Bitcoin to $56k By April!?

Oh DPI data is in and it should be a green Week Bitcoin going up to 54 000 by April Of 2024 Brazil cbdc can reduce your Balance odd Nvidia silently begins Shipping revised RTX 40 series I found The fix for the s19j Pro Plus 120 Terahash low power mode and Casper hits A new hash rate all-time high along with A release of a new LOL Miner let's go Ahead and get into this episode of Blocks I hope you guys are enjoying this If you are hit the like comment and Subscribe and notification bells down Below All right According to the latest data released by The Bureau of Labor Statistics inflation In the United States has fallen to three Percent below the expected levels this Is definitely a positive trend as it Shows a steady decrease from the Previous month's rate of four percent And even 4.9 percent in April many Experts have been closely watching the Inflation rate as it has a significant Impact on the economy and people Spending habits now the big question is How the Federal Reserve or the FED will React to these numbers as you may know The FED has been gradually increasing Interest rates since March of 2022 with 10 consecutive adjustments they have Brought the Benchmark federal funds rate

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To a target range of 5 to 5.25 percent But with the decline in inflation the Fed's reaction remains uncertain will They choose to increase interest rates Further or will they take alternative Measures to manage the situation it's Definitely an important decision Vision That will have far-reaching consequences Brian Moynihan the CEO of Bank of America recently expressed his belief That the United States May achieve its Inflation Target of two percent by 2025. This is an optimistic projection Considering the current rate of three Percent Additionally the federal Reserve's current projections suggest That inflation in 2025 could be around 2.1 percent which could be a significant Decrease from the current rate it will Be interesting to see how the FED Navigates these numbers and whether Their actions will align with these Projections the inflation rate is a key Factor that affects the cost of living Investment strategies and overall Economic stability barenberg the Investment bank has just raised its Bitcoin price forecast for April of 2024 To an impressive 56 630 US Dollars That's almost double the current price According to analysts at barenberg this Increase is supported by several factors First they anticipate dissipate improved Sentiment in the market driven by the

Upcoming Bitcoin having expected to take Place in April of 2024. this event has Historically led to significant price Appreciation additionally large Institutions have shown great interest In Bitcoin which further contributes to The positive outlook but that's not all Barenberg also reiterated its buy rating On the stocks of microstrategy a Business intelligence software developer That has made substantial investments in Bitcoin the bank even raised its share Price target for microstrategy from 430 US dollars to 510 US Dollars citing a Higher estimate of the value of the Bitcoin company's Holdings with Bitcoin Holdings of the company and an improved Forecast for the value of its software Business barenberg specifically raised Its estimate for the value of Microstrategies Bitcoin Holdings in April 2024 from 6.27 billion US dollars To eight point seven four billion US Dollars they also increased the estimate For the value of the company software Business to 1.37 billion dollars from a 159 million dollars all of these factors Combined for an exciting prospect for Bitcoin and microstrategy investors so If you're looking to invest or already Hold Bitcoin or microstrategy stock this Could be a promising time for you Remember though always do your own Research and consult with financial

Advisors before making any investment Decisions Brazil's cbdc Central Bank Digital currency pilot contains code That can freeze or reduce funds Dev Claims a blockchain developer who claims To have reverse engineered the source Code of Brazil's Pilot Central Bank Digital currency has discovered Functions in the code that would allow a Central authority to freeze funds or Reduce balances he has since argued However that there might be situations That such functions could be beneficial On July sixth the source code of the Digital Brazilian real pilot project was Posted on GitHub portal by Brazil Central Bank it was explained at the Press time that the pilot project is Intended for use only in a test Environment and that the quote presented Architecture end quote may be subject to Additional changes Pedro magalesh a Blockchain developer and founder of tech Consulting firm Laura Labs later that Day claimed to have been able to reverse Engineer the open source code of Banco Central do Brazil's digital real Revealing functions in the code the Functions included freezing and Unfreezing accounts increasing and Decreasing balances moving currency from One address to another and creating or Burning digital real from a specific Address Lagos told coin Telegraph that

Brazil's Central Bank would probably Maintain these functions for secured Loans and other Financial operations Based on decentralized finance protocols The problemogolas explained is that the Code lacks specifically about the Circumstances under which the tokens Can Be Frozen and above all who holds the Power to execute them quote these Aspects should always be exposed in the Small contracts publicly and discussed With the population which hasn't been Done yet end quote he added many in the Cryptocurrency community have raised Concerns that cbdc has the potential to Infringe on their Financial Freedom and Encroach on their privacy in a July 10 Post mogolis said while brazilian's Concerns about a cbdc are understandable It may offer some benefits he explained That taxes would be more easily Traceable enabling the public to inspect Which resources tax funds are allocated To in addition to inspecting purchases Made by the state on chain and Strengthening transparency in Parliamentary amendments in July of 2022 Fabio araujo an economist at the Brazilian Central Bank explained that The digital reel has the potential to Halt Bank runs and looks to provide Entrepreneurs with a more safe and Reliable environment to innovate the Digital real pilot is reportedly running

