Bitcoin bounced exactly from the sport I Mentioned in yesterday's video and right Now I have opened up a new trade like I Also said in yesterday's video only Unfortunately we just got a partial Order filled so that means that we're Only in on this trade with an Approximately $700 instead of an Approximately $400,000 so I will be talking about this Where Bitcoin is likely heading towards Next on today's update video so without Any further Ado don't forget to slap up The like button back above 900 on Today's update video that will be Absolutely insane and with that being Said let me jump straight away in Towards the IM and short term if you Have been following me on Twitter or on Yesterday's update video this was the Prize action I was expecting from of This point onwards and yesterday I also Even made an emergency video here on my YouTube channel saying that Bitcoin is Probably going to be dumping lower Towards the exact this region I have Been discussing so Bitcoin went down Towards this region and straight away After that created some somewhat of a V-shaped recovery and right now looks to Be consolidating a little bit sideways So what is the next move going to be for Bitcoin we want to be looking at that Right now so honestly on the 1 hour time

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Frame we have two or three big support Targets below us we found support on That 40.6k level yesterday but if we Potentially see another move towards the Downside Bitcoin breaks Below 40.6k guys Honestly the next big support for Bitcoin is 39.7k and I still think even Though we've right now seen that Significant that potentially Bitcoin can Still come towards the downside and hit 39.7k and that is also why I have still Set multiple orders up around 39.7k as Well so still taking this level very Seriously right now for Bitcoin and Honestly we are still trading in a Downtrend right now for the even Shortterm so I won't be actually Surprised that this is going to be Continuing towards the downside until We're seeing Bitcoin create a different Structure potentially what could be Possible is that Bitcoin creates Somewhat of a new consolidation phase Before on again having another breakout So make sure to just watch towards this YouTube channel keep an eye out on my Twitter because I will be posting all The updates if we're seeing a new Consolidation phase here on my socials Further on I think currently the biggest Resistance is going to be $42,000 that was of course previously Ran big resistance but once we broke Above it we flipped it into support and

Ever since we start to be breaking below It that was of course the point I was Expecting Bitcoin was going to be having Another big CR towards the downside and That is exactly also what happens for Bitcoin so very very interesting to be Seeing this playing out here and now I'm Honestly expecting that this level is Going to be flipping into resistance but Of course like you know here I have been Predicting these Bitcoin moves very well Due to one two and that is of course the Bitcoin liquidation heat map and Currently if I'm actually looking at the Liquidity heat map we can see that it is Starting to become a little bit neutral But there's not necessarily a big amount Of liquidity laying above us or below us So honestly due to that I mean yeah There is a significant amount of Liquidity sitting around $38,000 but It's not that significant compared to The entire Trend and due to that I'm not Going to necessarily say we're going to Be moving up or downwards and also a Thing I said in yesterday's video is That Bitcoin created this very quick Wick towards the downside and like nine Out of the 10 times Bitcoin tends to be Failing up the liquidity because usually There's a lot of loose liquidity in the Market If It Moves so fast and that is Exactly what happened we took out the Liquidity and after that we bounced

Towards the upside so one thing I'm Still a little bit worried about is of Course the Bitcoin funding rates they Remain to be positive what basically Means that there are more overweighted Long positions in the market than short Positions what of course also means that If there are more long positions in the Market it's more likely that we're Actually going to go down here this is a Thing I'm still a little bit worried About and as soon as this is going to be Flipping neutral or even negative that Is the point I'm going to start to Become a little bit more confident that We are going to be having that bounce Here then the thing I quickly want to be Saying before you forgot it we still Also got a Bitcoin C Gap sitting around 40.4k I don't necessarily think that This has to happen but I just want to be Pointing it out on today's video and Then of course I mean once again I said It before the biggest resistance is $44,000 and I'm going to be pointing This out right now as well so this green Box right here I'm currently going to Draw is going to be the biggest support For Bitcoin and what I am currently Expecting I will be exactly tell to Everyone out there what I'm currently Expecting for the Bitcoin price action So this Green books right here is going To be the biggest support for Bitcoin

And honestly I think that Bitcoin is Going to see some consolidation in this Exact region and where is it going to be Bouncing from I think it's going to be Bouncing from of that $39,000 level why Is because I've set this several times Before on the channel just like I Explained uh how important this top side Of resistance is here on a live stream And of course on numerous videos I want To be pointing out how important this Level of support is so you can see of Course many times before we found Support but that is not the important Part here I mean the important part is That of course Bitcoin once it create This massive correction towards the Downside it broke below this level and That is what what it got initiated and Of course it got rejected here from the Top side and that is also what it Initiated the move here so these are two Very important points in the market and That is why I will be approaching this As two very important points in the Market and I will be expecting that once Again it will once again just provide Very important support for Bitcoin this Time around so these are the levels I'm Looking closely at and that is also why I've currently set up numerous ORD Around these levels on the lower side But you have to also understand on Yesterday's video I made an emerging

