BITCOIN WARNING SIGNAL!! [$40,000 if we break it]

Bitcoin just her third day and in this Video I won't be discussing the most Important resistance in this entire Bitcoin Trend that we are currently Retesting and in this exact video I will Give an update how important this level Is what will happen if we break it and Of course I will give big updates on the Cup and handle breakout I will go over Prices I will talk about the super Trends and much more important stuff so Don't forget to slap on the like button On today's update video a huge update on My trade that literally made me more Than eighty thousand dollars in a matter Of seven days so don't forget to slap up That like button on today's video can we Smash it back of a 500 that will be Absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the imminent short term of Bitcoin of course Bitcoin has been up Absolutely skyrocketing towards the Upside and we do know that this is cost Due to the fact that these major Institutions like BlackRock Fidelity Citadel and Deutsche Bank are stepping In towards the market and all are Applying for a Bitcoin spot ETF right Now we can see that Bitcoin is moving Very quickly towards the upside if we Are looking at the RSI Bitcoin is Definitely creating some bearish Momentum right now here on the RSI it's

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Indicating that currently we could be at The end of this move towards the upside However I won't be surprised if we do Continue but on the even and short term We could potentially see a small little Pullback for Bitcoin since we literally Moved in approximately 17 to 18 towards The upside in a matter of just 30 hours So small little pullback won't be all Too bearish for Bitcoin and what I want To be seeing next year is a new Consolidation phase maybe a bullfly Getting created maybe a symmetrical Triangle getting created so I'm going to Be on the lookout for the next Consolidation phase right now I'm not Really seeing anything yet so far but we Just have to be a little bit more page Patient for me to see the next Consolidation phase getting created and On that next consolidation phase we Could take another trade on the imminent Short term if I'm looking at the four Early time frame we can of course Currently see that we broke the Downtrend for Bitcoin and basically After we broke this downtrend we are Significantly shooting towards the Upside and there's one gigantic level of Big support for Bitcoin and that is of Course that previous low right here the 29.7 K previously Iran provides Resistance and personally if Bitcoin Were to go down here towards that level

I think the 29.7 K level is going to be Provide a huge amount of support for Bitcoin right now especially since in The past it provided this resistance and Right now I expect it's going to be Providing a support and that is why I Think it's super nice that we're already Trading Above This level while Kuberneting that Bitcoin is probably Going to see an even bigger continuation Towards the offside looking at my trades Currently I'm in an approximately 1.3 Bitcoin in profit what is it about what Is it 40 to 45 000 US dollars in profit What is absolutely amazing to see here Currently I've been opening up this Trade once Bitcoin was trading around Twenty five thousand dollars and we're Making a significant profit by Bitcoin Moving up so quickly I've been talking About my swing trade for quite a while Because I was expecting this move was Going to happen since Bitcoin was Creating this beautiful falling wedge Pattern of course also due to the fact That these big institutions were jumping In towards the market so I am not going To take any profits on the straight yet So far and it will show you why I will Not take profits right now because Personally I think Bitcoin is going to Go up to forty thousand dollars and in This video I'm going to quickly explain It as well and it's going to be super

Important to be paying attention towards This very important update right here so Why I am currently not closing my trade Right now maybe it could be considered Stupid because Bitcoin is literally Riding a trading against resistance Right we do know this was the most Important previous resistance to break And last time around we got a rejected In this range and once again right now We're in the finding range we are Currently in the range where Bitcoin Could get rejected or where Bitcoin Could be breaking through of course and If we break through this region right Here break above the 31.7 k the previous High right here on the market I can Guarantee you Bitcoin is going to go up To forty thousand dollars so this is Going to be super important to be Watching right now here also if Bitcoin Can be breaking above the previous high On the daily time frame right now we can Currently see if I'm zooming in here the Daily time frame is currently getting Retested for Bitcoin and it will be Super lovely to see if Bitcoin can close And higher daily candle than the Previous high in the market but Currently what we're just seeing is that Bitcoin is retesting this entire Resistance Trend and we could see Another rejection or we could see a Breakout but personally I'm expecting

