BITCOIN TO $50,000!!! [shocking price target]

Bitcoin is right now creating a cup and Handle pattern and in this exact video I Will talk about this pattern the price Targets of this pattern and much more Important stuff we need to discuss right Now because only a minute short term Bitcoin is coming down again here and on The bigger time frames we are still Holding up towards that 25 000 US dollar Support I will give a brief update on my Trade what I will be doing with my trade If Bitcoin does decide to come down a Much more important stuff we need to Discuss right now in today's update Video so don't forget to slap up the Like button on today's update video can We smash it back above 500 that will be Absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the content once looking at the Image short term we did so of course That yesterday Bitcoin had an eight Percent bounce back towards the upside But like we can see I talked about this Very important horizontal level of this Very important 27.4k level you can see Previously around we got rejected by This level and yet again once we were Trying to be breaking above it we saw a Significant rejection and basically After since we moved towards the Downside yet again so far Bitcoin is of Course not necessarily at the lows here And with my trade I'm still in an

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Approximately 0.1 Bitcoin in profit it's Not a very huge profit but like I've Said for quite a while here I am still Expecting that Bitcoin can even go down To 24 to 25 000 US dollars for me I Won't be surprised if Bitcoin will keep Continuing to go down here I am prepared For Bitcoins to go down all the way to Twenty thousand dollars because the Lower Bitcoin goes the more margin I Will be adding towards my trade Currently it's a 120 000 Jewish dollar Bitcoin trade but of course as prices go Down I am going to be adding more margin And I am actually planning to be Building up a trade up towards a million US dollars so make sure to get ready for That make sure to follow me on this YouTube channel because I will exactly Keep you guys up to date whenever I hit My targets of that one million US dollar Trade and it will just keep adding more Margin as the prices continue to go down Here so on the image short term it's Very hard to say what's going to be Happening next here on the four early Time frame we saw the breakdown we Already reached our price Target on the Lower side and right now the question Really remains what is going to be Happening with Bitcoin on the internet Short term and Percy I don't think I can Answer that question by just looking at This chart right here the lower time

Frames are very hard to predict right Now here but looking up the daily time Frame I've been saying for quite a while Here ever since Bitcoin hit 31 000 that I was expecting Bitcoin is going to come Down towards this region right here Currently we have been retesting this Region firstly I still think there's a Possibility that Bitcoin could go a Little bit lower here but I expect There's going to be a major amount of Support going to get found between 24 000 and 25.5 K basically the level that We retested yesterday so I will be very Patient right now here I will be just Waiting to see what is going to be Happening next for Bitcoin but Personally I do see right now we're Trading on big support here we're Creating somewhat of a falling wedge Pattern right here like you can clearly See and if you do know from history Falling wedges are typical bullish by Spanish for Bitcoin and eight out of the 10 times such kind of a pattern breaks Towards the upside and that is also why I am actually right now in that long Position right now for Bitcoin right Been saying it for quite a while I still Expect Bitcoin could go lower here and That is also no problem because if Bitcoin goes lower I will be adding more Margin so make sure to be aware on that You can currently see 120 000 US dollar

Trade here for Bitcoin and I'm planning To build up an even bigger position in The near future if you are interested in Trading yourself as well you could do Some bit Bitcoin allows you to trade Without kyc without a VPN and you can Also claim the free 15 by signing up an Account and you can claim it deposit Bonus up to fifty thousand dollars by Depositing some funds on the exchange so Make sure to check it out in the link in Description furthermore we can currently See we are creating the falling wedge Pattern just like it holds you here on The daily time frame for Bitcoin this Button actually looks quite bullish here Right now in my opinion of course if We're looking at the bigger Trend here We do still see that Bitcoin is trading Higher lows what means the Bitcoin is Technically speaking talking still in an Uptrend here and in exactly five days From now on we're going to get the Inflation data and after that probably We're going to see more volatility hit The markets we're also expecting that The fan is done with hiking your rates So it could be of course meaning that We're going to see a little bit more of A bullish second half of the year so Yeah for that we just have to wait and See where it is going to come in at but It does looks quite promising if you Would ask me here you can see also the

