Right now Bitcoin is breaking below very Important support and on this exact Video I will be talking about this most Important level of support for Bitcoin I Will talk about this General market Overlook that we have been looking at For quite a while right now and then We'll talk about my next trade on Bitcoin right here so don't forget to Watch this video till the end it's going To be a very very important one so can We once again smash the likes back above 500 that will be absolutely incredible And with that is being said let me jump Straight away into works the content Because once looking at the imminent Short term for Bitcoin we can actually See that currently we're breaking load Is very important level of support and Just like we've been expecting after This important level of support got Broken below we retested this level Exactly as resistance and right now we Can see a significant rejection from of This exact level right now so Bitcoin Broke down of the rising wedge it right Now also have officially reached its Price Target so for me to look at the Next move I'm going to be looking at That four hours time frame and looking At the four hourly time frame for Bitcoin we can currently see the Bitcoin Is actually right now breaking below Extremely important support we can see

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Bitcoin is breaking below 28.8k and we Can see for the first time in a very Long time Bitcoin breaks below it's very Important airport sloping support line Here on the 4la time frame I think if we Really want to be seeing the next move For Bitcoin of course we could be Looking for the price target of the Symmetrical triangle of a breakdown Target somewhere around 26 000 but for Me to really call the next move for Bitcoin is of course the head and Shoulders pattern if Bitcoin breaks Below this very important crucial Oversloping support line that is the Point where I will be starting to really Worry as long as Bitcoin is holding up Above this level that is still good for Me as long as Bitcoin is training Above This level Bitcoin is officially not Breaking down of that in the shortest Pattern and as long as Bitcoin is not Breaking down of the head and shoulders Pattern I do not really think we're Going to necessarily go down here as Soon as we do confirm the break right Below the hand and shoulders pattern I Am expecting Bitcoin is going to come Down to twenty four thousand dollars but That is only if we do break below the Hand and shoulders pattern so make sure To subscribe to the channel right now to Exactly stay up to date about that of Course we are currently breaking below

Support so that's a very bearish thing Here but for me to open up really that Big position I'm going to be waiting for The 12 hour to see a potential Confirmation of a potential break below It if there's not going to be a break Below support at all I will not even Worry about of course that potential Movement towards the downside but of Course currently the market structure is Looking quite weak and if your interest In trading Bitcoin or all coins in General well Bitcoin is right now Falling below 28 000 you should be Checking out buy bit by bit is the best Place to be trading your Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies and if you sign up but Again using the link in description you Can actually claim it deposit bonus up To thirty thousand dollars just like I Mentioned while Bitcoin is falling right Now towards the downside I would only Expect lower targets if we do confirm The break below the important hand and Shoulders pattern so keep on the lookout For that on the daily time frame there's Still a small little upper solving Support line that you can see right here If we do break below that level it's Basically the same level as the annual Shoulder spattered we are just going to See a confirmation of an even further Leg towards the downside I've been Saying this for quite a while as well

Here we're creating that lower high Structure currently on the daily time Frame so we are looking a little bit More bearish but for me to really float Bearish I need to see the break below 27 000 if we confirm a break below 27 000 That is the confirmation we're going to See targets around 24K happening for Bitcoin so make sure to be very patient Right now here but as soon as we confirm A break below 27 000 then I am expecting A bigger continuation done since the Range between 27 and 24 000 is extremely Low volume and due to that fact I'm Expecting there's going to be a very Sharp move through that level so I'm Going to keep my eyes wide open on that Level right now furthermore we can Actually see that on the five day time Frame Bitcoin is about to be having a Bearish macd cross what is also quite an Interesting signal since yeah the macd On the five-day time frame has not Crossed bearish for over 373 days what Is of course quite a long time frame and We could be potentially see that bearish Crossover happening right now for Bitcoin so be on high alert for that one As well right now and we'll be saying This for quite a while and will not stop Saying this until we break above it the Resistance to break for Bitcoin is 31.7 K and we're literally trading against Resistance right now so I wouldn't be

Surprised if we do see a small Retracement from this level since on the Imminent your term this structure is Also still bearish for Bitcoin since We're creating that lower high structure And that Head and Shoulder structure Right now furthermore we can currently See that ethereum is also creating this Very important consolidation phase what Will be expected to be breaking out Anytime soon here have been saying it For quite a while my big buy targets for Ethereum is around at 1700 US dollars so I'm still waiting for that one as well But anyways while we are seeing the all Coins drop and Bitcoin as well drop a Little bit here we can still see that The Bitcoin dominance thus broke out so Be aware all coins are probably going to Have a little bit more of a tougher Period in the market while Bitcoin is Probably going to see more stronger Continuation towards the upside due to The fact that the Bitcoin dominance is Currently breaking bullish so guys this Was it for me in today's update video it Was once again a short update I'm going To keep all my eyes wide open on this Very important Urban solving support Line if we do break below it then I'm Expecting the 24 000 is going to be Happening for Bitcoin make sure to keep Your eyes wide open right now on this Level there are some big trading

Opportunities on the table right here Subscribe to the channel to stay up to Date and I'll see you guys on the next One peace out goodbye

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