We're going to see an even bigger Breakout so you can see it also right Here we're currently breaking out of the Following much better to be very clear The falling wedge pattern has reached Its price target of 30.7 K here the Previous High here on the market so Congratulations for anyone out there on The channel who did took the trade on The following wedge pattern and Congratulations to everyone out there That they took to trade on this very big Support Target because I said to Everyone out there on the channel ever Since we hit the highs right here that That I was going to be longing Bitcoin On twenty five thousand dollars so Congratulations to everyone out there Who did join me with my trade if you're Interested in joining me with my trades In the future don't forget to check out The links description because if you're Writing a sign of an account you can Actually claim with the post bonus up to Fifty thousand dollars and you can get Two weeks of no trading fees at all if You sign up in the account using the Link in description so go to the link Description sign up for account and Trade with me right now furthermore we Can currently spot here that of course Bitcoin was also bouncing from the Legendary support line but basically There is just one thing that we're all

Looking at and that is this weekly Resistance Target the same level I just Discussed on The Daily time frame it is Such an important level for Bitcoin Bitcoin is indeed right now trading at a Super important point in the market Previously in the beginning of the bull Rocket this was the bull market support Once it crashed all the way down back to Thirty thousand dollars this was the Support that Dan's Bitcoin back towards New ultimize once we broke below it this Was the level that provided those Rejections and moved us all the way down To to fifteen thousand dollars and right Now we are once again retesting this Exact level so you can see how important This level currently is here you can see That once again we're seeing a retest of This level this is the second try and Usually the second try is usually the More stronger one and we could be maybe See more consolidation Bitcoin being Boring in this range consolidate Sideways before we're going to see that Breakout could be happening for sure but One thing is for sure once Bitcoin Breaks this level the next price Target Is going to be all the way right here Somewhere around 46 to 43 000 US dollars For Bitcoin what is going to be an Absolutely mind-blowing 50 search from Here on towards the upside so yes if Bitcoin breaks this resistance we're

Probably going to see much more momentum Towards the opposite getting generated So get ready for that here and what it Will be just doing for now here is just Keep my eyes wide open on this level if We do break out I'm expecting we're Going to see continuation and personally I'm expecting we're going to be breaking Out and that is why it will be holding On towards my trades right now also the Daily super Trend indicator just flipped Bullish what is also a very beautiful Thing to see here and of course the cup And handle pattern is breaking out Currently we're at that very important Resistance range but as soon as we do Break above this region the carpet Handle pattern is going to flow towards The upside and at least hit the star Cards around forty thousand dollars so Bitcoin is looking like it is in a very Strong move towards the upside and this Is just the beginning of the net another Leg up here also the fact that these Institutions are currently stepping in Towards the market it could definitely Cause a lot of body pressure and at the Same time the weekly macd is about to be Crossing bullish again here and at the Same time more importantly our Bitcoin Dominance Target also got reached around 52 percent here so that is absolutely Lovely to see let's see where we're Going to head towards I've said 52 is my

Target of the we could see some all Coins having some gains currently we can See that theorem is taking back some Territorium on the market so that is Definitely lovely to see here so uh Let's see where it is going to be hiding Towards but currently I'm still going to Be very cautious for this I'm going to Be very careful all and that 52 was Definitely my first Target here I still Think it could go a little bit higher a Little bit more relaxation just like we Had right here maybe a new consolidation Phase or whatsoever for the Bitcoin Dominance that was my brief update on Bitcoin the main level of the break is 31k just like it was previously around And we're going to be looking at it Closely right now Bitcoin is trading Against critical resistance I'm not Going to take profits on my trade yet so Far soon I will do a 100 to 200k trading Challenge here I traded this account From fifty thousand dollars last week All the way up here towards 107k it was Even a little bit higher last time Around but yeah it was an absolutely Journey here and of course it showed Every single trade step by step on my Channel so yeah if you want to be Learning from this don't forget to Subscribe to the channel because I share All my trades step by step I literally Shared to you you guys out there on the

Channel Once I wasn't a loss I shared to You guys out there once it wasn't a Profit I will be completely transparent That is what I'm doing on this channel Showing all the data transparently Because I've got nothing to hide here so Thank you so much for watching towards Amazing new update video and I'll see You guys on the next next one peace out Goodbye

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