On hyperledger Basu a privately operated Ethereum virtual machine compatible Blockchain because it isn't Permissionless like the Bitcoin or Ethereum mainnet users will need the Central bank's approval to become a node Longer list stated in on July 7th I have Some exciting news for you all Tech Enthusiasts out there it seems that Nvidia is making some updates to their Founder edition cards specifically with A new power connector designed for the RTX 40 90 Founders Edition while we Don't have all the details just yet it Has been discovered that Nvidia has Already implemented this new connector On their 4070 and 4070 TI cards which Belong to the 40 series however it's Important to note that this may not be The complete implementation of the new 12v2x6 connector interestingly the Existence of this new design hat was Brought to our attention after reports Of Nvidia working on a new connector Surfaced one notable change in the new Design is the inclusion of shorter sense Pins these pins have been reduced in Length effectively preventing the GPU From communicating with the power supply For higher wattage unless the cable is Fully inserted this modification is Crucial as it helps to avoid situations Where high power is forced through a Cable that is not fully seated this has

The potential to cause issues such as Melting or other electrical problems so By incorporating these shortened sense Pins Nvidia aims to reduce the Likelihood of the connector operating in Unsupported conditions now here's the Exciting part recent reports suggested That Nvidia has also implemented this New connector design in their Anticipated RTX 4090 Founders Edition This GPU will be the first desktop Graphics card of its generation to Feature the 12 plus 4 pin design overall This update in the power connector Design showcases nvidia's commitment to Improving their products and ensuring a Safer and more efficient experience for The users as more information becomes Available we'll keep you updated on any Further developments last discussion Issue that has been well documented with The antminer s19j Pro Plus 120 Tera hash In low power mode thanks to Twitter user Altair I'll have it linked down in the Description below it appears that Instead of the expected hash rate of Approximately 94 Tera Hash a second the Miners running at an abnormal hash rate Of 55 to 84 terahash a second in low Power mode now I know many of you have Been encountering this problem so I Wanted to address it and provide some Potential Solutions one reported Solution is swapping the CB to the Epic

UMC this workaround has reportedly Helped some users get closer to the Expected hash rate however I must Clarify that this solution may not work For everyone and it's important to Exercise caution when making any Hardware changes on top of that the Epic Control boards are pretty hard to get a Hold of right now on a positive note There is some good news the issue has Been fixed with a recent firmware update One user reached out to bit main support About the abnormal low power mode hash Rate issue with the s19j Pro Plus model And they were provided with a new Firmware that resolved the problem Unfortunately the updated firmware is Not yet available for download on Bitmain's website however in the links Down below the original poster of Altair Did link a firmware for everyone onto a OneDrive link please verify and do not Trust it and scan with appropriate Anti-virus applications according to the Reports though the new firmware delivers A hash rate of 98 terahash a second with A power consumption of 2350 Watts that Is resulting in efficiency of 24 joules Per terahash pretty awesome stuff it's Quite impressive and should help address The low power mode issue many have been Experiencing please keep in mind that Firmware update should be approached With caution make sure to follow the

Instructions provided by bit main Carefully and ensure that you have a Backup of your existing firmware before Proceeding the Casper Network hash rate Has hit a new all-time high at 1.7 Peta Hash a second in the past 24 hours most Of this hash rate appears to be coming From the new batches of ice River A6 as It is coming through the supported Casper Dash pool this has also reduced the Amount of solo mining down to 20 percent Of the network which is a drop from Eighty percent since the introduction of Asics from Ice River while the security From a total hash rate perspective has Increased the decentralization has been Significantly decreased it could also be Argued that until other Asic competitors Enter the market ice River controls the Casper Network this should be alleviated As the bitmain Asics are deployed However we are already seeing delays on The bitmain website as shipping of the First batch was pushed back from August To now pending between August and September let's Dive Right In and Discuss the fixes that have been Implemented in LOL minor version 1.76 a First off there was a bug that was Causing some issues with split Pool Connections for Zill mining ever since The epoch change but fret not because The developers have squashed that bug

And now you're mining zil with split Pool connection should be back up and Running smoothly another bug that has Been fixed in this update is related to Zil Dad cash on Nvidia gpus some miners Were experiencing difficulties with this Feature after the epoch change however The developers of LOL Miner have worked Their magic once again and resolved the Bug now zil dag caching on Nvidia GPU Should be functioning flawlessly lastly There was a bug specific to AMD gpus When mining Etc plus zil it was causing A defective zildag to be created but as Always the developers have come to the Rescue and tackled this bug as well so If you're mining ethereum classic with Silica with AMD gpus you won't have to Worry about any defective zildags Anymore it's great to see that the LOL Miner team remains committed to Improving their software and providing Miners with a smooth and efficient Experience if you're already using LOL Miner for your crypto mining Endeavors It's highly recommended to update to the Latest version 1.76 a in order to take Advantage of these bug fixes that's it For the video sons I hope you found These updated updates informative and Useful don't forget to subscribe to my Channel for more exciting content Related to cryptocurrency Mining and Tech updates happy Mining and I'll see

You next Tuesday to wrap things up of Course don't forget I have my crypto Mining e-course for sale at son of a it helps support the channel it Has a ton of good information coming up Running into this next Bull Run I think It's very relevant too as well as if you Want my daily moves please check out son Of a

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