BITCOIN TO $72,000!!?? [insane pattern]

Bitcoin is right now creating a massive Hand and shoulders pattern and in this Exact video I will talk about the stock Market about ethereum and the most Important Bitcoin chart so without any Further Ado don't forget to slap up the Like button on today's update video can We smash it back by 400 likes that will Be absolutely incredible with that of Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the imminent shortterm for Bitcoin and yes once looking at Bitcoin Right now here it looks to be that were Creating a new consolidation phase and On the 1 hour time frame Bitcoin is Expected to potentially have another Move in the coming 24 to 48 hours and Potentially it's going to be over the Course of the weekend once again and Hopefully it's going to be happening Today because once we create big moves Over the weekends we usually tend to see Big C meaps get created just like we had Last time around on this significant Movement towards the upside right so We're looking for Bitcoin right now here What is going to be happening next year But on the forly time frame we can Clearly see we're creating a small Little uptrend right here but more Importantly the most important support Is 27.2k so also for my trade that high Have opens and currently is still on Approximately $600 of profit my stop

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Loss is also exactly on on 27.2k because yes in my opinion if we Really fall below this level there is a Potential scenario where Bitcoin is Going to be breaking even lower so that Is why I have got my stop loss over There and if we really break this trend I would definitely start to worry a Little bit for Bitcoin I mean on the 12-hour time frame you can clearly still See we have broken out of the Symmetrical triangle and we have right Now been creating higher highs on The Daily time frame and on the 12-hour time Frame so Bitcoin is really getting ready For potentially another gigantic move Right here but yes still there is just Not a lot of happening and I've been Talking about this many times before but This is in my opinion the most important Way to how approach Bitcoin right now Here and just what we're looking at is a Gigantic range here so this is the Range High and this is the range low here and Of course you can clearly see this was The previous range low of this region Right here so I will be looking at the 28.7k as the most important resistance To be breaking and if we break above That level then I would straight away Expect that Bitcoin is going to go up to 31.5k but as long as we're not doing so I expect that Bitcoin is going to be Bouncing between

27.3k and 28.7k and of course if we break below This critical support right here I won't Be surprised to once again see a move Down here to potentially the range low So that would be the bearish case Bearish case is basically once we break Below this level and the bullish case is Once we break above 28.6k so that is What I'm currently looking at that is Just a simple way on how to approach Bitcoin and how to ultimately win on Bitcoin right now here because this is Just the most important range to be Looking at and I mean in fact we're Trading in an uptrend and in fact as Well the funding rates are currently Negative what means that there are more Shorters in the market than longers and That shorters are willing to be paying a Premium to be in their position and that Is of course quite bullish if you would Ask me here so looking at the 4-day time Frame I mean on the bigger perspective I Don't think Bitcoin is necessarily Looking so bearish well if in fact Majority of the Traders on Twitter are Actually saying that Bitcoin is looking Very bearish I think really what we have To be doing right now is just wait a Little bit here till we see a clear Direction Where Bitcoin is breaking Towards because we are right now Creating this gigantic consolidation

Phase we actually got once again Rejected from this downward sing resist Line and yes as time continues we're Going to come closer and closer Potentially towards that Apex and once We break out of this pattern this 95 we Downtrend or either we break below the 46 we uptrend we could start to a Massive break happening for Bitcoin but As long as we're trading within this Better I won't be surprised that we're Just going to have some boring sideways Consolidation and I mean uh still Bitcoin has not really moved that much Here and yes we're trading some small Moves for Bitcoin right here I mean I Did already locked in some profits and My stop loss is an profit as well so I Literally got no risk on riding riding This tra the only risk I have is losing More profit potentially uh but that's is Not a very big risk for me but I'm Willing to hold the trade open right Here because anyways if we break below 27.2k I think we're going to go lower so If you're interested in trading yourself Here uh I mean for me I have got a Trading strategy where I minimize my Losses and maximize my profits make sure To have your own trading strategy make Sure to follow me on the channel because I give updates on bitcoin every single Day and if you're interested in trading Yourself you can right now go to the

Link description of today's video and if You sign up an account using the link Below deposit $100 within 7 Days Complete kyc you can claim a free $1,000 In Bitcoin or xrp what is super valuable For only a $100 deposit so make sure to Check it out in the link description of Today's video thir on bitcoin is Actually creating a massive bull flag And if this pattern is going to be Breaking out here Bitcoin actually got a Price Target somewhere around $50,000 What is quite epic in my opinion so Definitely important to be looking at This gigantic consolidation phase that We're currently having and once Bitcoin Really breaks above the $32,000 Mark we Could be in for an absolute flyer and I Mean still the most important resistance For Bitcoin in my opinion is $32,000 because you can clearly see this Was in the previous bull market big Support and this is currently the Resistance where we are getting rejected From every single time we retest it and I mean in fact as well Bitcoin is right Now creating an inverse hand and Shoulder spattern and potentially we are Right now creating the right shoulder And if we break this downtrend right Here that is the point where we could be Really refers the price action of Bitcoin of course it's this massive TR Trend right here where you can see an

Hand and shoulder SP on in but also you Have to understand it's the same Downward soling resistance line of this One and if we just break Above This Level it would just mean that Bitcoin is Probably going to see massive upside Since yes then we are breaking above Massive Resistance and for ethereum it's Just exactly the same ethereum is also Consolidating in it's massive Consolidation phase and probably is just Going to follow Bitcoin so make sure to Be paying attention towards that and for The stock market it's been going down More than 11% ever since here sorry 9% And yeah that is really dragging Bitcoin Down also well in fact Bitcoin is Actually still performing quite well Here while the stock market is going Down but you have to understand that the US depth is growing massively with Approximately 50 % of the Bitcoin total Market cap it grew in one day so that's Absolutely epic um the national debth is Growing very quickly and in this pace uh The US government could be Dev falling Or either they have to do uh significant Rate Cuts or inject a lot of money in The system what would only ultimately Create more depth so we're entering a Depth spiral and that is of course super Bullish for Bitcoin especially since the Whole thing is only 198 days down and Yes there is fixed inflation in Bitcoin

Inflation will only become lower from of Next year it's 1% inflation and then Four years after that it's 0.5% and four Years after that it's 0.25 that's see at CRA so inflation is extremely low on Bitcoin and that is why I think it's Ultimately going to be succeeding so That was it for me in today's update Video there's not a lot of stuff Happening again here on the price Section of Bitcoin we just have to fill Up our time and of course it's bare Market guys as long as we survive this We can make a ton of money in the next Bull Run so we have to just survive this Bare market and I see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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