Right now when historical big no signal Is about to flash here on the three-day Time frame and in this exact video I Will be talking about what this means For Bitcoin next and also I will be Discussing the most important resistance Range where we are getting rejected from Right now and I will be talking about The most important levels to be watching My current ongoing trades and much more Important stuff so don't forget to slap Up that like button can we once again Smash it back above 600 it will be Absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the minute short term and if I Am looking at the image short term of Bitcoin we can see over the past day we Have been yet again seeing a small Little suppression towards the downside But actually I have to say Bitcoin is Holding up surprisingly well if I Compare it towards the S P 500 only Bigger picture we're still officially Training in the entrance so I'm going to Be bearish on the trend in general until We flip it otherwise on the four hourly Time frame you can clearly see it we are Still having that rejection from of this Most important level I've been talking About this every single time this is the Level to break the 23.8k if we can Manage to close a 4 hourly candle above It confirm the break Above This range

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Right here I am going to be more bullish On bitcoin because them were basically Breaking back inside of the range but You can clearly see previously around This level provided support and Currently it is just acting as Resistance so it's very likely that you Can see these levels flipping around Here yesterday I talked actually at this Airport slope support line of Bitcoin And of course the downward sloping Resist line from the top side that you Can see from here you can see we Officially still broke outside of the Downward sloping resist line however Currently we can see that we are coming Down very quickly and like I also said In yesterday's video still the reason For me to be bullish on bitcoin is only If we can break above that red box of Resistance trading around 23.8k currently we've got rejected and The thing where I will be really look at Right now here is the airport solving Support line as soon as Bitcoin breaks This trend line towards the upside on I'm going to guarantee you that we're Going to be seeing a bigger pullback Also vice versa as soon as we do break Up off the top side of resistance I can Guarantee you we're going to see more Volatility in the market the past what Is it seven to eight days here we've Been basically consolidating six days to

Be exact we've been basically Consolidating in this minor region right Here between 22.7 K towards 23.8k we've been Basically consolidating between this Range and at the point we're going to be Breaking out that is the exact point Where we could start to see of course Bigger volatility enter the market so That is really what I'm waiting for Right now here I'm waiting for the next Big move for Bitcoin to happen but Currently we have to wait we have to Wait and see whether we're going to be Breaking below support or whether we Break above resistance and that is going To be allowing us to take that next Trade on the market I have to wait to See a clear direction of the market on The four early time frame you can Clearly see Market trend is downwards on The 12 hour time frame we can clearly See Market trend is upwards and of Course as soon as we do Break Free below The previous low that is a confirmation That we actually are going to be seeing Probably that continuation of the Downtrend but currently it is extremely Important to look at this trend where it Is heading towards next and how the Trend could develop from of this point Onwards so that is why I'm going to keep My eyes wide open where we are actually Going to find support and whether we do

Break below support or resistance with My trade I will be on high alert of Course if we break below support I'm Going to start taking more profits out Of this trade already closed in at Approximately six and a half K but I'm Looking to take more and more profits on This trade as time continues because Yeah if Bitcoin does decide to drop down To 21 000 I could lose a significant Amount of money on this trade and that Is of course not the strategy so yes I Am looking to take more profits on the Straight right now and really if we Break below the downward solving support Line I'm definitely going to take more Significant profits and I am going to be Looking at a shorting position so that Is basically the strategy that I will be Using to trade Bitcoin right now you can See it on the 12 hour time frame we're Still trading in an uptrend but of Course the point we do break the trend That is the point where we should be Looking at more bearish continuations And at the same time I quickly want to Talk about the daily email ribbon Basically as long as the daily EMA Ribbon is holding us up here and as long As we're basically bouncing from of the Daily email things are actually looking Okay here we're actually still trading In a daily uptrend but reminder as soon As we do break below just like we had

Here at the previous ultimate as soon as We do break below it and it's going to Start acting as resistance we should Take this signal very seriously because Once the daily email ribbon flips Bearish it's also usually indicating a Bigger Trend Direction shift right also Right here bigger Trend Direction shift Bigger Trend Direction shift and here's What we we cross bearish again bigger Trend Direction shift so as soon as we Do flip bearish on The Daily EMA we Should start to anticipate that Bitcoin Could come down so it's very important To look at the daily email so far it's Looking very healthy it's not looking Bad at all but as soon as we do turn Around that is the point where we should Potentially start to worry right Furthermore we can start to see that Right now now on the three-day time Frame and this is a signal that everyone Needs to pay attention towards right now Because on the three-day macd we can Currently start to see that we're about To be experiencing a bearish crossover Right here and look what historically Has happened with the three-day magdy Bearish girls here extremely bearish Momentum also happened right here boom What saw what did we saw here an Extremely big continuation towards the Downside from of that point also right Here just after Bitcoin set a new

Ultimate we created that three-day MCD Bearish crossover boom we saw a Significant volatility towards the Downside also vice versa if we cross Bullish we see significant rallies Towards the upside just like we have Been seeing right here this was the Point we cross bullish and what happened After that we yeah significantly moved Up but if we were about to cross bearish Again we could potentially start to see A bearish trend emerge in the market Again so that is what I want to be Pointing out right now here there is a Bound to be a crossover happening on the Three-day time frame macd and it's good Death affect everyone out there on the Market so this is a warning signal I'm Giving to everyone out there on the Channel right now pay attention towards The market right now here it's important To look at the signal but at the same Time I will be keep on analyzing the Image short term for Bitcoin whether We're breaking bullish or bearish Because that could help me really on Really predicting where the next trend Is heading towards I've been talking About Bitcoin that I don't like the Structure that we're currently trading In since we're creating somewhat of an Rendering top structure and we're losing Momentum on the parabolic run-ups since We're creating less exponential lows so

In fact the market structure is actually Looking quite weak and that is why I Want to be pointing this out this was it For me on today's update video don't Forget to slap up those likes and I'll See you guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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