again so we could see something Similar a small little fake out and a Move back towards the upside so I don't Necessarily think it's all too big of a Deal but it's definitely something very Interesting to take in accounts because The last few times we've retested this Level we found support on it we found Support on it we found reason resistance On it and here's what we found Resistance on it so this level is quite Important to be looking at but still in My opinion if you're just going to be Looking at Bitcoin the most important Thing to do here is just look at these Horizontals because we're currently Sitting on a very important horizontal Level It's weekly support its daily Support it's the biggest support for Bitcoin in this entire Trend here so as Long as we'll hold above 24.5 K I Personally think there's no reason to Really start to be panicking on bitcoin And also quickly going to give you guys An update on the altcoin market because Many people are saying altcoin season is Starting now here because Bitcoin dumped And all coins went up here please don't Get full twice here altcoins are Currently retesting the Bitcoin Dominance High here and I've been free To previous Bitcoin cycles and I have Already learned from what to do and what

Not to do with all coins and what not to Do here is buy all coins in Bear markets And yeah right now we're technically Still in the bear market and the best Time to be buying all coins is just once Bitcoin breaks is Ultimate and it is not Right now in my opinion so Percy I am Not scaling into all coins yet here Indeed they have a small little rally be Aware the Bitcoin dominance first has Risen more than 35 percent and now all Two Bitcoin Domino's dumps by six Percent and out of nowhere it's altcoin Season no it's not like it how it works Here probably Bitcoin dominance is going To continue further on here and my Targets to really go big into our tall Coins are laying around 58 here for Bitcoin so yes I still think we've got a Little bit higher to go here but if we Come above 54 to 58 in the Bitcoin Dominance that is the point where I Would really say okay right now maybe It's a good time to be stepping into Words all coins then quickly a last Thing I want to be saying here and I do Not want to be scaring anyone off here In the market is that of course we did Know that Michael Boris placed a 1.6 Billion US Dollar Bet here that the Market is going to come down would you Know that he's got a lot of credibility But he's also been wrong many times Before here but interestingly enough

Warren Buffett is also a very Interesting figure that has been right Many times before and he recently sold More than 8 billion US dollars worth of Asset off in 2023 Q3 so maybe you find Michael Berry's prediction doubtful but Warren Buffett is predicting also a Similar move or turn down in the market Just like Michael Berry is so I think It's very important to take in account That there is a very big possibility That the stock market is going to be Crashing there's a very big possibility For another 20 to 30 percent crash and What would it do to bitcoin Bitcoin Could once again also lower due to that And that is exactly why you should be Prepared for everything so if Bitcoin Comes down to twenty thousand dollars I Will be prepared to be buying more I've Still said limit I have still got limit Order set up over there if ethereum Comes down below one thousand dollars I'm going to be buying more but there is Still a possibility that Bitcoin Potential is going to crash 30 to 40 From now on and if that happens you Shouldn't be exiting the market you Should be benefiting from the lower Prices so pay attention towards that It's still possible that the market is Going to be having a massive crash but You just have to be paying attention Towards the market right now thank you

So much for watching and I'll see you Guys on the next one peace out goodbye

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