Daily time frame finding very big Support on the 25k if we're going to be Seeing another big level of support Below us it's going to be also traded Somewhere around 24 to 25 000 this or Personal support line right here so far We've not touched it yet but if these Two levels here from the top side and Lower Side meet with each other we're Expecting a breaker to be happening Before the beginning of July but Personally I am expecting a breakout is Going to happen earlier why is because If I will be looking at the pattern that We're currently creating on big we are Creating one gigantic cop and handle Pattern and a cotton handle pattern is Definitely a bullish by spending on the Price section of Bitcoin and we are are Creating one right now here you can Clearly see we created that exponential Lows and then we created exponential Rally towards itself so basically the V-shape recovery and after the v-shape Recovery we exactly run into our sustain Level of resistance this top side right Here you can call it the neckline you Can call it the resistance box whatever You can call it but you can see we got Rejected by the exact same level here so That is the level to be breaking for Bitcoin right now to be exact it's 31 to 31.7 K here if we do break above that Level we're definitely going to see more

Bullish momentum happening for Bitcoin And right now we're creating the handle Of the cop and handle pattern and that's Basically the last stage before Bitcoin Is going to absolutely go wild here and Once we break the downtrend we are going To see a shocking price Target and yes Indeed it's a shocking price Target if You're going to look at the componential Pattern you're going to see a shocking Price Target to a Bitcoin worth an Approximately 52 000 US Dollars even 53 000 US dollars so This is a crazy pattern with a crazy Price Target I am not one thousand Percent convinced that we're going to Necessarily reach it but this is Definitely a beautiful setup if you Would ask me here the cop looks Beautiful the handle looks beautiful the Entire pattern and the formation looks Just perfectly for Bitcoin this is also One of the many reasons why I'm opening Up these long positions on bitcoin Because Bitcoin and just the patterns Are looking so incredibly bullish right Now here you can see also on the image Short term we're creating a beautiful Falling wedge and the falling wedge Pattern breaks towards the upside eight Out of the ten times and that is Something to be very much aware about Right now here so yeah that is looking Quite bullish for Bitcoin and the price

Target is also significantly towards the Upside and that is also one of these Many reasons why I'm currently swing Training Bitcoin with a small leverage And with more quantity so that is Exactly what it will be keep on doing Here I'm making only 0.1 Bitcoin here But of course if Bitcoin already shoots Up to 30 000 I'm already going to make More than forty thousand dollars so it's A very big opportunity to trade Bitcoin Right now here you don't necessarily Need a lot of margin here to to make a Lot of money here in the coming days Since the setups are looking so great in My opinion furthermore we can see on the Weekly time frame for Bitcoin we are Currently seeing the weekly email Rhythm Starting to flip into support that is Also looking very beautiful in my Opinion and on the weekly timeframe Besides that we're currently creating a Couple handle formation you can also see It as an inverse on the shoulders Formation because we create that left Shoulder that had the right shoulder and Right now we're seeing the retest of the Neckline and the neckline is also the Place where you want to be going long Here so that is exactly what I did I Literally longed the exact button right Here and that is the reason why I'm Already up in approximately 12 on my Trade here what is of course two percent

Because I'm 5 fixed average long here so This is of course a very big opportunity For everyone out there I'm currently Taking it I'm currently using it of Course if Bitcoin goes lower I'm going To add more margin never put all your Eggs in one basket and I'm also not Saying that the Bitcoin bottom is Necessarily right now in I'm still Expecting it could come down all the way Here do 23.8k to 24 000 and that is Still significant efficiently piece Lower and if we go to and down towards That level I'm going to even add more Margin so in the end of the day it's Only going to be making me more profit The lower Bitcoin goes furthermore we Can see also that on the weekly time Frame we actually saw the perfect rate Test of this level right here and the Previous two times we touch this Resistance level so that is also Actually looking quite interesting here But that was it from today's update Video I truly hope you did enjoy it you Learned something from it and I told you My Approach what I'm currently looking At the component information is Currently getting created it looks Extremely bullish if you would ask me But anyways thanks so much for watching Make sure to subscribe to the channel Right now it's exactly stay up to date About what I will be doing next with my

Trade here so thank you so much for Watching and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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