Bitcoin is breaking down right now but On today's video I will talk about Should we be worrying about this because Yes I have been discussing this on many Videos in the past that we could Potentially get this massive fake out Towards the downside before going up Higher so on today's update video I will Talk about the most important patterns On the imminent short term the Liquidation heat map the funding rates And more important patterns and things That are currently going on in the Market that will trying to help us where Big coin is heading towards next so Without any further Ado don't forget to Slap up the like button back up 600 Likes that will be absolutely incredible And with that of being said let me jump Straight away in towards the imminent Short term on bitcoin and yes on the Imminent short term on the 30 minute Time frame we are creating a new Consolidation phase and you can clearly See this one has got a lot of touch Points and it's just a matter of time Before we're going to be breaking out Towards the next Direction whether it is Going to be the up or downside we are About to be seeing a next move getting Initiated for Bitcoin and quickly going In towards the 1 hour time frame on Bitcoin if we are really going to be Breaking down here for Bitcoin I have

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Still got my order set up on this level Around my prey because I am like a lion I wait for the prey to come to me and I Am not going to run after my prey so This has been My Level I've been looking At this entire region and maybe I am Still going to get filled up maybe I Won't honestly I personally predict We're not going to get filled up but I Will remain to have my order order set Up over there in case Bitcoin is going To be having a flash movement towards The downside I could get my entry filled Up to make some more money along the way Up here so yes I am not really expecting I'm going to be making an entry over There but still my orders are still set Up like you can see right here on the Buyit exchange I still have numerous Orders set up around the 39.7k region Going further in towards the content we Can currently see that Bitcoin has lit Broke the 4-Hour upper sloping support Line and currently we are trading Significantly below but yesterday on the Video I exactly talked about that Potentially right now we could still see A massive fake out for Bitcoin towards The downside before moving up higher Because this was my expectation because Right now what we can see is that Yesterday there was some liquidity on The lower sign that we took out and at The same time the funding rates are

Still extremely high what means that There are still a lot of long positions On bitcoin right now and that means of Course that everyone is expecting is Going to go towards One Direction so Maybe first we would see a massive fake Out before potentially heading higher so Still if I'm looking at the liquidity Heat map the majority of the liquidity Is laying above us so I am still Expecting we are going to get another Squeeze towards the upside especially Due to the fact that the Bitcoin sport ETF is just days out before it's going To get accepted but right now in the Minute short term potentially we could See still a move towards the downside a Fake out before potentially bouncing Back towards the upside again for Bitcoin so maybe we're going to get one Final dump before the big pump on Bitcoin so if it were to be happening Already towards the upside I would take It with B I would take it with both Hands but maybe it will first come down Before we're going to be pushing up Higher and you should not be getting Fooled by that because honestly I would Approach Bitcoin right now as maximum Opportunity I mean some patterns on the 12-hour time frame you could still draw Them like we're still in the pattern Right here so on the 12-hour time frame You could say yeah we're still in the

Pattern but on the 4 hourly time frame Clearly we broke the over slowing Support line so that is why I am saying We had this breakdown but on some other Patterns we are still training inside of The pattern so I don't necessarily want To be saying we necessarily have to be Going down here and especially due to The fact that right now several of these Issuers are right now refiling their Bitcoin spot ETF and they're fing this For the final time here because I said This already earlier everyone who felt Or everyone who updated their submission By December the 29th could be getting Accepted in the first wave and I think We saw 13 of these guys refiling their Bitcoin spot ETF and that is of course Absolutely massive because you have to Understand the bigger perspective of it All and that is the reason why I am Bullish and if we are going to be Getting a move towards the downside I Would see it as an opportunity and that Is why I want to be longing Bitcoin if It really moves down here I've said this Before I want to be longing Bitcoin Right here I don't want to be shorting It whatsoever so if Bitcoin comes down I Want to long it maybe already we found The bottom and we're going to be Bouncing up here or we're going to see Another move towards the downside and Then bounce towards the upside because

You have to understand the bigger Perspective bitwise is already seing Their Bitcoin SP ETF for $200 million US Dollar and if all these 13 ETF Applications bring a total of 500 Million use Dollar in the first week That will be an approximately $6.5 Billion use dollars what is of course Quite a lot but it doesn't really sound Like a lot but in order to be buying $6.5 billion US worth of bitcoin they Need to be buying 155,000 Bitcoins at this current price But you have to know if they're going to Be buying 10,000 Bitcoins they're Already inflating the price higher so It's going to be even more expensive so This is not even doable there's so much Money that is going to be flooding the Markets that is going to be sending Bitcoin so much higher than anyone is Really expecting so you have to Understand this right now here this is Why I am super bullish on bitcoin and we Know that currently the Bitcoin spot ETF Is just days out it's literally days out Here and that is why I don't think that This is the period to be panicking in The market because in four days the Window opens for potential acceptance And within let me say this correctly Within 10 days we are going to be seeing The first Bitcoin SP ETF getting Accepted so I am bullish on Bitcoin I

Don't see a reason to be bearish and yes If Bitcoin breaks down a little bit here I would still be bullish so this is my Expectation if you want to be trading Bitcoin make sure to go to bit make sure To take this opportunity with both hands Here I am currently still long on Bitcoin with a minor position and of Course my big positions are going to get Entered on the lower side right there Because I would love to get entered over There and if you want to be trading on Bit go to the link description of Today's video where you could currently Claim a free $1,000 trade and all you Need to do for it is go to the link Description sign up account using that Link below deposit $100 in your first s Days and you could claim a free $1,000 Air drop position on bitcoin ethereum or On Pepe whatever you want you can find It in the link description of today's Video and if you can't trade on buybit Check out FX where you can trade without KC and they are giving you a 10% cash Back going further in towards the Content we can currently see on the Daily time frame we're still holding Support I mean yeah I said this in the Beginning of the video we could redraw The lines somewhere a little bit here But maybe this is also going to be Breaking down here but in my opinion we Shouldn't be too panicking too hard here

And if we come down towards this region Right here it would be a big opportunity Honestly like this region right here has Been the point this point right here This is why I also want to be longing Bitcoin right here if it comes here this Was the point where we really went Exponential and once we broke that high We went exponential so 39.7k is also Weekly resistance for Bitcoin and um Yeah if we would really come back Towards that level I would take that Opportunity with both hands here to be Honest we are still cons consolidating In the bigger things of it all we're Just consolidating below big resistance And above big support so if we come back Towards the support Targus it's Definitely a buy and I don't really see A big reason to be panicking for Bitcoin Over there so yeah on the weekly time Frame as well you can clearly see it we Are consolidating here around $42,000 what is already massive for Bitcoin so it is all a matter of time Before things are going to be exploding So don't get fooled by Bitcoin right now Here guys this was it for me on today's Up video you know my targets where I Would love to open up big positions and If we come down towards this level I'm Going to be opening up massive positions Guys you have to understand I'm going to Open up millions of dollars in Bitcoin

Trades and if the Bitcoin B DTF gets Accepted that is the point where we Would see really the fireworks entering The market so make sure to be prepared Make sure to get ready but anyways this Was it for me today's update video thank You so much for watching and I'll see You guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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