Bitcoin volatility is right now at Historical lows and in this exact video I will talk about what this means for Bitcoin right now what we could be Expecting in the coming days and hours Ahead of ourselves and I will be exactly Talking about that and many more Important stuff here what we need to Discuss the name in the short term I Will talk about the current ongoing Trend and much more important stuff so Don't forget to slap up that like button On today's update video can we once Again smash it back up at 400 that will Be absolutely incredible and with that Of being said let me jump straight away In towards them in a short term what we Can see here on the image short term Time frame the one hour time frame for Bitcoin is that Bitcoin is currently Clearly still creating this lower high Trajectory together with lower lows on The lower side so Bitcoin is clearly Trading in a downward sloping Trend in a Bearish trend and the question really Remains when is Bitcoin going to confirm In higher high to of course potentially Reverse the strength I mean I will Remain to be bearish and I will remain To be having this bearish bias ever Since basically Bitcoin started to see This damn Trend Bitcoins start to create Lower highs we've basically continued to Form lower highs on this trend and

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Basically we have been continuing to set Lower highs every single time like you Can see in this entire Trend so for us To see and call for a trend reversal we Need to clearly break above the previous High on the market so if you want to be Looking for that next big reversal for Bitcoin we have to see that reversal Through that previous high on the market So in this case it's going to be the 20 7.5 K if we clearly break above that Level here so we go to 27.8k then I will Start to have a bullish bias and then I Will be starting to be looking to of Course along that next retracement Towards the downside as long as we're Not seeing the break above that previous High and I will remain to have my price Targets of an approximately 24 to 25 000 US dollars for Bitcoin once looking at The four early time frame we can see the 27.5 K is a very important level of Resistance but also right here this Important level of 26.5 K to 26.9 K the Level were literally training against Right now here as also has a lot of Significance in the past you can see Here previous big support previous big Support right now we're retesting it as Potentially resistance so Bitcoin is Indeed bouncing back towards the upside From off of course is low 25.7 K it Bends all the way back up here to 26.7 K It is definitely a very significant band

But do be aware the trend Still Remains To be bearish and on top of that we can Currently we see that Bitcoin is still Creating lower lows as well on the four Hourly candle closes so yeah Bitcoin is Indeed seeing a significant bands Towards the upside but we are still Trading an embarrassed Trend right now We can also clearly see the big one is Creating a very important damage Stopping for hourly resistance line and We were literally retesting this level Right here as well and the question Really remains when are we going to be Breaking Above This level and as soon as We do break above it that is the point And the confirmation that we could see Some more potential upside for Bitcoin Also once looking at the 12 hour time Frame for Bitcoin we can actually see That the EMA ribbon is currently Providing and significantly rejecting The price action of Bitcoin after it Crossed bearish we also break below the Very important 27.5 K support and Basically after we broke below it the Only thing the 27.5k did was giving us Rejections together with the email Ribbon on the 12 hour time frame of Course the email ribbon on the 12 hour Time frame is not telling us something About the bigger picture but once you're Sending it to the Daily time frame you Get can currently see that we had a

Bearish course over happening for the First time ever in approximately 130 Days and that is definitely a very Bearish thing here and also we can see That the daily email ribbon is actually Providing resistance right now on that Imminent short term for Bitcoin of Course I am still my short trade for Bitcoin making about 2 000 US dollars in Profit right now here and I'm looking to Take some more profits on the straight Either if we do see in confirmation of a Break of the Dan vent here or either if We do come down to our starters of 25 to 24 000 so I'm looking to take more Profits on bitcoin as we do continue to Weigh down here or even if we do see That significant break of the current Going downtrend and of course if you Want to be trading yourself you could do So and if you sign up again using the Links in description you can currently Actually claim it opposal bonus up to Thirty thousand dollars so make sure to Go to the link in description of today's Video to claim your own deposit bonus And to start trading yourself as well Here furthermore we can actually see Here is that Bitcoin of course is Still Remains being a Dan Trend and while this Is happening we can actually see Something very important happening Because currently we can see that the Bitcoin historical volatility is hitting

Historical lows here it is currently at The same low as the beginning of April As the beginning of February but more Importantly it is almost at the same low As the beginning of January where Bitcoin of course initiated a Significant volatile move from basically One thing we can say is that the Volatility has been extremely low here For the past few days here and currently The bullish events is indicating that a Very big move is upon us and I'm not Saying it's going to be happening today I'm not saying it's happening tomorrow Also not even next week it could even Take another week before or maybe even Another week after that but there is a Gigantic move on the lookout and of Course you can always see it once the Volatility is low for a long time the Volatility always spikes towards the Upside just like you saw here in January After that radio sign is basically and Everyone called Bitcoin a stablecoin so Yes indeed the volatility is extremely Low the bullish bends is extremely Narrow was indicating we're going to see A significant move happening for Bitcoin Anytime soon and once this move happens We will most certainly see a gigantic Move but it's going to be up or down There is going to be more volatility Anytime soon on bitcoin we can see that Currently Bitcoin is also breaking below

The very important vpvr support and Currently we're training in a low volume Range so far we've not already seen a Big dump like I've been expecting but Yes be still aware there's a low volume Range and then low volume ranges Bitcoin Can move very quickly and of course the Next big support Target in terms of Volume is 24.6 K and resistance Target Is 27.5 K on the three day time frame we Can currently see here is that Bitcoin That's very important previous low of The lunar crash is also providing Resistance right here and this level of Support is going to come in around 25.3 K so if Bitcoin is going to see a retest Of this level I do expect this level is Going to provide somewhat of a bans here So keep your eyes wide open on this Chart here there are many good Opportunities if Bitcoin is going to Come down here you can also call this an Inverse on the shoulders of the left Shoulder The Head and the right shoulder And this is the first retest and that Could really initiate a significant Rally for Bitcoin so I don't really Think Bitcoin is looking embarrassed on The bigger perspective only on that one Hour time frame we are looking a little Bit more weak right as well on the Weekly time frame we can currently see That the weekly macd is about to be Having a bearish crossover for the first

Time ever in an approximately 328 days Here so that is definitely a very Important signal that we should be Paying attention towards we can also see Here that clearly the weekly support is Going to get found around 25.24 000 like I've said several times before in the Channel so that is the level where I Will also open up gigantic long Positions and currently Bitcoin is also At crucial support of the monthly email Ribbon so make sure to keep your eyes Wide open on it on four days from now We're going to close the monthly candle And the monthly macd is also about to be Crossing bullish so that is definitely Very interesting another month candle is About to be opening in four days and That would mean that we are going to be Another month closer to Ultra potential Bullet screw server on that macd here so That was it for me in today's update Video I truly hope you didn't enjoy it If you did like it and if you did learn Something from it don't forget to slap All that like button and subscribe to The channel and I'll see you guys on the Next one volatility has been extremely Low but stay patient stay humble and There's going to be some big moves Coming anytime soon here I'm going to be Training it subscribe to the channel and I'll see you guys on the next one peace Out goodbye

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