Video here on my channel if you haven't Seen it yet make sure to check it out But basically in this video I showed you Guys that I was setting up new trades Here and that is why I was uploading This important video while Bitcoin is Sitting on $41,000 I was already Expecting this move towards the downside Of course already will we were trading Higher but yeah unfortunately I just Only got a partial fill and that means Means that I'm only like entered with Like 0.1% of my trade here what Basically means that I'm only entered With a what is it 2 or 3% of my trade Which is pretty unfortunate because Bitcoin moved so fastly back towards the Upside because so many people actually Saw this as an interesting level because Many Traders are looking at this level And that is why Bitcoin bounced so Quickly from it that is basically Literally what happen so pretty Unfortunate we're still making $500 I Mean honestly like 20 10 years ago I Would have fought $500 that's a lot now I don't feel like this is NE Neary good Trade here but honestly once again it is Good for my analysis that it is once Again working and honestly I'm going to Keep these trades open in case Bitcoin Is going to come down again here in that Case I potentially would change my mind About the scenario and the targets so

Make sure to look at my Twitter and of Course subscribe to the YouTube channel Right now if you want to be staying up To date on my trades because potentially I'm going to be uh closing out on this Trade or moving my stop loss to profit Or whatsoever if you want to be staying Up to date you just have to subscribe to The channel if you actually want want to Be trading yourself as well make sure to Go to the link description of today's Video because currently we have got an Insane deposit bonus running here on Bybit because you can currently claim a Free $1,000 US Air droll position on Bybit so it's a free $1,000 trade and All you need to do is sign up an account Using that link below in today's video Complete kyc and deposit $100 in your First s days so that is super valuable You could claim this free trade either On bitcoin ethereum or Pepe whatever you Want you can check it out on today's Link of the description and of course Also another partner of the channel is FX FX is completely similar to buyit Only you do not need to do kyc and they Have currently got deposit bonus of 10% Cash back so whatever you deposit you Get 10% extra so make sure to check it Out on FX FX allows you to trade without KC so check it out on today's link or Description of today's video further on We can currently see that Bitcoin has

Indeed bounced exactly from of this Upward sloping support line that we have Been creating I mean previously ran it Was a resistance resistance line Currently it is acting as support what Is quite interesting and honestly so Many people got caught off guard here on The top side while I literally was Bullish in this entire Trend towards the Upside and this was the point I turned So while I saw also some other people Turn beish on 35k I just turned bearish On the top side and you can just see it On my channel what I uploaded here so That is of course pretty important to be Knowing and why is because I have said This several times before once Bitcoin Consolidates on the top side of a Parabolica and creates and creates right Wedge structure it usually is a very Bearish thing here so yeah I mean I've Been trading Bitcoin for over seven Years already right now almost eight Years in um in February 2024 it's going To be literally eight years so time is Flying by for me and honestly this is a Very typical structure Bitcoin creates Many times before so if you want to be a Winner you just have to be doing a lot Of research and you just have to be long In the market I think that's the most Important part because now it just Recognizes these moves whatever happens So also looking of course the Bitcoin

Whole things it is just a couple months Away from now on and honestly guys I Have said this several times before if You know you know but usually months or Weeks before the Hing Bitcoin tends to See a slight little correction so Actually once the Hing is there like Usually one or two weeks later is the Best buying opportunity you'll probably Get in the entire pre-born phase here so That is what I'm going to be waiting for As well here to open up massive new long Positions I mean of course I'm going to Be doing some new swing trades but I Want to be waiting for a good entry I Mean if Bitcoin really crashes down Right now here and I see a good Opportunity I would embrace it with both Hands and of course you will be the First one to know on the channel if that Were to be happening and of course guys If we're going to be looking at the um Resistance heat map here on bitcoin this Resistance map I literally made while Bitcoin was sitting around 20 or 25,000 Us and honestly it has been helping me Quite a lot here I just identified all The most important levels for Bitcoin And I think 43.2k is definitely one of Those important levels but for 46.8k is The top side of the region and that is The most important level of that region So 46.8k is going to also be a very Important level we should be looking at

Just like 43.2k is here so guys keep Your eyes wide open on all these levels Right now in the market honestly this Remains to be my expectation I mean the Bitcoin spot ETF window is about to be Coming and I expect that if we're in That window Bitcoin is probably going to Be pumping again so while we are Currently coming down a little bit there And I shorted this move towards the Downside I can a long position because I Think that the narrative and Bitcoin is Going to be become a little bit more Bullish but potentially first we could See some consolidation for Bitcoin so I Expect some consolidation and once we're About to be entering the window we're Going to see some pushes towards the Upside once it gets accepted I think Just days later we're going to see a Slight little decreasement because People are thinking oh Bitcoin is not Moving that big towards the upside okay Now I can sell because a lot of people Probably entered the market just in Order to trade the ETF approval roal Window and in order to um to speculate On the ETF approval so yeah a lot of People have come in the market for that And I think that Bitcoin potentially Could dumb down a little bit here but Those are going to be the best buying Opportunities especially before the Bitcoin and around the Bitcoin Hing I

Think Bitcoin is a very very good Buy in Terms of opening big big leverage long Positions so I think still we are going To go higher and in what time Horizon It's probably going to be in the coming 20 to 30 days that where Bitcoin is Going set new Heist here that is at Least what I expect uh so yeah this is My prediction this is my forecast guys Don't forget to subscribe to the channel That will be absolutely amazing today on Today's video I went a little bit more In depth about what I'm expecting for The midterm here so guys if you do like The content don't forget to subscribe to The channel and I see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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